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With the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, curious market participants were introduced to cryptocurrencies, and began experimenting with value transfer that eschewed traditional financial channels. However, Ethereum broadened the potential of the burgeoning asset class by opening up a wider range of applications through the integration of smart contract technology. Fast forward to the present, and Ethereum remains at number two in crypto market capitalization, and appears to be refining the core functionality of its base network. Follow along below as we explore some of Ethereum’s unique offerings, and how to purchase it on CEX.IO with a credit/debit card.

What is Ethereum?

Founded in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum aimed to expand on Bitcoin’s initial promise by positioning the blockchain as a creative sandbox for builders and developers. Where Bitcoin’s network relies on a proof of work (PoW) consensus mechanism to verify transactions and mint new coins, Ethereum has proven to be more amenable to the evolution of industry trends.

Its migration to a proof of stake (PoS) protocol in September 2022, known as The Merge, dropped the network’s energy composition by 99% from being roughly on par with the country of Chile. Since then, participants have enjoyed increased asset mobility through the practice of liquid staking, and greater on-chain functionality through the development of Layer 2 (L2) technology. A veritable ecosystem in its own right, Ethereum’s evolution over the years has been driven by participants looking to take part in the growing crypto revolution.

Use cases of smart contracts

One key feature that Ethereum introduced to the crypto ecosystem was the development of smart contracts. Similar to a vending machine, smart contracts are programmed to complete a specific action once a certain set of conditions are met. By enabling streamlined, “trustless” transactions, network participants could now replicate many of the financial services offered by banks and lenders, but on their own, agreed upon terms.

This led to the development of decentralized applications, or dApps, and additional blockchains built on top of Ethereum’s core infrastructure. In fact, the network’s popular ERC-20 token is the base programming for such cryptos as Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and Tether (USDT). By expanding crypto’s potential use-cases to include decentralized data protection, stablecoins, and gamification, the network’s only limitation is the ingenuity of its community.

Buy Ethereum

Where to buy Ethereum (ETH)

With its rise in popularity over the years, the digital asset space has made a conscious effort to cross-pollinate with traditional finance, and vice versa. However, fallout from the schemes of bad actors, and increased pressure and uncertainty from regulators in equal measure have worked to complicate the space’s potential for tranquility. While certain services may be off limits due to current regulations in your jurisdiction, there are several intuitive on-/off-ramps to begin exploring the ecosystem.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, trade, or hold digital assets for immediate or future use, there are myriad ways to approach accomplishing these goals. Where some major metropolitan areas have installed crypto ATMs to purchase a variety of digital assets, other areas are best served by online connections via a web browser or mobile device. Many popular centralized and decentralized exchanges, CEXs and DEXs respectively, have dedicated apps or dApps to take advantage of their services wherever you get a connection.

When choosing where to buy Ethereum (ETH) along your crypto journey, there are a few essential criteria worth paying attention to:

The simplicity of the interface

Without falling for the old adage of judging a book by its cover, an intuitive design aimed at providing a user-centric experience often suggests quality in more than just aesthetic arenas. A website or mobile app/dApp littered with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors should raise immediate red flags concerning their attention to detail with your funds and/or information. Due to the prevalence of scams, rug pulls, and fraud that proliferates in the space, poor or sloppy design choices could in fact be set pieces thrown together in haste to dupe unsuspecting participants. On a less nefarious level, hard to parse platforms can also conceal complicated or predatory fee structures.

However, choosing a tenured leader in the crypto space is a good way to ensure that your funds and information are being safeguarded by a trusted entity. Since 2013, CEX.IO has built an award-winning suite of crypto products and services, and established a reputation for advancing the adoption and accessibility of digital assets. By working closely with regulators and partnering with legacy and emerging payment solutions, CEX.IO’s pioneering innovations consistently work to move the industry forward.

From successfully obtaining Level 1 PCI DSS compliance to become the first exchange to empower users to purchase crypto with a credit card, to allowing direct Bitcoin acquisition through our Instant Buy feature, CEX.IO is known for breaking new ground. Similar to the Ethereum network and its many strides towards improvement, we know that prolonged success is predicated on a constant state of refinement.

Available payment options

In addition to partnering with Visa and Mastercard to lower the barrier of entry for would-be participants, our collaborations continue to establish new pathways to and through the ecosystem. Depending on your jurisdiction , this can include bank transfers, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, E-wallets, and online banking methods.

Unlike exchanges that mask or obscure their fee structure, CEX.IO’s are listed in plain sight on the Limits and Commissions page. In an industry that enjoys a constant state of flux, we try our utmost to be clear, transparent, and communicative with our community of over six million global users.

How to buy Ethereum with a credit card: a step-by-step guide

Broadly speaking, participants who transact in the crypto space boil down into two categories: those who trade or HODL coins for investment purposes, and those who engage directly with the ecosystem’s expanding services. Unlike BTC, ETH and other altcoins offer the opportunity to put these assets to work both in the market and across a variety of dApps and platforms. In that sense, ETH can be a perfect entry point for curious participants looking to explore beyond crypto’s investment use case.

That being said, let’s learn how to purchase Ethereum using a credit card on CEX.IO:

1. After creating and verifying your account, hover over the Spot Trading tab on the home page and select Instant Buy.

2. Scroll or search for ETH in the drop-down list, and choose the amount you wish to purchase.

3. Select a linked credit/debit card, or pair a new one by entering the number and expiration date where designated.

In total, the process will only take a few minutes before ETH is transferred immediately to your CEX.IO account. You may elect to use this service to purchase any cryptocurrencies available in your jurisdiction. In the same way, you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), or Binance Coin (BNB). If you still need a little help navigating the registration and verification processes on our platform, follow along below for a handy guide.

1. Register with CEX.IO

This will require an active email address, which will serve as your login across our product ecosystem. We recommend choosing a strong password to safeguard your account against unwanted access. Electing to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will add an additional layer of protection for your assets and information.

2. Link you credit and/or debit card

CEX.IO is fully integrated to accept Visa and Mastercard payments from both credit and bank-issued debit cards. You may view or update permissions for these payment methods on our Cards page. Having preferred payment methods at the ready will ensure that you’re able to react swiftly to opportunities as they arrive along your crypto journey.

3. Verify your account

To increase security and account limits that correspond to current regulations in your jurisdiction, we recommend taking the time to complete our Identity verification process. To help expedite this industry practice, have supporting documents ready and be prepared to provide some basic personal information. To match the pace of the crypto ecosystem, we’ve made the verification process straightforward and quick to get you back on the road to discovering your digital asset potential.

How to buy Ethereum with a debit card

Most banking entities and financial services providers will support converting various fiat currencies throughout their platforms. However, we recommend reading the fine print for these offerings to stay informed on what fees may be incurred as a result.

Once you’ve paired a card to your CEX.IO account, following the instructions for Instant Buy above to start transacting in the crypto ecosystem.

Buying Ethereum with a credit card on CEX.IO

Since 2014, we’ve made purchasing crypto with a credit card accessible and intuitive for users at every stage of their digital asset journey. However, we understand that taking part in a new industry can feel daunting at first. To help assuage some of that uncertainty, here are a few things to consider before taking the next step:

  • Buying cryptocurrencies with a Visa or Mastercard on CEX.IO is just like completing any other online purchase.
  • Once you enter your card details including name, number, expiration date, and CVV code, you will have the opportunity to store that information securely for use at a later date.
  • After your card and account is verified, future purchases will be expedited for your convenience.


What is the fastest way to buy ETH?

Our revolutionary Instant Buy service allows users to purchase Ethereum (ETH) with the payment method of their choice, depending on current regulations. The process typically takes a few minutes to complete, but will be made more efficient once payment information and account verification processes are completed.

Is it safe to buy crypto with a card?

Purchasing crypto on a vetted exchange like CEX.IO is no more or less safe than making any other online purchase. However, we’ve continually taken steps since our founding to remain compliant with current regulations, and build partnerships predicated on our commitment to user success. Currently, CEX.IO holds a Level 1 PCI DSS certificate; you can learn more about this distinction, and our other licenses here.

Can I use a prepaid card on CEX.IO?

Prepaid cards are not affiliated with a bank account or backed by a payment provider to the same extent as credit or debit cards. Therefore, users may run into unforeseen difficulties with asset mobility if such payment methods remain attached to your account. As such, we recommend using debit/credit cards backed by banking or legacy payment institutions.

Can I sell the crypto to withdraw fiat currency?

For us, providing access to the crypto ecosystem means ensuring users have convenient on- and off- ramps to transfer their value. However, due to increased regulatory scrutiny in the U.S., we’ve had to make some adjustments with regards to our USD accommodations. You can read about that here.

U.S. banking rails aside, there are multiple ways to exchange and withdraw funds. Our Instant Sell service in the CEX.IO App empowers users to withdraw funds as GBP, EUR, and USD depending on your jurisdiction, and policies dictated by your card-issuing bank. It allows you to withdraw your proceeds to the card right after you sell your crypto.

Placing a Trade Order is another way to garner wealth from your digital assets. For instance, A market sell order for an ETH to GBP pair can help ensure your Ethereum is sold at the current market price.

Where can I check the Ethereum price?

We’ve built in several places monitor and compare current crypto prices across our product ecosystem. The Prices page is a great place to keep tabs on evolving market valuations, while our Trade page provides added historical context of how these prices have fluctuated across various time allotments.

Where do I store the Ethereum (ETH) I purchased?

There are multiple different types of cryptocurrency wallets designed to satisfy users with varying risk appetites. These include both hard (hardware) and soft (online) wallets. In turn, a hot wallet is one connected to the internet, while a cold wallet is used for storing digital assets offline. Depending on how you plan to use your digital assets along your crypto journey, we recommend conducting a personal risk assessment to determine how readily available, and therefore, how potentially vulnerable, your crypto should be to satisfy your intended use.

If you choose to store your crypto in the custodial wallet services provided by a reliable cryptocurrency exchange, like CEX.IO, you will have the ability to access your crypto anytime while benefiting from enhanced security.

Can I purchase other cryptocurrencies with ETH?

In addition to the many payment rails we’ve secured, CEX.IO users can also take advantage of over 200 different currency pairs available across our product ecosystem. Where applicable, ETH can be exchanged for BTC, stablecoins, and altcoins relative to current market rates. This service can be used to convert various cryptos for greater ease and asset mobility throughout your crypto journey.

For more information about available services and their associated fees, please visit our Limits and commissions page for a complete list of amenities.