How To Sell Ethereum (ETH)

How To Sell Ethereum (ETH)?

First of all, before selling ETH you need to make sure that you have them on your wallet. You can either use a cold storage or a hot storage. The cold storage is the one that is not connected to the Internet. This could be a piece of paper with a QR code on it. In this case, make sure you don’t configure the public and private key. The private key should be kept secret and never be disclosed to anyone. However, those pieces of paper look practically the same so it’s fairly easy to confuse between the two. Just be careful and read what’s written there. Next kind of the cold storage which is considered to be more popular is the hardware wallet. There are only a few brands that currently produce those and thus, most investors and traders know them for sure. You can read online reviews or watch videos of unpacking to decide which brand and model you like the most. Hardware wallets can be a little more difficult to use by the beginners. As a rule, they have a mobile app which is suited specifically for them.

Alternatively, you can have Ethereum on your balance in an online exchange like CEX.IO. There are quite a few ways to deposit your ETH and then use the services that you need whether you’re planning to hold, trade, sell, request a loan, or maybe create a portfolio of stake-able coins and get some passive income over time.

So, let’s say you’ve got your Ether and you decided that you need to sell them and get some other currency in return. It’s worth noting that nowadays you may not only sell ETH or Sell bitcoin for the most popular fiat currencies like dollars and euros. Also, you can sell them and get some cryptocurrencies which you can later use on the exchange for whatever trading strategy you might have. In order to sell ETH, you need to find a trusted exchange. CEX.IO is one of them. To sell ETH, you need to have it on your account. Let’s see how you can make them appear on your balance.

  • Deposit fiat and then exchange to crypto.

You can buy ETH directly at CEX.IO. You might already have another crypto or fiat currency and go to Exchange or Trade section. Or if you’re a completely new user with CEX.IO, you can deposit funds from your credit card and then buy Ethereum for either the current market prices or for a limit order with the price that you set up. If your desired prices become true on the real market, your order will execute automatically.

  • Deposit ETH

If you have Ethereum on your cold storage, you can easily transfer them to your CEX.IO account. Be thorough and attentive when filling out all the required fields to make sure you make no mistake when entering such values as public keys, addresses, memo, and so on. This way, you ensure that the crypto you have will drop in your account as quickly as possible. You can also transfer your ETH directly from other exchanges. Although you should mind the commission payments that this transfer may incur.

How to sell ETH on CEX.IO

Selling ETH on CEX.IO is easy and it won’t require you to have some advanced prior experience with managing crypto keys. We’ve put together a smooth and intuitive interface so you can enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain by having a comprehensive, all-in-one crypto account. Moreover, you can trade and exchange as many coins as you like and you don’t need to have separate accounts for that. Everything will happen in your CEX.IO account. We are delivering the state-of-the-art technology which distributes the funds between the hot and cold wallets. As a result, whenever you want to do something like buy BTC for credit card you can do it instantly without having to wait while the new block creates and gets approved by the network.

You can proceed with selling ETH at CEX.IO in a few simple steps. Here’s what you need to do:



At this stage, you will need to set up your account’s email, password, and 2-factor security notifications.


Verify your account

Next step is to provide the documents and some information that verifies your identity. Verification is important to ensure the safety of your account and funds.


Make a deposit

You can deposit ETH and sell it on CEX.IO. After that, you can withdraw your fiat or buy/trade more crypto. One of the options is to sell Ethereum for PayPal and continue operating your funds from the PayPal account. Another option is to sell Ethereum for Bitcoin and join the community of holding fans.

How to sell Ethereum for USD?

Selling ETH for USD is possible by using one of the services of a cryptocurrency exchange like CEX.IO. You might want to check ETH to USD price chart before selling your Ethereum for dollars to make sure you make an exchange on the most favorable conditions. Choose the Instant Sell option in our mobile app for getting dollars instead of Ethereum on your credit card in a few minutes. Choose the Trade or Exchange option if you want to benefit from price movements of various currency pairs.

Should I sell Ethereum?

Always do your own research before making a decision. If you want to earn on ETH price growth - make an analysis to understand when it's a better time to sell your ETH. If the analytical data shows that ETH has big growth potential in the distant future, then you can make a long-term investment in ETH and wait until it grows higher. However, if you expect the Ethereum price to decline, you can consider selling it for a more profitable price.

Where & when to sell ETH?

Where to sell ETH

Choose an exchange that offers features like the following:

  • Security (conducts mandatory verification, offers 2fa authorisation, hot and cold storage);
  • It's regulated (has registrations and licenses to conduct the business, its reviewed by regulatory bodies);
  • Has many payment options and trading assets (including crypto);
  • Reputable (it has positive reviews on the most popular online communities like Reddit, TrustPilot, etc).

When to sell ETH

Since the prices for cryptocurrencies are ever-fluctuating, predicting the right time to sell becomes extremely important. However, it should be up to you to decide because you are in charge of your own funds. To make the most profitable deals, you should choose the right selling time based on thorough research of the current market conditions.

How to sell Ethereum from the wallet on CEX.IO?

Once you create and verify your CEX.IO account, you can choose from the variety of options for selling crypto that we are offering. Those options are available both in the web version when you’re opening the Internet browser on your computer and in CEX.IO mobile app. Below you will find the possible variants of selling your ETH at our exchange.

Sell on Trade page

Place a market or limit order when you go to the Trade page. This is an option for those users who consider watching the current market prices and especially understand the difference between the Bid and Ask spread and how it affects their earnings. Our simple and intuitive interface allows watching all the current market orders that are being executed right now and the prices for the currencies. This allows you to make sure we’ve got enough liquidity on this particular pair to fill your order. However, if prices don’t look favorable to you, feel free to place a limit order and it will execute automatically once the market meets your price requirements.

Use Instant Sell on web

If you need hard cash right now, you can use the Instant Sell option to get the real-world money on your credit or debit card as soon as possible. Just open the CEX.IO website in the browser that you use and log into your account. Next, go to the Sell page and enter the amount of ETH that you would like to sell. Choose the output currency. The amount of the output currency will calculate automatically.

Sell instantly in mobile

You can also instantly sell Ethereum on the go by using this option in our mobile application. Withdraw fiat to your card in a matter of seconds. It’s worth noting that the current market prices for the buying and selling procedures refresh every few seconds so you can be sure that you sell ETH for the most honest and accurate market prices right now.

As you can see, it’s easy to sell ETH with CEX.IO. All you have to do is register your account, pass verification, and feel free to enjoy our numerous services crafted just for you.