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Become a Bitcoin owner in a few minutes using your credit or debit card.

Store your funds securely in your CEX.IO account or send them to your external wallet.

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Become a Bitcoin owner in a few minutes using your credit or debit card.

Store your funds securely in your CEX.IO account or send them to your external wallet.

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How to buy Bitcoin with a debit card?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that appeared in the world, bringing the wind of changes and completely reframing our perception of money. Nowadays, not only significant investors and owners of big companies like Tesla could afford to buy digital assets. Cryptocurrency has invaded the world so fast that now it is accessible for every person. Thus, no one will be surprised to hear from friends that they own a few crypto assets or trade Bitcoin at a crypto exchange.

A lot of people learn some tactics and figure out various strategies in order to get profit on selling, buying, trading, or staking crypto. If you are willing to be a part of the community that possesses digital assets, CEX.IO is a perfect platform to begin. All the processes are easy to understand, and the interface is intuitive. So it won’t be a problem to learn all the features and functions quickly to find out, for example, how to sell Bitcoin, or how to buy Bitcoin with debit card in USA.

How to choose crypto currency exchange

Supposing you decided to get into the crypto world and want to learn how to buy bitcoin instantly. There are multiple methods to proceed with this, and some of them may seem too complicated. If you have never had cryptocurrency at all and want to own some, the first step that you need to do is to search for the best exchange. To do this, always mind some important characteristics it should dispose of:

  • Trustworthy. The exchange is reputable, and it’s reviewed and advised by many users on popular sites like Reddit;
  • Legal. The platform must have all necessary registrations and licenses confirmed;
  • Safe. It offers a high level of security, conducts KYC, and enables 2-factor authentication.

One of the platforms having all these features is CEX.IO.

How to register at CEX.IO to buy Bitcoin

In case you decided to buy Bitcoin and you are hesitating about which cryptocurrency exchange to choose, you can try to do it at CEX.IO. Even if you are far from being an expert in this field, with a user-friendly interface at CEX.IO, there is no need to worry because the platform offers the best way to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. You just need to follow few steps:

  • Register or log into your account if you already have one;
  • Pass the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure that allows protecting your account from scams;
  • Deposit fiats or cryptocurrency. At CEX.IO, you can buy Bitcoin for fiat money to sell it later. As well, it’s possible to exchange BTC to USD whenever you need it.

After everything is done, you can buy, sell, trade, or stake the digital assets.

Bitcoin Buying Options

As we mentioned above, there are many options for buying BTC. Choose the one catering to your needs and financial goals at the moment of purchase. CEX.IO offers the easiest way to buy digital assets:

  • Buy Bitcoin fast with a debit card;
  • Use the Exchange feature in the mobile app and choose any two currencies to convert, like BTC to GBP;
  • Place an order using the Trade option.

This may be the first time you are dealing with cryptocurrency, and you may have some worries about this. We want you to be sure that all the processes of buying any digital asset at CEX.IO are intuitive, the meaning of all buttons is comprehensible, and in case you have some difficulties with one of the steps, our customer support is always at your disposal. If you have any questions, visit our Help Centre or press the button with the notification icon in the right corner at the bottom of any page of the CEX.IO website to find the answers.

What is more, CEX.IO has not only a web browser version of the platform, but also a mobile application. You can download it in Google Play or App Store to feel free to buy, sell and trade crypto anywhere anytime. On the Trade tab in our app, you can find charts with current prices, as well as all crypto pairs you may want to buy.

As well, you can connect one CEX.IO profile to all devices you possess. Thus, you could buy, sell, stake, and trade cryptocurrency in the most comfortable for you conditions, convenient place, anytime!

How long does it take to purchase Bitcoin?

Our Instant Buy service allows you to buy Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other assets you want to anywhere anytime. You won’t feel any inconveniences, and be sure the transactions pass in a secure way.

With Instant Buy in the web version or mobile app CEX.IO, the procedure will take no longer than a few minutes!

Moreover, we have the Instant Sell option as well, available in our mobile application. Thus, you can sell any crypto in the same way and get fiats on your debit card instantly.

Is It Safe to Buy Bitcoins with a Debit Card?

We all strive for secure payments, and we always want to be sure that everything will be alright while making transactions. However, nowadays, there are a lot of cases of hacker attacks and scams during which the important personal data of the client can be stolen.

To be sure that your transaction will pass without any issue, opt for cryptocurrency exchange with a high level of security.

CEX.IO represents all the qualities proving that it’s a regulated platform with a PCI DSS certificate allowing you to protect your sensitive credit or debit card data from frauds and scams

What are the fees?

Many people search for the cheapest way to buy crypto, but is it possible?

Each financial transaction charges fees. The purchase of BTC or other crypto assets is not an exception. Have a closer look at our commission on the Limits & Commissions page.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges can have hidden commissions for transferring fiat to crypto and vice versa. You can get to know about all the fees if you read the Terms and Conditions on the official page of the exchange you choose.

If you have some digital assets (BTC, ETH, etc.), it’s a good idea to exchange them for another cryptocurrency that you need right now. In case you already have a wallet at CEX.IO, use the Instant Buy service. This way, you can not only save your time but also escape the price fluctuations as we hold it for two minutes while you request a purchase. However, the service charge in the Instant buy is 7% while trading fees are no more than 0.2%. Notably, you can get benefits when you sell for a higher price and buy for a lower price.

Buy Bitcoin with Mastercard, Visa card, prepaid cards

For those who buy crypto for the first time, the info concerning which card provider is better to choose to pay with may appear not obvious at all.

If you decided to use your debit card for buying BTC, you could choose any payment provider that caters the best to your needs. There are clients who prefer using Visa, while others used to make operations with Mastercard.

We have elaborated our Card Verification Guide and Payment Cards Guide. Here you can find some useful tips on which card to use for payments with CEX.IO.

Be attentive with transaction fees the bank that issued your card may take.

Is it possible to buy BTC with prepaid cards?

Many world-famous card providers offer prepaid cards. Namely, among them, we can recall Visa, American express, Payoneer, Mastercard, PayPal, etc. Prepaid cards are comfy if you need to proceed with some transactions right now. This type of card doesn’t demand from you the creation of an underlying bank account.

However, prepaid cards have some drawbacks. Generally, they don’t accept money from external sources. So if you buy BTC with a prepaid card, mind that it will be difficult to proceed with the withdrawal of the funds from your balance.

Other ways to buy crypto at CEX.IO

Using a debit card or credit card is not the only way you can buy cryptocurrency. In case you want to buy some digital assets, you can do it via bank transfer.

As well, it may appear a good idea to buy crypto for another digital asset. For example, if you dispose of some amount of Bitcoin, you can buy Ethereum, Ripple, USDT, or any other digital asset available at the cryptocurrency exchange that you use.

Likewise, you can try trading with crypto pairs in order to get some profit. CEX.IO also offers instruments for technical analysis to ensure that you get the best trading experience.

Step-by-step guide to buy BTC with debit card

You may have thought on the subject of buying some crypto assets, and now you have decided to buy Bitcoin at CEX.IO. To proceed with this, all you need to have is an account and a debit card. If you have one, read our guide to discover the steps which you need to do next.

Register at CEX.IO

If you are new to the platform, you need to create your account at CEX.IO. Skip this step if you already have one.

The registration process is simple and quick:

1. Register your account by providing your e-mail address, country, name and surname, as well as the date of birth;

2. Go through the verification process;

3. Link your debit card to your account, typing its number and expiration date.

After passing the verification procedure, you can go to the most important step - buying assets. At CEX.IO, we offer you the easiest way to buy Bitcoin.

Sell Bitcoin with Instant Sell

Now let’s have a closer look at the unique Instant Sell feature in CEX.IO mobile app, which gives you the possibility to get cryptocurrency with your debit card asap.

Have a look at the 4 Instant Sell options. These are the boxes with price and amount, so-called Fill-or-Kill (FOK) orders. FOK orders were implemented for you as the fastest way to buy BTC.

How do the Fill-or-Kill (FOK) orders work?

At the top of the three first orders, you can see the amount of money (fiats) for which you can sell assets that you need. As for the fourth, you may decide which amount of your assets you are ready to sell to get fiats. Above them, you may choose the crypto you want to sell (BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, etc.) and the fiat currency you would like to get: USD, EUR, GBP. The amount of fiats you can get freezes — you can see the countdown in the bottom — in order to allow you to sell crypto asap for the current market price and to make sure you get the desired proceeds.

Buy crypto with Instant Buy

Likewise, proceeds buying process.

Let’s suppose you want to buy Ethereum with debit card for USD. What should you do?

1. You need to choose to “Buy” ETH and “With” USD;

2. Then you’ll see the $200, $500, $1000 at the top of each order. If these are the amounts you were eager to spend, opt for one of them. Otherwise, input your amount into the 4th order to see how much ETH you will get. For example, you choose $500, which appears to be the most popular one;

3. Press the “Buy” button;

4. If you are already logged in, just sign in to your account by typing your e-mail and password. Provide info about your card. You are allowed to use any Visa or MasterCard issued in any currency. (If you haven’t added your paying card before, insert your debit card number and expiry date and wait until this payment method is confirmed.);

5. Tick that you have read Terms of Use to proceed;

6. Confirm the transaction.

That’s it! Now, if the current market conditions can execute your order on terms you agreed on or even on more favourable, the order will be filled. However, in case of a sudden spike in the exchange rate — preventing the execution of the order on the agreed conditions — you will get a notification that your order was submitted.

As soon as the circle line becomes blue, the price switches according to the market shifts.

In the same fashion, you can use Instant Sell with other fiats and cryptocurrencies.