CEX.IO is the first commodity exchange, where you can trade mining facilities for a price set by the supply and demand. We believe that mining equipment should be sold for a fair market price. Read more

CEX.IO is the cutting-edge market for Bitcoin-priced & fully-maintained GHashes.

All GHashes are safely stored and maintained in a secure data-centre.

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CEX.IO is the first and leading commodity exchange in the Bitcoin community. Here you can trade on the increase or decrease of GHashes, while they mine you bitcoins!

All mining equipment on CEX.IO is provided by our trusted partners:

  • No shipping delay
  • All GHS are delivered instantly and begin mining!
  • No breakage or power loss
  • The GHS are safely stored in the data-centre with proper maintenance
  • No excessive electricity costs or cooling issues
  • Everything is handled by our affiliates’ maintenance staff for a small fee

Here you can purchase GHS in a matter of seconds, and not only start mining right away, but be able to trade the GHS, and receive extra income.

We guarantee proper performance and maintenance of all hardware purchased at CEX.IO, and if anything goes wrong - we do compensate the losses.

With CEX.IO you receive the best possible mining results as well as friendly support for any issue you encounter.

We are the first commodity exchange, where you can trade GHashes and receive mining profit as well as trading profit!

All the GHS prices are established by the supply and demand for the hardware!

Thats why thousands of traders choose CEX.IO

Only CEX.IO users receive profit from trading GHashes as well as revenue from the hashing power while they trade! Trading GHashes has never been so profitable!

Who is behind CEX.IO?

CEX.IO was created by Bitcoin experts, who have been in the field from day one.

CEX.IO works with the best hardware providers and software engineers to ensure quality hardware support along with great development capability.

Why use CEX.IO?

CEX.IO gives users the benefits no other exchange can give.

  • Instant GHS delivery
  • No Trade fee
  • Timed payouts
  • Professional hardware maintenance
  • An option to redeem hardware at any moment
  • A benefiting referral program
  • Powerful trade API
  • 24/7 friendly support

Why trade GHS?

Today GHS are a great way to make some additional BTC income.

You can trade GHS while they mine additional income. And there is no trade fee.

Trading or mining, CEX.IO is definitely the best way to go.

Funding & Market

No trade fee. Live Market Quotes, Instant Trades, Trade 24/7/365.


We provide professional service and responsive support. We work hard on the improvement of our service and security.


We are the only exchange where you can trade GHS and BitFury Chips.