The All-In-One Bitcoin & Crypto Trading App

With the CEX.IO mobile app, you can enjoy the freedom of money at the touch of a button. Buy, sell, earn, and exchange crypto anywhere and anytime. Our goal is to simplify access to the open financial system and make crypto and fiat transactions affordable and attractive. Time to do money the way you like.


What’s in it for you?


All-in-one app

The CEX.IO mobile app features all the functionality of the CEX.IO platform to satisfy the needs of every trader. No web version required.


Trade functionality

Advanced order matching algorithms, a high-liquidity order book, analytical tools for experienced traders, and a simple Instant Buy/Sell interface for those just getting started.



Support for leading crypto protocols and cryptocurrencies. You’ll find all the top pairs, and the list is constantly growing.

Features and benefits


Price alerts

Make informed and timely decisions. Set a price alert and you’ll receive a notification when the market reaches the specified price.


Order notifications

Keep track of your orders. Set order notifications and be informed when your limit orders execute.


Money management

Stay in control of your funds anywhere. Deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat, add your debit or credit card in a few clicks, and store your funds securely.



All payments are safe. CEX.IO is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified platform and passes audits annually. Your funds are protected with full data encryption and cryptocurrency cold storage.


Support 24/7

A professional support team is available around the clock via multiple channels to answer your questions.

And more great stuff coming soon

And more great stuff coming soon


What is a Bitcoin trading app?

As its name suggests, a Bitcoin trading app is an application on your smartphone or tablet that enables you to buy Bitcoin and perform other transactions from your device. The most evident advantage of the CEX.IO app, compared to a desktop experience, is the mobility it provides.

In other words, using your smartphone to conduct crypto transactions makes it possible for you to manage your assets from anywhere, and at any time, provided you have a secure internet connection. We recommend avoiding using public Wi-Fi networks due to security risks.

How to use a crypto trading app?

Each crypto trading app has unique features. When it comes to the CEX.IO mobile app, it was designed to enable you to trade and control your orders and funds however you see fit. Additionally, it has several functionalities that make it stand out in terms of on-the-go trading (for example, if you’re looking to sell Bitcoin).

These functionalities include:

  • Instant Buy/Sell service
  • Exchange feature
  • Trade Pro tools (for market and limit orders)

How to use the CEX.IO app for cryptocurrency trading

Placing trading orders in the CEX.IO mobile app is straightforward. Go to the Trade page in theTrade Pro menu, where you’ll see Market andLimit tabs.

To buy crypto using amarket order, follow these steps:

  • Enter the amount you want to spend in USD (or another currency, based on the pair you’ve selected).
  • Click Buy and you’ll see the estimated amount of the selected currency you’ll get, at the current exchange rate.
  • If you agree to the conditions, click Buy again.

The order will be completed immediately, and the purchased crypto will be added to your CEX.IO balance. However, note that the final amount you receive may differ from the amount estimated when placing the order, due to rapid changes in market pricing.

To sell crypto using a market order, you’ll need to follow identical steps:

  • Enter the amount you want to sell, click theSell button, andconfirm the sale.

Simultaneously, besides checking cryptocurrency prices, the CEX.IO mobile crypto broker app also enables you to trade crypto by placing limit orders. To do so, you need to:

  • Enter the amount you want to buy or sell.
  • Enter the desired price.
  • Click Buy or Sell, and check the details of your order.
  • Review the details of the order, and click the Buy (or Sell) button to place the order.

Once you confirm the order, it will appear in the Orders tab of your app. As soon as the market price reaches the price you’ve specified, the order will be filled. You can also cancel a limit order at any time before it’s executed, by clicking on the red X icon next to it in the Orders tab.

You can also set up an order notification to receive a push notification in the app once your order is executed.

What is the safest Bitcoin trading app?

Absolute safety does not exist in the online world. It is also vital to note that the same applies across the crypto landscape, meaning that you can minimize, but not entirely avoid risk.

Be it staking crypto, buying or selling Bitcoin, or any other digital asset, keeping this fact in mind may help prevent unwanted consequences down the road.

However, when looking to minimize risk, it is worth noting that the CEX.IO mobile app (and ecosystem) uphold the highest security standards in the industry, and were designed with the utmost care in mind towards our clients’ crypto and fiat funds.

Learn more about our approach to security here.

What is the best app to buy and trade Bitcoin?

Choosing the right Bitcoin and crypto trading app for your needs depends on your goals and personal preferences. However, not all mobile crypto apps were created equal, and some are more efficient and intuitive than others.

The CEX.IO mobile app provides a wide range of tools that facilitate crypto transactions, including numerous available payment methods. Such variety empowers users to:

Coupled with the previously mentioned security features, the CEX.IO app is an excellent choice for both the crypto curious and crypto serious.

Is mobile trading safe?

Mobile trading can be safe if you approach it vigilantly and with common sense. In other words, even though there is no absolute security online, CEX.IO takes numerous precautions to ensure the safety and security of all of our clients — be it those using our mobile app, or desktop ecosystem.

Additionally, here are several general tips to improve your safety when using any crypto broker app on your smartphone:

  • Secure your mobile device with biometric authentication and a strong password/PIN. In the case of iOS devices, FaceID is a viable solution. If you use an Android phone, facial recognition hasn’t proven as safe as that of iOS devices, so a fingerprint scan with a strong password/PIN may be a better option.
  • Avoid using public WiFi or hotspots if you’re planning on conducting financial (including crypto) transactions via your smartphone.
  • Ensure your mobile device operating system and application are up to date, to potentially prevent attacks due to unresolved security issues.
  • Avoid jailbreaking or rooting your mobile device, as it leads to an easier path to device security failure.
  • Take utmost care not to lose your device, and always lock your phone when spending time in public. If stolen, immediately reset your password on all financial applications. Also, disable all sessions where this feature is available.

For information purposes only. Not investment or financial advice. Seek professional advice. Digital assets involve risk. Do your own research.