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Buy VeChain (VET) Instantly with a Credit or Debit Card

VeChain is a blockchain platform designed to streamline complex supply chains and enhance business collaboration through efficient and secure data transfers. It uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) with the aim of creating an efficient, transparent way for businesses to track and manage the movement of goods, data, and financial transactions.

Beyond its core focus on supply chains, the network fosters the development of decentralized applications (dApps) to expand its ecosystem further, opening avenues for innovative solutions in industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and logistics. 

VET acts as the primary currency within the VeChain ecosystem, where it plays a multifaceted role. These functions include facilitating transactions between participants, granting VET holders voting rights, and providing access to platform resources, such as smart contracts. In this guide, we explore how to obtain VET with a credit or debit card instantly. 

Where to buy VET?

Those looking for the right venue to buy cryptocurrency should be mindful of potential pitfalls, and mitigate risks by conducting thorough research. This process helps participants better understand their individual risk tolerance, and how to utilize secure platforms to execute transactions.

Eligible participants can obtain VET on CEX.IO through our cryptocurrency trading platform or via our crypto payment app

How to purchase VET with CEX.IO?

To access buying and trading functionality on CEX.IO, one must register and verify their account. This includes completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure by providing requested documents like proof of residence, and a government-issued ID.

Once verified, customers can access a range of services and features, including Instant Buy, allowing users to obtain VET promptly. 

Users can seamlessly locate Instant Buy service from the Products menu in the upper left to acquire VET in a few simple steps:

  • Select a payment currency – Choose a fiat currency you wish to use for purchasing VET. 
  • Choose cryptocurrency – From the dropdown menu, select VET as the preferable cryptocurrency, after which click Buy Crypto Instantly.  
  • Enter the amount – On the payment processing page, select the amount you wish to spend, or a particular amount of VET you want to receive. 
  • Select payment method – Users can deposit funds via external wallets, or link credit and debit cards, bank accounts, and alternative payment processors to complete crypto purchases. 
  • Insert details – Follow the page instructions and fill in the requested card details, then proceed to initiate the payment process. 
  • Complete transaction – The last step involves confirming the payment with your bank or card issuer via SMS or email code, depending on the provider. 

How to acquire VET with a credit or debit card?

Customers looking to buy VET with a credit or debit card can enjoy fast and secure payment processing in just a few clicks. Just select credit/debit cards from the available payment methods and fill in the following details: 

  • Card number
  • Label (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Expiration date
  • CVV

Note: After initiating the purchase, users may receive a confirmation message containing a one-time password (OTP). The transaction will be completed once the code is entered into the selected field.  

Alternative payment methods to purchase VET

While credit and debit cards offer a convenient purchasing experience, other methods might suit users’ preferences or needs. Here are some alternative ways to acquire VET:

Note: The availability of certain payment methods may vary between jurisdictions. 

Buy Vechain


How to buy VET in the U.S.?

Unfortunately, VET is not currently available for purchase by U.S.-based residents. Instead, customers residing in the U.S. can consider alternative coins. For example, eligible users can elect to buy Tether with a credit or debit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, across our product ecosystem.

What do I need to buy VET? 

To buy VET, users need to select a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that supports VET trading and register to obtain a crypto wallet, which can be used to buy, sell, trade, and store VET. 

Can I complete online purchases with VET?

Yes, enthusiasts can purchase items online using VET if the online store accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. For a more seamless experience, we recommend customers explore our crypto debit card, which allows users to spend their crypto holdings seamlessly online or in-store. 

How to track the price of VET?

Crypto enthusiasts can track the price of VET through our live crypto price charts, providing insight into 24-hour price movements and market cap data. Alternatively, customers can look for cryptocurrency tracking websites and dedicated mobile apps to stay informed about VET’s market performance.