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How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card

In the early days of Bitcoin development, cryptocurrency was traded on specific forums and tech-savvy platforms. But now, buying bitcoin is easier than ever. You can purchase bitcoin online with fiat using multiple payment options such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers, or online wallets - in just a few clicks. But for that, you need a crypto exchange, and CEX.IO offers all the features one might require from a reliable platform. As one of the features, CEX.IO allows you to buy BTC instantly with a market order, or set up the price for purchase using limit orders.

CEX.IO supports multiple payment methods for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Whether you buy bitcoin with a credit card or via bank transfer, CEX.IO makes it easy and safe. It combines competitive fees, user-friendly navigation, and attractive prices to provide cost-effective trading conditions for users. Additionally, a straightforward process for making a purchase eliminates uncertainty.

Buy Bitcoin Instantly via a Reputable Exchange

CEX.IO was one of the first platforms to enable fiat-to-crypto transactions with payment cards. Since our inception in 2013, we’ve chosen to be a regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

Our company is registered in the United Kingdom and maintains status as a Money Services Business in FinCEN (U.S.). CEX.IO offers highly secure services, including strong anti-DDoS protection and level 2 PCI DSS to ensure that customer funds and personal data are protected. Moreover, two-factor authentication contributes to the strong security posture of the platform.

CEX.IO is not just a crypto exchange but an ecosystem of various crypto services. The simple navigation on the website allows everyone to find what they need quickly and easily. The platform, therefore, enables you to buy bitcoin in a preferred way without having to waste time or worry about security issues.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer

Bitcoin enthusiasts are always looking for the easiest ways to obtain more coins. Among the numerous methods for buying bitcoin instantly, making a purchase with a credit or debit card is the most attractive. With CEX.IO, you can use any Visa or Mastercard credit card issued in any currency. The platform will automatically convert the currency you enter into the platform's supported options.

We also accept several payment options for bank transfers:

  • ACH
  • Faster Payments


Those who are looking for ways to buy small amounts of bitcoin may find the card options more convenient. If you are likely to buy large amounts of virtual currency, a bank transfer may be more suitable. However, bank transfers may take a little longer than card transactions. You must complete identity verification to use card payments, and address verification for bank transfers.

The Best Places to Buy Bitcoin

It is recommended to have a safe and reliable place for holding your funds, regardless of whether you consider buying crypto for the short or long term. Using a reputable online exchange is one of the most popular ways to buy and store crypto assets. And here are some reasons why people choose this:

  • It doesn’t require prior blockchain knowledge to get started;
  • You can benefit from giveaways, airdrops, and other promotions;
  • 24/7 access to the market;
  • A large list of supported cryptocurrencies;
  • Access to additional crypto products like staking, savings, and loans;
  • Allows for storage of fiat and cryptocurrencies together in one wallet;
  • Multiple options to increase the security of your account and renew access if you lose a password.

The interface of centralized exchanges like CEX.IO keeps things simple and minimalistic while incorporating a host of functionality. In addition, most centralized exchanges follow AML/KYC policy to ensure a safe trading environment on their platforms. It allows for building relationships with dozens of banks across key markets and discourages unlawful transactions on the platform. At the moment, centralized crypto exchanges are considered a common and easy way to buy crypto because of high liquidity on such platforms.

Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin at CEX.IO: a Step-by-Step Guide

The first step is registration, where you need to enter a valid email address and set a strong password. Don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication to make your account even more secure. Note that only one account per user is allowed. If you are already registered, then just log in to your account to buy crypto.

The next step is account verification. Different verification levels open access to various payment methods, and establish new limits for deposits and withdrawals. For card payments, you need to complete identity verification at a minimum, or the first stage of verification. You can find more information about payment options and verification limits on our Limits and Commissions page.

After account verification, you will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in several ways:

  • Instant Buy/Sell
  • Spot trading
  • Exchange in the CEX.IO mobile app

The Instant Buy/Sell service is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to buy bitcoin on CEX.IO. It was designed to make crypto purchases with debit and credit cards straightforward. The whole process takes a few minutes.

In order to buy bitcoin instantly with a debit card via Instant Buy/Sell, follow the next steps:

Go to the Buy/Sell page on the CEX.IO website

  1. Choose bitcoin from the dropdown list of available cryptocurrencies
  2. Select the fiat currency you want to use to buy crypto
  3. Use one of the pre-calculated packs, or enter the purchase amount
  4. Verify a new payment card, or select the one you’ve already verified
  5. Make sure that all details are correct, and confirm the purchase.

Done! You'll see bitcoin on your CEX.IO balance in a few moments.

Alternate Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Let's take a look at some of the alternatives available today for purchasing bitcoin.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are another way to obtain crypto. The difference from centralized ones is that decentralized exchanges are not owned by a single entity. DEXs are protocols in the blockchain network that allow participants to exchange various cryptocurrencies. DEXs usually use liquidity pools or order books to provide liquidity to the markets and match users’ orders. DEXs are considered more tech-savvy platforms than centralized exchanges. They may offer you higher anonymity with purchases, but don’t allow you to buy crypto with fiat.


Since their introduction, Bitcoin ATMs have become one of the major ways to buy crypto in some countries. Such ATMs are just like regular cash machines, but they are not tied to any specific bank. In most cases, certain trading platforms offer ATMs as a way to attract new customers and increase the adoption of bitcoin payments.

To buy crypto through a Bitcoin ATM, you first need to find one. You can use numerous Bitcoin ATM maps to see where the nearest one is, or whether you have them in your town. Then put cash or a credit card in the Bitcoin ATM to buy crypto. After confirming a transaction, bitcoins will be transferred to your crypto wallet or an account on one of the crypto exchanges. Some ATMs also offer to purchase Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and other cryptocurrencies, depending on ATM providers.

When you buy crypto with a Bitcoin ATM, you see the price of purchase, but usually don’t see a price chart to help ensure it’s a good moment to buy bitcoin. ATMs don’t offer to sell crypto, while you can do it online 24/7. Besides, transaction fees and location rents are usually included in the price, making it less cost-efficient to use compared to buying bitcoin online.


Peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms facilitate direct transactions between buyers and sellers. Let’s say there is a person who has 1 BTC and wants to exchange it for fiat. They may place an order on a P2P platform offering to sell bitcoin for fiat currency. So it’s like a customer-to-customer (C2C) online marketplace, but people sell crypto instead of goods and services. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, so you need to make sure that you receive cash after sending bitcoin and vice versa. In this case, the P2P platform acts as an arbiter between buyers and sellers to prevent scams and false orders.


Can You Buy and Sell Crypto Instantly?

Sure. You can buy bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies at CEX.IO by using the Instant Buy/Sell service. This service is available in our mobile app as well. You can also place a market order on the spot market, and it will be filled instantly. We have gathered advanced trading tools and implemented proprietary software that ensures our customers can trade bitcoin with high liquidity and tight spreads.

How Can I Get Bitcoin Instantly at CEX.IO?

Credit and debit cards are the most convenient way to buy crypto with fiat on CEX.IO. Card deposits are instant, while card withdrawal processing depends on the card-issuing bank. Alternatively, you can purchase bitcoin using bank transfers, online wallets, or other cryptocurrencies.

All you need to do is replenish your account balance and select the appropriate currency pair to buy bitcoin. The same goes for selling crypto. If you use the Instant Buy/Sell service in the mobile app, you can sell bitcoin and get cash on a bank card right away.

Can I Buy Bitcoin Today and Sell Tomorrow?

When you have done your own research and think it is the right time to purchase or sell bitcoin, you can do it 24/7 at CEX.IO. If you plan to make large deposits and withdrawals, make sure that Identity verification limits are high enough for your needs. Otherwise, consider increasing your verification level.

In addition, we added a feature for arbitrage traders in our mobile app that allows you to monitor crypto prices on multiple exchanges. You can check these data points to find the best moments to purchase and sell BTC.

How Long Does it Take to Buy or Sell Crypto?

If you use the Instant Buy/Sell service, the transactions take place within minutes.

Can I Buy Less Than 1 BTC?

Definitely. You can set the amount of fiat you want to spend to buy bitcoin. This will automatically identify the amount of coins you will receive in your account after purchase. You can start with a minimum of $20, and buy even a tiny fraction of the oldest crypto. For more information about recent bitcoin price changes, take a look at the price chart.

Do I Actually Own the Bitcoin I Buy at CEX.IO?

After purchasing bitcoin, crypto will be sent to your CEX.IO wallet. You can buy, sell, or withdraw your crypto whenever you want.