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ZEC to BTC Trading Platform to Meet Your Needs

When looking for an online cryptocurrency exchange, users have to pay attention to a variety of factors. One of the most important is the convenience of the platform and its correspondence to your needs. Among many variants, CEX.IO platform with ZEC to BTC trading opportunities is one of the best variants to choose from. The website offers its customers a variety of payment and trading options depending on your personal needs. If you are thinking about ZEC for BTC transactions, you can take advantage of instant and reliable crypto deposits and withdrawals. On the platform, you can easily convert Zcash to Bitcoin as well as make a reverse transaction. The Trade page contains all the necessary information to make a considerate decision on whether to make a purchase or wait till a more appropriate moment. Based on the real-time order book and graphs, the customer gets a chance to analyze market movements and make an appropriate decision. With us, you will learn how to convert ZEC to BTC with minimum effort.

ZEC-BTC Exchange Service with Reasonable Fees

Among the platforms that provide the opportunity for exchanging Zcash for BTC, CEX.IO offers its users not only a variety of options but also reasonable fees. For users, we have a fee schedule that primarily depends on the trade volume of a user. It means that the more you have traded before, the smaller fee will be charged for your ZEC/BTC transaction. At the same time, we offer our customers the fees that are at an affordable market rate. The maximum commission we charge for buying or selling cryptocurrencies in the Trade section is up to 0.25%. Still, it varies not only with the trade volume of the customer but also with the role the user performs on the platform. The fee schedule is also based on the maker-taker differentiation, with makers paying lower fees. The difference between a market maker and a market taker lies in their contribution to the exchange processes. While market makers place the orders that are not completed fast, they add liquidity to the market. On the contrary, market takers are the individuals who take the already available orders and thus reduce the liquidity. On CEX.IO market makers gain the advantage in the form of lower trading fees as their activities benefit the platform.

Convert ZEC to BTC at the Market Rate

With CEX.IO, users can always be sure that they will receive the best rate when converting ZEC in BTC. The prices for the cryptocurrencies on the exchange are determined based on the market situation and the offers in the order book. If one makes a market order, the price for it is calculated instantly, considering the average rate of the orders that will be used to complete the purchase. How much funds you will need depends on the amount of Bitcoins you would like to obtain or the amount of Zcash to purchase. To be sure about it, the system provides you with the current data on the price. Then, converting either BTC to ZEC or ZEC to BTC, you have to check the accurateness of the data and confirm the transaction. The fees are always already included in the price estimate. Using CEX.IO is easy and convenient, and will benefit you. Try the service now, and we will do our best to meet your needs and ensure your positive experience with our platform.