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CEX.IO Card: Paying with crypto, simplified

With CEX.IO Card, spend your digital assets effortlessly via in-store and online purchases. Prepare for the CEX.IO Card launch by downloading our app.


What does the CEX.IO Card offer?

CEX.IO Card is a Mastercard debit card that serves as a bridge between your crypto portfolio and everyday transactions.


CEX.IO Card is accepted by 30M+ merchants in 150+ countries.


CEX.IO Card is widely accepted around the world, offering a universal payment solution wherever you go. Want to shop at the supermarket next door, or visit another country on a journey? Our card is the answer.

Instant transactions

Make purchases faster than you may say “cryptocurrency.”

Instant transactions

Forget about waiting. Enjoy lightning-fast payments with the CEX.IO Card. Make your transactions swift and simple.

Seamless access

Manage your card wherever you go with our CEX.IO App.

Seamless access

Whether you're on the move or at home, the CEX.IO App ensures that controlling and monitoring your card activities is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone.

Customized asset selection

Use fiat currency or any crypto in your CEX.IO Wallet for your spending needs.

Customized asset selection

Choose between 100+ crypto and major fiat currencies, and connect your portfolio to the CEX.IO Card. Link up to five assets at the same time, ordered in preferred payment priority.

Built-in ecosystem

Enrich your card experience with other services available within the CEX.IO ecosystem.

Built-in ecosystem

Go beyond simple transactions and explore the enhanced potential of your card by tapping into a diverse array of complementary CEX.IO ecosystem services. From savings accounts and crypto conversion, to trading and more.

Welcome to the second phase of the crypto revolution!

“It’s been very exciting to see crypto hit the global mainstream. It’s now more straightforward than ever to buy, sell, and trade crypto assets. I remember the days when buying crypto was very difficult, and I decided to change that by launching CEX.IO in 2013. As pioneers in the industry, we were one of the first exchanges to allow you to purchase crypto with your debit and/or credit card. Since then, we’ve launched a whole ecosystem of groundbreaking products, including our spot exchange, staking, savings products, and more.

As I thought about the next wave in the crypto revolution and how to continue innovating, finding a way for our community to instantly spend crypto on everyday purchases is what came to mind. I spoke to many of our existing users and they agreed this is absolutely necessary. My team and I got to work on the CEX.IO Card, which allows you to effortlessly spend and earn crypto. I really hope you love the product, and would love to hear your feedback after launch. In the meantime, please download the CEX.IO App to be among the first to take advantage of the CEX.IO Card. Onward and upwards…

Oleksandr Lutskevych
CEO and Founder of CEX.IO

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