How to Buy Uniswap with Credit & Debit Card?

The Uniswap is a decentralized, Ethereum-based, automated market-making protocol. It allows exchanging cryptocurrencies and tokens via blockchain with no centralized intermediaries. They have an automated protocol that compares the value of two currencies instead of matching buy and sells orders. Thus, the platform works without an order book.

In contrast, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are operated by large centralized companies. They rather work as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. The main difference between these two types of exchanges is that most centralized platforms allow buying crypto for fiat.

CEX.IO platform allows you to buy Uniswap in a quick and easy way with a credit or debit card. You don’t need to get familiar with all the technical aspects of how the DEXes work. Meanwhile, by obtaining UNI on CEX.IO you can use this coin to pay for services in the Uniswap network. Get to know how to buy UNI tokens and other digital coins at CEX.IO.

What is a Uniswap coin and should I buy Uniswap (UNI)?

Uniswap aims to make token trading automated, cost-effective, and open to all holders of tokens. This protocol automates the process of market making and limits risk by reducing costs for all network users. Furthermore, the mechanism does not require users to provide any identification information, and technically anyone can set up a liquidity pool for any pair of tokens.

History of Uniswap

Uniswap was conceived from the idea of an on-chain automated market maker with a few unique features for a decentralized exchange (DEX). After the launch, it gained significant liquidity and began facilitating substantial volumes, approximately $481,000.

A unique feature of Uniswap is its ability to eliminate high spreads when exchanging the order book for illiquid assets. With Uniswap, anyone can contribute assets to the pool and earn rewards by earning commissions on trading activities. As the number of coins required increases, the price paid also increases significantly.

Uniswap use cases

There are many projects within the Ethereum ecosystem that use Uniswap, such as:

  • Projects built with DeFi. Uniswap is open source allowing the developer community to create platform-specific DeFi instruments, including APIs, crypto wallets, and protocols;
  • Smart contracts. A variety of experiments can be deployed using the Uniswap code. Zora art platform and Unisocks sales portal are two examples.

How to buy Uniswap with a credit card via CEX.IO?

If you want to learn how to buy Uniswap cryptocurrency simply with a card or buy Ethereum, look for a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts credit and debit cards for deposits or purchases.

At the CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange crypto platform, you can link the card to your account to buy crypto with it, deposit money to your trading account and withdraw fiat instantly.

How to buy UNI instantly?

If you want to purchase UNI or buy Bitcoin instantly:

The current price of UNI is frozen for you for 120 seconds so that you can buy crypto for the most lucrative price.

  • Opt for one of the Fill-or-Kill orders with a pre-calculated amount or type in your amount;
  • Click on Buy.

You will see the receipt and the field to fill in your card number. In case you have already linked your card, choose it in the list.

  • Check if everything is correct and click on Buy now.

Soon you will get UNI tokens at your CEX.IO account.

How to buy UNI tokens via trade orders?

To discover crypto prices and trade UNI, go to the Trade page. There you can place limit and market orders to buy, sell or exchange UNI for other currencies. CEX.IO provides many pairs to trade with Uniswap (UNI to USD, UNI to ETH, and UNI to USDT) as well as nearly 200 other markets (BTC to USD, XRP to USD, ETH to EUR, etc).

How to buy Uniswap (UNI) with a debit card at CEX.IO?

First, check with a debit card issuer to determine whether it allows cardholders to purchase digital currencies. CEX.IO accepts both debit and credit cards. You can check the limits of your account, commissions for replenishment and withdrawal, as well as countries in which card payments are available on the Limits and commissions page.

Where to buy Uniswap (UNI) coin?

There are several ways to buy UNI tokens:

  • Uniswap native platform - decentralized exchange. To make the purchase, you need to own an Ethereum wallet along with some ETH in it. When you already have, you should follow some extra steps;
  • CEX.IO — a user-friendly crypto platform with the support of fiat transactions. We made it easy for you to buy UNI for USD via Instant buy packs, limit and market orders. As well, you can exchange any currency you have on your balance for UNI tokens in our mobile app. There you are able to sell Bitcoin instantly and withdraw proceeds to your card.



What is the fastest way to buy UNI?


If you want to buy UNI, the easiest way to do it is Instant buy at CEX.IO.


Can I use an internet card to buy crypto on CEX.IO?


You can use a credit or debit card linked to your CEX.IO account to buy digital currency via the platform. You can link either a physical or virtual card.


Should I have Ethereum on my balance to buy UNI?


It’s not necessary to have ETH on your balance if you want to buy Uniswap on CEX.IO. You can buy UNI for USD using either the website or mobile app