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In this article we’ll discover how Reserve Rights (RSR) works within the broader crypto ecosystem, what benefits may arise from holding RSR, and learn how RSR price charts can reveal potential opportunities.

What is Reserve Rights (RSR)?

On October 10, 2022 in Bogotá, Colombia, the Reserve Protocol launched on the Ethereum mainnet with the aim of curbing fiat currency inflation. According to a video featured under “The story of Reserve,” Nevin Freeman, one of the co-founders of Reserve, addresses the centuries-old problem of inflation through the lens of controversial economist, Milton Friedman. Noted for his staunch monetary policy, Friedman’s economic outlook conflated financial freedom with personal or political agency. However, it’s worth noting that the implementation of these ideas often benefited large corporations at the expense of civil liberties. For more information, consider researching the experience of people living under Pinochet’s rule in Chile, and that of Iraqis following the U.S.-led invasion under George W. Bush.

Reserve side-steps these elements of Friedman’s legacy to focus on the close correlation the economist highlighted while championing unfettered capitalism on his lecture circuit during the Cold War. The real problem, according to Friedman, and by extension, Reserve, is not the unchecked power of multinational corporations, or the governments that act on their behalf. It's inflation. Moreover, regular folks don’t have the same access to elite financial instruments to circumvent devaluing state currencies.

Here’s where Reserve comes into the picture. Rather than relegating the hoi polloi to transacting and banking with fiat currency that’s steadily losing value, participants can elect to create their own asset backed stablecoins via Reserve on the Ethereum network. Like the variety of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other real-world assets (RWAs) that comprise funds curated for wealthy investors, Reserve users can bucket diverse sets of tokenized assets to mint RTokens. These newly created RTokens may then be exchanged and redeemed at any time for a corresponding portion of the underlying backed assets. 

Who are the Founders of RSR?

Reserve was founded by Nevin Freeman and Matt Elder in 2017, who combined their joint experience in related tech fields to build and launch the Reserve Protocol. With backgrounds in venture capital, startup culture, and legacy environments such as Google, Quiet, and IBM, the pair struck out to apply that knowledge to the unformed corners of the Ethereum ecosystem.

How does RSR Work?

As outlined briefly above, Reserve allows participants to pool a group of tokenized assets, and mint a new collateralized stablecoin, or RToken, based on those initial assets. Like many projects that emerge in the crypto ecosystem, Reserve is a work-in-progress by its own admission. To again reference “The story of Reserve” video, co-founder Freeman paints a picture of a future where all RWAs have a tokenized analog on the blockchain. This will allow regular, non-wealthy participants to mint their own stablecoins based on the value of underlying assets. Despite these underlying assets having their own value tied to the U.S. dollar, the prevailing global fiat currency, RTokens somehow manage to avoid the same effects of inflation. It’s worth noting that so far, actual retail usage of Reserve has been highly localized in response to macroeconomic effects downstream of geopolitical realities.

RSR is the native currency derived from RTokens (bundles of tokenized assets), and issued as staking rewards along with serving governance purposes within the Reserve Protocol. Holders of RSR can have a vote in the makeup of corresponding RToken asset bundles, as well as offering input on operational or future development matters. It’s worth noting that Reserve representatives are careful to highlight the user-led structure as a key selling point to the network’s long term utility. However, much like Friedman’s desire to imagine the economy as being devoid of human influence, Freeman asserts a similar objectivity when confronted with Reserve's own role in market-making. While there’s no shortage of aspirational companies putting down roots in the crypto ecosystem, few feature ideology so prominently in their desire to shape the world.

What’s the RSR Price History?

After launching in 2020, RSR experienced a price run typical of projects that emerged at that time. Promptly hitting its all-time low of $.0012, or just over one tenth of a penny, on March 16, 2020, RSR’s eventual climb was similarly anticlimactic. Reaching its all-time high on April 16, 2021 of $.11, RSR has since returned to a near all-time low after a few fits and starts. Understanding the RSR historical price can help better contextualize how this asset could potentially enhance, or hinder, your crypto journey.

What’s the current RSR Price Index?

At the time of this writing, RSR is trading at $.0027 after starting the year at $.004. While much remains to be seen with the adoption of crypto, and by extension the expansion of tokenized assets, if the current price trend is any indication, the project appears to be in a holding pattern. If the Reserve Rights price over time continues its crab-like movement, enthusiasts could extrapolate both good and bad signs from the relative stability.

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Where to buy Reserve Rights (RSR)?

Due to the dogged perseverance of the crypto industry, exploring the digital economy through emerging investment opportunities has never been more accessible to retail participants. But choosing the right on-ramp to the crypto ecosystem is necessary to finding success along the way. This means avoiding websites and apps that feature prominent typos, or products with clunky interfaces, or an uncomfortable user experience. Rather, by taking the time to explore all available offerings, and dissect participant reviews, tapping into the current crypto hivemind becomes a much more attainable goal. Choosing a trusted crypto guide, one that works with regulators, and maintains proper licenses and certifications in all operating jurisdictions, can help avoid potential pitfalls down the road.

Since 2013, CEX.IO has served as a tenured leader within the crypto space, and helped set the bar for what constitutes a successful exchange. In addition to empowering over six million global users to buy and sell cryptocurrency, CEX.IO allows users to customize their experience through a suite of award-winning solutions. With products and services geared toward users at every stage of their crypto journey, CEX.IO integrates with live crypto prices, and real-time charting for price analysis. While we dissuade participants from seeking Reserve Rights price predictions, establishing calculated, researched positions through careful study can, at times, yield positive results. Aside from RSR, eligible CEX.IO users can access convenient pathways to buy kavabuy binance coinbuy ethereum, and even convert BTC to USD. However, please note that access to products and services are limited on a regional basis, and are subject to local regulations in your area. For more information, please consult our Terms of Use.

How to buy Reserve Rights (RSR)?

To purchase RSR using CEX.IO, create an account and verify your identity, then pick the product that accommodates your risk appetite. It’s always imperative to conduct a personal, clear-eyed assessment of one’s financial position before placing any sum on the line. If the decision still feels correct, proceed to Instant Buy, or consult the RSR coin price index before initiating an order.

As one of the longest running crypto exchanges in the industry, CEX.IO has built a reputation for expanding access to new and emerging technologies. For instance, in 2014, CEX.IO became the first company to enable participants to buy bitcoin with a credit or debit card. This was the accumulation of hard work and collaboration between company leaders, government officials, and legacy partners to establish novel payment rails for the growing sector. Ever since, CEX.IO has continued to expand its ecosystem of trusted on- and -off ramps to the digital asset economy. By creating an account and getting verified, users in eligible regions can buy polkadot, or buy tether to later buy dogecoin, or to pursue any number of additional pathways. 

Through a web browser or the CEX.IO App, participants can also choose from a variety of payment methods to best suit their unique needs. From the ability to buy bitcoin with Apple Pay, or for the U.S.-based users who can buy bitcoin with PayPal, there’s always new avenues in the pipeline to expand the CEX.IO experience. 


Is Reserve Rights (RSR) available on CEX.IO?

In addition to providing access to over 300+ crypto markets, verified CEX.IO users in eligible regions may purchase RSR through a variety of means. Spot Trading, serves as a one-stop-shop for crypto trading, price analysis, and portfolio management. For users seeking a more casual approach, Instant Buy can be a quick, low-stress pathway to enter the crypto market in a few taps or clicks. Just link a preferred payment method to your CEX.IO account, select the amount of crypto you wish to purchase, carefully enter the necessary details, and confirm the transaction. To determine whether a product or listing is available in your jurisdiction, please refer to our Terms of Use.

What should I know before buying Reserve Rights (RSR)?

While the long tail of Reserve Protocol’s development requires a series of macro-level changes to transpire before it can be fully realized, project leaders believe they are taking crucial steps to lay a future foundation. Before buying into a project like RSR, it’s important to question whether you believe in the company’s vision, and alternatively, whether the goal they’re setting out to achieve is even attainable. Therefore, it’s important to always perform a modicum of due diligence, and dig into project white papers before putting your funds or information on the line.

What payment methods are available on CEX.IO?

As a proven pioneer in the crypto payments space, CEX.IO continues to offer a full range of partnerships and integrations to aid users along their digital asset journey. From enabling users to fund their accounts via a bank account, credit or debit card, e-wallet, wire transfer, or open banking solution, to making sure those methods remain available platform-wide. While services can vary from region to region, CEX.IO remains committed to accommodating evolving user expectations, and responding to emerging trends. For timely updates on ecosystem developments and new product launches, follow CEX.IO’s official social media channels, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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