How To Buy Kusama With Credit & Debit Card?

CEX.IO Exchange is a global crypto platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It’s a part of the CEX.IO ecosystem, a complex of crypto services and fintech products. Namely, you can practice crypto trading, trade crypto, stocks, and metals with leverage, participate in crypto staking, and more.

At the Exchange, you can easily buy Ethereum (ETH), Kusama (KSM), and more than 70 other virtual currencies by paying with your debit or credit card.

What is the Kusama (KSM) coin?

Kusama is also called the canary network of the Polkadot ecosystem. Kusama blockchain was designed to test the improvements and possible changes to Polkadot.

In contrast to Polkadot, Kusama has altered governance parameters that allow faster network upgrades. It has a seven-day election period and an eight-day implementation period following a vote. Kusama native tokens are KSM.

History of the KSM coin appearance

Kusama was created by the same company that built Polkadot. Dr. Gavin Wood, the former CEO of Ethereum, is one of its founders. A part of Kusama's funding comes from the Web3 Foundation, which supports research and development in the field of decentralized web software.

The Kusama platform is built with Substrate, an open-source blockchain building kit from Parity Technologies. Polkadot has almost the same codebase.

Parachains and Parathreads


In the Polkadot ecosystem (both Polkadot and Kusama Network), parachains correspond to individual layer-1 blockchains where transactions are spread out and validated in parallel.

Thanks to Polkadot's cross-chain interoperability, parachains can transfer any type of information or asset between each other. This allows to extend use cases and put in elaborating of new applications. Additionally, Parachains can connect to legacy networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum via cross-network bridges.


Parathreads represent parachains connected to Polkadot with a pay-as-you-go model instead of leasing parachain slots. This model is practically suitable for projects that do not require a permanent network connection. Parachains and parathread can change among themselves on Polkadot depending on their needs and available slots in the Relay Chain.

Guide: how to buy Kusama with a credit card

Here is a detailed instruction on how to buy KSM coin:

  • Click on the Buy/Sell in the upper left corner of the CEX.IO website. Here you can see the instant buy packs. We freeze the price of KSM for 120 seconds to allow you to buy it at the current price without slippages;
  • Then you can choose one of the Fill-or-Kill orders or enter your own amount;
  • Click the Buy button. You’ll see the receipt with a field where you can enter your card number;
  • Make sure everything is correct and click on Buy Now.

Soon you will see KSM coins at your CEX.IO account.

In the same way, you can buy Bitcoin instantly.

How to buy Kusama (KSM) for USD with a debit card?

If you want to buy KSM with a debit card, link it to your CEX.IO account. On the Buy/Sell page you can get KSM for dollars using either your card or available fund on the CEX.IO balance. So you can either use your card for instant purchase or make a USD deposit.

How to buy Kusama via the CEX.IO website

If you are wondering how to buy Kusama cryptocurrency from your computer or laptop, CEX.IO has numerous solutions for you. The platform offers an Instant buy service where you can buy KSM with your card, options for trading KSM with the market and limit orders, and more.

But first, you need to top up your account. You can do it not only with a card but also with a bank transfer or e-wallet.

Buy Kusama (KSM) via bank transfer

Here are the ways you can send funds from your bank account to CEX.IO:

  • SEPA (EUR only, available in European Union);
  • ACH (USD only, available in the USA);
  • Faster Payments (GBP only, available in the UK).

For more information about these options, visit our Limits and commissions page.

If you want to deposit or withdraw money by bank transfer, you must pass the Address Verification on CEX.IO. Submitting your proof of residence takes only a few minutes.

Buy Kusama (KSM) via e-wallet

Transferring money from your e-wallet account to your CEX.IO account is a question of a few clicks.

The following electronic wallets are supported by CEX.IO: Skrill, Epay, Advcash.

Let’s say you opt for the Skrill to make a deposit. Then in your Skrill wallet, you need to select the Skrill to Skrill option. You’ll need to provide the beneficiary name, email address, and your order number in the comment to the payment. This information you can get when you initiate the Skrill deposit on your CEX.IO account.

CEX.IO will credit your account the same day that you confirm the transfer.

How to buy Kusama (KSM) via CEX.IO app?

  • Instant buy

Go to the Buy/sell tab and opt for the Kusama (KSM) in the dropdown menu. Then choose one of the amount and price sets and pay with your card.

  • Exchange

Go to the Exchange tab. Choose the currency you want to convert to KSM and the amount of your available balance (25-100%). You can use either fiat or cryptocurrency.

  • Trade

Go to the Trade Pro tab, find Kusama (KSM) in the list of available currencies, and click on Go to trade. Place the market or limit order and proceed by clicking Buy. In the same way you can trade other crypto, for instance, BTC to USD pair.

CEX.IO app also gives you an opportunity to sell Bitcoin instantly and other digital assets anytime on the go.

Where to buy Kusama coin?

Kusama coin is available at some DeFi platforms and DEXes, where you can buy it for another crypto.

And if you’re looking for a simple way to buy Kusama (KSM), you can do it in a few clicks with fiat or crypto at CEX.IO. What’s more, you can use debit & credit cards or other payment methods familiar to you.

FAQ section: buying KSM on CEX.IO


How can I buy Kusama with a card?


You can do it via Instant buy or on the Trade page by placing a market or limit order. Note that if you’re going to trade KSM on the spot markets, top up your CEX.IO balance first.


How can I exchange Kusama for dollars?


You can trade in the KSM/USD market or convert from Kusama(KSM) to USD via CEX.IO mobile app.


Where can I monitor the current Kusama (KSM) exchange rate?


You can monitor the Kusama (KSM) and other crypto prices on the same page. There you can also compare the market capitalization of different assets, their daily price changes in percents, and more.