CEX.IO Crypto Trading & Exchange API

Easily set up your CEX.IO API, start trading and make the most out of the crypto market opportunities.

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Best APIs for Crypto Traders

CEX.IO provides free crypto API channels for cryptocurrency traders, which are some of the most commonly used APIs in the industry:

WebSocket (WS)

  • Access your account balances
  • Subscribe to order books on the exchange
  • View your open orders
  • Place new orders
  • Cancel orders
  • View your order history
  • Receive real-time market data


  • Receive real-time price feeds (such as Bitcoin market data API)
  • Access price charts
  • View your trade history
  • View your account balance
  • View your open orders by pair
  • Cancel orders

CEX.IO API enables you to:

Trade crypto 24/7, even when you’re offline

Implement automated trading strategies

Obtain real-time and historical market data from the exchange

Place market and limit trade orders

Receive information about your account balance

Integrate trading bots and third-party trading terminals

How to start using the CEX.IO API

  1. Generate your API keys

    Choose the functions and data streams you want to import: place order, cancel order, account balance, open orders. Click on the Generate Key button.

  2. Save the key and secret

    You will need this information when you connect to the CEX.IO exchange from your account. Once you activate the key, a secret will be hidden.

  3. Activate your keys

    Click on the Activate button on the right side and finish the API setup process for your account.


Platforms and Bots that Support CEX.IO

shrimpyShrimpy.ioTrading platform

A platform to connect all exchange accounts and wallets, so that users can manage their entire portfolio under a single outlet, and monitor the market in real-time.

With HaasOnline, users can develop, backtest, and deploy high-frequency crypto trade bots that can operate across dozens of different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Offers AI-driven market sentiment data to incorporate into trading bot algorithms.

coinigyCoinigyTrading platform

A cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to manage their accounts in more than 20 exchanges from a single interface.

A platform that offers a trading terminal, crypto trading bots, Telegram automation, and email signals that operates on top cryptocurrency exchanges.

An advanced multi-exchange crypto portfolio manager and trading platform, where users can trade on multiple exchanges from a single interface.

Algorithmic trading strategies with CEX.IO APIs

Momentum trading

Make use of short-term price volatility to trade short-term trends. Purchase cryptocurrencies on sharp price declines or crashes; in other words, buy them at support levels and then sell them at resistance.

Arbitrage trading

Benefit from the price disparities across two or more markets for the same asset. In that sense, arbitrage traders buy an asset in one crypto exchange, to sell the same asset for a higher price in a different exchange.

Sentiment trading

Capture the sentiment of the market with the use of API technology. With API trading, you can quickly retrieve sentiment data.

Volume-weighted average price trading

Profit from price deviations by opening short or long positions when the market price significantly deviates away from the volume-weighted average (VWAP).

Benefits of CEX.IO


Market entry year


Registered users


Cryptocurrency markets


Maker fee for $10M+ trading volumeSee fee schedule >


What is a cryptocurrency trading API?

A crypto trading API is a software bridge that allows you to automatically interact with a crypto trading platform. This bridge contains an index of instructions that are written in a particular computer programming language. The code defines how you interact with the crypto exchange, including:

  • the programming language you can use,
  • the syntax for exchanged messages,
  • the number of orders or requests you can send to the exchange, per minute.

An exchange API allows you to directly import a crypto trading platform into your account by writing the necessary code.

You can use programming languages such as Python, Node.js, Java, and C# to interact with a crypto trading platform and send requests there.

By interacting with an API, you can buy and sell assets, view both real-time and historical market data, and execute more advanced trading strategies from your terminal.

Whether it’s a stock trading API or a Bitcoin market data API, the key functions and benefits of a trading API remain the same.

Cryptocurrency markets are open 24/7 and have some of the highest volatility among all asset classes. With API tools you can navigate your way in this new asset class.

How do I start using crypto API tools?

Just link your terminal to a broker’s automated trading system, which is typically a crypto exchange API, to execute quick and efficient trades. The exchange API allows you to code algorithmic trades that execute at hyperkinetic speeds.

Based on your code, algorithms can automatically buy cryptocurrency or convert BTC to USD on a crypto trading platform, at such a frequency that would be impossible with manual work.

How does a crypto trading API work?

A crypto trading API works by linking your account to CEX.IO’s automated trading system. To enable this, CEX.IO has created its API channels with pre-built functions, which import historical trading data, order book data, asset price data, etc.

To start using a crypto trading API, you need to register for a CEX.IO account and generate an API key in your Profile menu.

The API key is used to activate your algorithms and trading bots. CEX.IO APIs execute your trades automatically and send you information about market prices, as well as your account balance.

There are multiple timeframes (1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, etc.) of market and trading data that you can import to your terminal, which is highly beneficial because you can develop better-customized trading algorithms by accounting for more timeframes.

With a crypto trading API, you can send orders to CEX.IO to import the data you need, such as

  • real-time market data,
  • historical market data,
  • exchange order book data,
  • your order history,
  • your trade history

You can then use the imported data as the basis for developing your trading algorithms, which will in practice send requests to the exchange.

Do I need to be a technical expert to use a API trading platform?

Crypto API trading with a third-party application requires little to no technical knowledge. They are designed with prebuilt and intuitive interfaces where you can easily develop and implement your trading strategies. However, the majority of third-party applications have standard inputs for each of the indicators.

CEX.IO has integrated with several third-party applications, making it even easier for traders to implement automated trading strategies.

What is the rate limit for the Rest API at CEX.IO?

A rate limit is the number of requests that you can send to an exchange per minute from your terminal. The rate limit for the CEX.IO REST API is 600 transactions per 10 minutes.

Can I increase the rate limit per minute?

Yes, if you need to increase your rate limit, contact our support team via live chat.

How do I use CEX.IO API solutions?

It’s very simple to use a crypto trading API on CEX.IO. Follow the five steps below to quickly set up and activate your API:

  • Scroll to the Profile symbol on the right top corner of your CEX.IO account homepage and click API in the dropdown menu.
  • On the next page, select the functions and data streams you want to import. These consist of place order, cancel order, account balance, open orders, and open positions.
  • Once you select the permissions you need, click on the Generate Key button.
  • You will then see in the below table, next to your user ID, a new API key and a private key to use with that API access. You will need this information when you connect to the CEX.IO exchange from your account.
  • Finally, click on the Activate button on the right side and finish the API setup process for your account.

What are the benefits of trading with CEX.IO APIs?

  • Never miss an opportunity: CEX.IO APIs can monitor an unlimited number of markets around the clock, so that you can take advantage of any emerging opportunities.
  • Arbitrage opportunities: CEX.IO APIs can identify and execute arbitrage opportunities automatically on your behalf, no matter how long the price disparity has been present.
  • Speed: With CEX.IO APIs, trades are executed instantaneously whenever a set of predetermined conditions are met.
  • Remove human emotions and error: Tides change very quickly in crypto markets, which can take a toll on your emotions, regardless of experience level.

What API channel should I choose?

The REST API is better suited for dealing with your trade orders, while the WebSocket API is suited for both placing orders and retrieving market data. The WebSocket API provides three times more information per request than the REST API.

To make a crypto exchange API comparison, you can consult the algorithm repository of each available API channel on CEX.IO.

How can CEX.IO API help remove emotions from your trading?

Emotion in trading is historically known to be a profit-killer in financial markets, so adopting a systematic and unbiased methodology to crypto trading is essential.

That is where the CEX.IO APIs come to the rescue. You can program predetermined conditions into your terminal which will instruct the APIs to execute trades when those predetermined conditions are triggered. This will in return eliminate the negative consequences of human sentiment and irrational thinking.