BTG-BTC Exchange with Enduring History

Being on the trading market since 2013, CEX.IO has earned a reputation as a trustworthy partner for cryptocurrency trading. Since that time, we have won the recognition of over 2,000,000 customers from different corners of the world. Now, among many other opportunities offered to the users of CEX.IO, you can take advantage of the BTG to BTC exchange service. Since the launch of the company, it has gone through an impressive transformation from a cloud mining service to a platform offering advanced trading opportunities. We have enabled trading crypto against fiat, buying crypto in less than 3 minutes, and even paying for crypto directly with your card. On CEX.IO, we support both Visa and Mastercard, as we believe you should be able to choose which specific payment tool to use for your activities. At the same time, we are continually working on making cryptocurrencies simple and approachable. With 5 years of experience in the dynamic cryptocurrency sphere, we are determined to provide our customers with a high quality service, no matter whether the price of BTG in BTC is high or law. We know that cryptocurrencies are a relatively new sphere for many people, so we want to make your introduction to it rather easy.

Bitcoin Gold to BTC: Only Legal Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are widely known as a payment tool often used for illegal activities in the Darknet. Such concerns may discourage some individuals from getting into trading activities. However, with CEX.IO you can be 100% sure that all crypto on the platform is completely legal. No matter whether you would like to convert Bitcoin Gold to BTC or Bitcoin to BTG, all crypto that enters our exchange is thoroughly checked. We believe that security and compliance with regulations is the number one issue for the business to move forward. So we have developed a system of monitoring that helps us to proudly say that all BTG/BTC related activities on our exchange are exclusively legal. Our advanced security system allows us to identify suspicious transactions and individuals. With this, you can always be confident that the crypto you get is entirely legal and was obtained through legit channels only.

BTC to BTG Charts for Convenient Exchange Activities

CEX.IO cares not only for your security but also about your convenience and the simplicity of our service. On the trade page, you can always find easy-to-read charts. To exchange cryptocurrencies, and also to convert Bitcoin Gold to Bitcoin or BTC to BTG, charts will come in handy as a tool to time your actions appropriately. Charts will show you past price changes as well as help you get an idea about the market depth. Based on the knowledge you gain, making your decision will be more straightforward. The candlestick charts allow easy tracking of price increases and drops. Equipped with all this information, you will easily be able to define the time to purchase or sell for a profit.
Whether you want to convert BTC to BTG or make a trade with any other cryptocurrencies on the platform, CEX.IO provides you with a legit and straightforward solution. Try the exchange now for your best experience.