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Converting ZEC in EUR Conveniently and Easily

Among the online cryptocurrency exchange services, CEX.IO offers a platform with a clear interface and easy to understand navigation. It allows the users to buy and sell cryptocurrency with minimum effort. Whether one seeks to gain benefits from converting ZEC to EUR or vice versa, it is easy to find the necessary part of the website.

For example, in the “Buy/Sell” section you can easily get an opportunity to buy some ZEC for any fiat currency available on the exchange. Using this option, you will be able to get the desired crypto in a single moment. In the “Trade” section, you can place a market or a limit order to buy or sell Zcash. The “Finance” tab allows you to control the flow of your funds on the exchange. There you can see your balances, transactions, orders, and track payments. The “Card” tab is created for users to add or delete payment cards that are used to fund your account.

Among the features that make CEX.IO exchange attractive for customers who want to buy or sell Zcash, it is important to mention ZEC-EUR charts. The graphical data representation allows users to track the market situation and make predictions about the future price movements. Analyzing the order book may be a task that appears too complicated for new traders. Still, with charts, anyone will have a chance to see the dynamics of price changes and make their own considerate decision in the respective situation.

ZEC/EUR Trading on CEX.IO: How to Fund An Account?

CEX.IO is not only easy to use because of its convenient design but also considering the availability of various options to send funds to your account. When you would like to trade ZEC/EUR pair, you will need to deposit either Zcash or Euro to your account. As for Zcash deposits everything is clear and you just need to copy the address given in your account. With it, you will be able to send the funds to the necessary destination.

With EUR deposits, the situation may be slightly different. Here, each user can choose an option that would fit their personal needs best. You can choose between making a bank transfer (which is free for deposits to CEX.IO) and using your payment card (both Visa and Mastercard are supported).

  • Using bank transfer is more convenient for the users who want to transfer larger amounts to the exchange and save on the commission. The deposit then usually takes 3-5 business days.
  • If you need to make smaller transactions, it is better for you to use card deposits. In case your card is verified, money transfer will be completed instantly, and you will be able to use the funds for your activities on CEX.IO.

Convert ZEC in EUR in a Safe Environment

Whether converting ZEC in EUR or carrying out the reverse operation, you may be certain that your will receive the highest quality of the service on CEX.IO. In every case, we guarantee the safety of your account and funds.

How do we ensure users’ accounts security?

  • We strongly recommend our users to enable 2FA for their account in order to reduce the risk of unauthorized use of their account.
  • CEX.IO has the SSL certificate to ensure secure connections between the server and browser. Ultimately, our website works with the encrypted data.
  • As for payment security, we have received the PCI DSS certificate to work with payment cards.
  • We are authorized as MSB within FinCEN, which is also a sign of trust.

All of those measures are taken to ensure the highest level of funds security and legality of the service.

So, take the opportunity and engage in the world of trading Zcash for Euro right now.

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