Spend & Earn Crypto πŸš€

With your CEX.IO Card

Let your crypto power your daily spending needs, earn crypto back on every purchase you make, and grow any crypto asset in your portfolio!

Pay with Crypto. Earn. Repeat. πŸ”₯

CEX.IO Card is a visa debit card that allows you to spend any crypto asset in your CEX.IO portfolio and earn rewards for each purchase.


Earn up to 5% crypto or cashback & see your crypto wallet grow

Receive up to 5% crypto or cash back on any purchase you make online or in-store.


Say bye to waiting 3-5 days to cash out your crypto proceeds

With your CEX.IO Card, you can instantly make purchases with your crypto or fiat without waiting.


Spend your money, save your crypto

You can use either cash or crypto to buy everyday items. You have the freedom to choose which currency you want to spend or save.


All your banking & investing needs under 1 solution

Your CEX.IO Card encompasses the benefits of a visa debit card, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a digital wallet all under 1 solution.

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Welcome to the 2nd phase of the crypto revolution!

β€œIt’s been super exciting to see crypto hit mainstream globally. Today it’s now easier than ever to buy, sell, and trade crypto assets. I remember the days when buying crypto was very difficult, and I decided to change that by launching CEX.IO back in 2013. As pioneers in the industry, we were one of the first exchanges to allow you to purchase crypto with your debit and/or credit card.

Since then, at CEX.IO, we’ve launched a whole ecosystem of products including our spot exchange, our margin trading platform, our staking, savings, loans products, and more! πŸš€


As I think about the next wave of the crypto revolution and how to keep innovating, allowing you to spend your crypto on everyday purchases instantly is what came to mind. I spoke to many of our existing users and they absolutely loved the idea. My team and I got to work for several months and decided to work on the CEX.IO Card which allows you to spend and earn crypto.


I really hope you love the product when we officially launch it soon. In the meantime, please sign up to the waitlist and share with your friends & family and be one of the first to access the CEX.IO Card :) Upwards and onwards...

Oleksandr Lutskevych

CEO and Founder of CEX.IO



What's the benefit of signing up for the waitlist above?


You will be the first to get early access to the CEX.IO debit card when we launch.


How do I get the Card?


Sign up to the waitlist above. Once the cards are ready, we'll notify you about next steps.


Who can sign up for the CEX.IO Card?


We plan to cover as many geographies as possible. Initially, we are starting with the EU countries (except for Germany and Malta for now), and will be expanding to other countries after.


Where can I use the CEX.IO Card?


The CEX.IO Card is a visa card that can be used anywhere visa is accepted. It works in-store & online and you can use it at any ATMs for cash withdrawals.


Which cryptos can I use for spending purchases?


You can spend any crypto asset in your CEX.IO portfolio and earn rewards for each purchase.


Is the CEX.IO Card a credit or debit card?


It’s a debit card.


Will I be able to use the CEX.IO Card on Apple Pay or Google Wallet?




When will you issue the CEX.IO card?


We hope to launch the digital version of the CEX.IO card by the end of Q3 2023 and are hoping to launch the physical card by early 2024. That being said, we are aiming to launch the digital and physical cards earlier to those that sign up early on our waitlist above :)