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Trading ZEC-GBP on a User-friendly Platform

Among the services allowing to trade Zcash against fiat currencies, CEX.IO allows the users to trade the pair under transparent market conditions to get the most benefits from your experience. The platform supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, but whether you are looking to convert ZEC to GBP or any other currency, you can always be sure about the easy and transparent service the platform offers.

With an intent to make cryptocurrencies closer to people, CEX.IO is designed in a way that is the most convenient for users. It is easy to find any information on the website. At the same time, every user will be able to make a purchase without much effort as far as the website navigation is intuitive.

The Buy/Sell section gives access to the instant purchase option, the Trade tab is designed for customers to place market and limit orders to buy and sell ZEC and GBP. The Finance tab stores all the information on transactions and orders, and the Cards section allows managing one’s cards. Finally, all the data on affiliate programs are located in the Affiliate section. Overall, using a website is easy and even a user without prior experience in trading will manage to make the necessary operations.

For users’ convenience, the website also offers a variety of services to easily track deposits, withdrawals, orders, and other activities on the platform. Moreover, the real-time price charts allow the customers to stay informed about the ongoing changes and make a decision that would best meet their interests.

ZEC/GBP Exchange with 24/7 Support for Your Convenience

One of the distinctive features of the CEX.IO platform is the well-developed support team that is ready to respond to our customers’ queries 24/7. If you are interested about any aspects of transactions involving ZEC/GBP, you can easily submit a ticket via the form on Help Centre and be sure that it will be processed in the shortest time possible. Our support team members will always do their best to find the solutions to the arising concerns. Currently, an average first-time response takes around 10 minutes, so you will receive a response on your ticket promptly.

For the convenience of our users, we have also created the Social Networks Support team to respond to users’ issues and concerns through social media. It allows us to react to customers’ complaints faster and resolve them more efficiently.

Converting ZEC in GBP: Variety of Options

While ZEC is still gaining its momentum, the interest in this cryptocurrency tends to grow. Whether you would like to pay for ZEC in GBP or any other fiat money, CEX.IO is the platform that allows you to realize those intentions under conditions that fit you best. You can easily get the necessary amount of the cryptocurrency by visiting the trade section and picking the required trading pair.

Buying ZEC with CEX.IO is always simple and clear.

  • You can place the market order, and it will be filled at the best market rate. It can be successfully done in the Market tab on the Trade page. Just input the amount of fiat to spend, see how much you can buy, and press the Buy button.
  • Alternatively, you can also place a limit order to wait for specific market conditions. For example, if you would like to sell 2 Zcash coins for 300 GBP, you just need to enter the data in the respective fields in the Limit tab and await till the desired conditions come into play. Then you will have your order filled automatically.

CEX.IO is a service that thinks about the quality of our users’ experience while buying and selling crypto. Try it once and make sure that a single platform has everything combined that you might need.

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