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Kava (KAVA) Coin Price Index

In this article, we’ll discover how Kava (KAVA) works within the broader crypto ecosystem, what benefits may arise from holding KAVA, and learn how KAVA price charts can reveal potential opportunities.

What is Kava (KAVA)?

Conceived of as a bridge between two prominent first-wave crypto networks, Cosmos and Ethereum, Kava is a layer-1 blockchain that closes the gap between these disparate projects. Recognizing the superior building capacity of Ethereum’s developer engine, Kava introduces an avenue to apply the advanced processing power and versatility of its own Cosmos SDK foundation. Kava’s contribution to furthering ecosystem interoperability is underpinned by its network and native token, KAVA, which sustains activity through the baroque proof of stake (POS) consensus mechanism, Tendermint

Upon its launch in 2019, KAVA was introduced to the global crypto community via an informational presentation outlining the project’s function. Equal parts intermodal station and innovation hub, KAVA powers the Kava network, and is overseen broadly by the KavaDAO. According to the project’s white paper, KavaDAO is controlled jointly by token stakers and validators, who vote democratically on the network’s future. The organization claims true decentralization, with KavaDAO possessing “no headquarters, no directive, and no leadership,” placing full decision-making power in the hands of KAVA holders. However, Kava Labs, the parent company of the network, “control 25% of total Kava supply, with the remaining 28.48% residing in the Treasury,” according to CoinDesk. This would suggest that a controlling stake in the network’s operations are situated in two, closely related camps.

Who are the Founders of Kava?

Founded in June 2017 by Scott Stuart and Brian Henning Kerr, Kava Labs, the for-profit entity behind Kava.io, would go on to debut its KAVA token in 2019 to support the layer-1 blockchain. The pair were instrumental in fusing Ethereum’s developer engine, with the agility of the Cosmos network, to center a builder-first environment. With professional experience in the immersive terrain of online gaming, the pair were well situated to spot the potential for new worlds between existing systems. The project’s convenient positioning helped break ground for fresh collaborations, and introduced the capability to combine the finer points of each adjoining network.

How does KAVA Work?

Nestled within the Kava Network and overseen by KavaDAO, the protocol is perhaps best pictured as two co-chains on the dual axels of incentive and translator modules. Approaching it another way, imagine a bicycle capable of sliding backwards and forwards on a set track. Each wheel represents a Cosmos or Ethereum co-chain, with the translator and incentive modules functioning as the bike’s frame; the track is the Tendermint Consensus Engine, powered network wide by proof of stake. Better still, this schematic rendering from the Kava white paper speaks for itself.

It’s from this forward-looking interlocutor position that Kava is aiming to serve as a launchpad for the next generation of companies seeking to expand the horizons of decentralized finance (DeFi). While each project provides clear advantages to their constituent communities, Kava melds the utility of a gateway with the boundless, sandbox quality of maker spaces to envision a co-evolution of iterative technologies. As an in-progress venture, the immediate benefit of creating common pathways between networks opens the door to future innovation as the crypto industry continues to scaffold.

At the time of this writing, there are over a billion KAVA in circulation, with no maximum supply currently set. The limitless potential of KAVA’s network parameters help promote abundant liquidity, and contribute to the smooth interactions between co-chains and a growing cadre of interoperable systems. 

What’s the KAVA Price History?

Since its launch in 2019, KAVA has fluctuated greatly in accordance with market trends. The project’s all-time low occurred on March 12, 2020, when the price cratered to $0.30. Contrasted with its all-time high of $9.19 on September 8, 2021, dedicated KAVA holders have experienced the full turbulence of the crypto market throughout the token’s lifespan. However, these numbers can be useful to contextualize the KAVA historical price, and conduct price analysis of KAVA’s valuation over time.

What’s the current KAVA Price Index?

As the above section should help illustrate, the crypto ecosystem is a volatile price environment, and should be approached with caution, and only through trusted means. These market realities make it unwise to anticipate KAVA price predictions without conducting ample research, and introduce a strong argument that all positions are perhaps best backed by non-essential capital. Too many participants have suffered losses after making unsound transactions in pursuit of a life-altering payday. Such narrow-minded focus can only serve to distract from the real risks of transacting in the crypto ecosystem. Rather, all actions should be weighed through clear-eyed, somber judgment free of aspirational profit seeking. To view a KAVA price chart, choose a trusted crypto exchange, like CEX.IO, or similar outlet that provides timely updates. Discovering live crypto prices that reflect the complex realities unfolding across correlated markets can help establish a strong knowledge foundation to inform future trading activity.

Buy Kava

Where to buy KAVA?

As a popular and well-integrated digital asset, KAVA is accessible across numerous crypto platforms, including CEX.IO. By choosing a best-in-class product ecosystem to buy crypto, savvy participants can avoid falling victim to shoddy or questionable solutions. Rather, seeking a company that’s gone through proper channels to secure all necessary licenses and certificates can often reveal a higher prioritization of customer satisfaction than less-focused competitors. Often, such a company will dedicate time and resources to expand available payment methods, and provide an array of services such as the ability to buy XRPsell ETH, or buy BNB. At CEX.IO, verified accounts can choose between Instant Buy, or similar services that provide intuitive pathways to building a balanced crypto portfolio.

Participants in eligible jurisdictions may navigate their crypto journeys to CEX.IO via a web browser, or the CEX.IO App for on-the-go digital asset adventures. These tools help empower a global community of over six million users to buy bitcoinbuy ethereum, and even convert BTC to USD all with a few clicks or taps. With just a photo ID and proof address, participants in qualifying countries can sign-up and verify their account in just five minutes or less.

How to buy KAVA?

With a verified CEX.IO account, KAVA may also be purchased directly using a variety of integrated payment methods. Alternatively, participants may also choose to buy USDT to fund their next actions in the digital economy. Regardless of the digital or fiat currency used to purchase KAVA, CEX.IO’s user-centric product ecosystem is designed to keep your preferred payment method handy wherever your journey leads. By being the first exchange to empower enthusiasts to purchase bitcoin with a credit or debit card, CEX.IO helped guide the industry toward embracing lasting relationships with legacy service providers. Recently, the company announced the ability to buy bitcoin with PayPal in select jurisdictions. Where once it was novel to buy bitcoin with a bank account, the company now hosts hundreds of on-ramps to buy a wide range of digital assets, including KAVA.


Is Kava (KAVA) available on CEX.IO?

Yes, KAVA is available across CEX.IO’s award-winning product ecosystem. Eligible participants can access Instant Buy services via a web browser, or from their mobile device with CEX.IO App. In addition to viewing the KAVA token price, traders can choose from a robust menu of payment methods for ease of purchase. To view complete platform listings and services, visit CEX.IO.

What should I know before buying KAVA?

Like any financial endeavor, buying cryptocurrency, including KAVA, carries an element of risk. That’s why it’s always important to enter transactions with a clear understanding of all possible outcomes, and how each could impact your financial health. Along with a quick personal risk assessment, participants are often encouraged to conduct a fair amount of independent research to develop core knowledge. That way, participants can arrive prepared to suss out financial fiction, and reveal bad actors who might seek to separate value or information via questionable means. While there’s no one path through the crypto ecosystem, it’s crucial to get the lay of the land, and chart a thoughtful course that reflects your unique crypto goals.

What payment methods are available on CEX.IO?

After pioneering the crypto payment space by securing Visa and Mastercard integration, CEX.IO continued to expand its offerings to meet growing customer demand and industry trends. Overtime, bank accounts, opening banking, Skrill, E-Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal were all added to the platform’s payments roster, with more constantly in the pipeline. For the latest information on ecosystem partnerships and expanded interoperability, follow CEX.IO’s official social media channels to stay in the loop. Or, for something a little more detailed, join the weekly mailing list to receive timely updates from your trusted crypto guide.

Where can you buy Kava?


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