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The graph you can see on this page illustrates the pricing of the CRO coin, a cryptocurrency developed by the Cronos platform. Cronos ecosystem was founded with the goal of giving everyone access to cryptocurrencies and accelerating the global adoption of crypto. The creators had in mind a platform that would serve the decentralized needs of traders, investors, customers, and businesses to achieve this goal.

Cronos (CRO) Price Chart

Candlestick charts enable traders to keep track of the value of their current holdings as well as the past and future price trends. 

The first thing to comprehend before making a price analysis is that the relationship between prices and time affects pricing. 

The x-axis (left to right) of a price chart is used to read the time component. If the period is set to daily, each candle represents one day's worth of price fluctuation and shows the price change over the previous 24 hours.

The instrument's price is displayed on the vertical axis. The height of a candle or bar represents the price of the market at that moment. A candle or bar towards the bottom of the chart, on the other hand, denotes a price that is quite low. Each candlestick consists of four main elements:

Open price: The cost at the beginning of the time period. In a bar chart, the open price is shown as a horizontal line to the left. 

High price: The highest price placed in the trade order within the time frame given.

Low price: The lowest price placed in the trade during the designated time frame.

Close price: The price of the last completed trade order for the given time period. 

What is a Cronos coin (CRO)?

CRO is the native cryptocurrency (officially referred to as a crypto token) of the Cronos ecosystem. The primary purpose of the token is to enable you to pay for real-world items with crypto by changing your cryptocurrency into fiat currency (such as pounds sterling and U.S. dollars) in real-time.

Additionally, Cronos collaborates with organizations to ensure that as many locations as possible accept the payments. Most notably Visa. Initially, it was constructed on Ethereum's blockchain and was known as MCO, whereas Cronos or Crypto.com was known as Monaco. However, they rebranded and renamed the token to what it is known as today: CRO.

The history of CRO

The CRO coin, which was formerly known as the MCO and was initially developed as an ERC-20 token, underwent a rebranding in 2018 to reflect the name change of Monaco to Crypto.com. Since March 2021, it has served as the native coin of the independently functioning Crypto.org Chain. Another rebranding of the token occurred in February 2022, when it was given its current name, Cronos. This was done to reflect the transition of CRO to the native token of the expanding Cronos ecosystem, which consists of Web3, NFT, and metaverse solutions that are being built on top of this blockchain.

Who are the founders of Crypto.com coin?

The company Crypto.com introduced Cronos as part of its mission to "place cryptocurrencies in every wallet." As "Monaco Technologies GmbH," Crypto.com was established in June 2016 by Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Or, and Bobby Bao.

Prior to founding Crypto.com, Kris Marszalek, a graduate of the Polish Adam Mickiewicz University, founded and oversaw three businesses: the e-commerce company BEECRAZY, the location-based service mobile app, platform YIYI, and the consumer electronics design and manufacturing company Starline Polska.

Rafael Melo obtained his engineering bachelor's degree at PUC-Rio. Melo has worked with significant Asian businesses throughout the course of his more than 15-year career in finance. He also assisted in securing over 50 million AUD in investment for the Ensogo social commerce platform.

Over nine years of full-stack engineering experience have been accumulated by software developer Gary Or. He co-founded the mobile app development company Foris before working as a platform architect at Ensogo and co-founding Cronos. He earned a bachelor's degree in engineering and computer science from the University of Hong Kong.

Bobby Bao worked in the M&A division of the China Renaissance investment bank before contributing to the creation of Cronos. Bao has completed education at the College of William & Mary, the NYU Stern School of Business, and the University of Melbourne.

How does Cronos coin work?

The Cosmos ecosystem, which uses a proof of stake consensus protocol, runs the Cronos blockchain. The token standard on Cronos is CRC-20.

Additionally, Cronos is the first blockchain network compatible with Ethereum built on Cosmos SDK technology. With the help of the Crypto.org Chain and other Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)-enabled chains (e.g., Cosmos Hub), it is interoperable and bridgeable thanks to its IBC protocol. Cronos was developed to connect the EVM ecosystem to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Originally Monaco rebranded itself into Crypto.com in 2018. It is a comprehensive financial platform that provides non-fungible tokens, decentralized finance solutions, and cryptocurrency trading services through an exchange and an app. The company uses its own cryptocurrency, called CRO, to fuel its apps on the blockchain.

In an effort to accelerate the global shift to cryptocurrencies, Cronos was founded with the goal of giving everyone access to cryptocurrencies. The creators had in mind a platform that would serve the decentralized needs of traders, investors, customers, and enterprises in order to achieve this. Instead of building a fork of an existing blockchain, they felt that a platform that provided these services would be better suited for its own blockchain.

The blockchain used by Cronos and the Crypto.org Chain employs a proof of stake consensus algorithm called Tendermint. Five billion CROs were initially allocated for reward distribution, and new blocks are created about every five seconds.

Current Cronos (CRO) price index

Visit the CEX.IO Prices page to monitor the current cryptocurrency price of Cronos, as well as other cryptos. Real-time adjustments are made to reflect the current value of the coin in USD as well as its 24-hour changes. In 2022, the CRO’s position on CoinMarketCap was #23, and the total market capitalization of the live market was over 2 billion USD. There were a total of 25 billion CRO coins available for circulation, with a maximum supply of 30,263,013,692 CRO coins.

You may check some Cronos coin price analyses based on the price charts study by experts in the field. However, forecasting websites occasionally make incorrect forecasts. As a result, you must do your own research before purchasing or selling anything.

Buy Cronos

How to buy Cronos coin — step-by-step tutorial

If you’re new to the world of crypto, figuring out how to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cronos, and other cryptocurrencies can be confusing at first. Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to learn the ropes. If you follow these simple instructions, you can start trading crypto.

First of all, to buy cryptocurrency, you need to pick a broker or a crypto exchange. Both allow you to purchase cryptocurrency, but there are some key differences between them. 

Most traders prefer crypto exchanges as the most convenient place to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. Fro your smooth start with crypto, You need an exchange that is safe, regulated, licensed, supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. An additional benefit can be a chance to earn cryptocurrency. For example, the CEX.IO crypto exchange is trustworthy and has all of these advantages for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

How to buy crypto on CEX.IO

First, you need to open an account and verify your identity. You'll need a strong password and a functional email address. Then, make sure you have a valid ID and proof of residence on hand because they are required for transactions. CEX.IO works in accordance with global and local crypto regulations, most of which require thorough customer verification to ensure the transaction's security. 

When you’re verified, you can start buying crypto:

  1. Open the Instant Buy page;
  2. Select CRO from the list of assets;
  3. Put in the amount you want to buy;
  4. Choose the payment method and confirm the purchase.

That's it, you've successfully bought CRO.

How to find the best place for buying Cronos coin

CRO can be bought in several ways. You might use a bitcoin ATM supporting this crypto or a crypto exchange platform. At CEX.IO you may buy BTC with a credit card, as well as other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, our crypto platform offers a variety of payment options, including bank transfers and digital wallets.

Also, CEX.IO lets you buy BNB coinbuy Dogecoin instantly, convert BTC to USD, and sell Bitcoin.

CRO price history and quantity

The maximum possible quantity of CRO coins is 100 billion in total. The following is the methodology that the company used to distribute the tokens:

  • Incentives for secondary distribution and launch: 30 percent;
  • Long-term network incentives: 20 percent;
  • Capital reserve: 20 percent;
  • Ecosystem grants: 20 percent;
  • Community development: 10 percent.

To guarantee that the Cronos project would be successful in the long run, its founders made the decision to lock away 60% of the total number of CRO coins.

The price of CRO reached an all-time high of $0.97 in November 2021, however, it has since decreased over the course of the ensuing months. Late in January 2022, the price of CRO hit a low of $0.34 before swiftly recovering to reach $0.51, after which it traded in a range from $0.35 to $0.50. Of course, you need to do a detailed research first to learn how to buy crypto for the most suitable price for you.


How to check the current value of 1 CRO coin?

Probably the most convenient way to check the current value of 1 CRO coin is to use the CEX.IO price calculator. It shows the most relevant information about the values of all available assets. You just need to choose the crypto and enter the number of coins you wish to buy. The calculator will show how much USD you need to spend according to the current exchange rate on CEX.IO. 

Can I buy CRO using a bank transfer?

To take advantage of the wire transfers, you need to complete the Address verification first. Even for small sums, bank transfers make quick and practical deposits to CEX.IO.

To transfer money from your bank account, choose one of the following methods:

  • Transfer internationally, or
  • Transfer domestically.

Then, follow this guide to proceed. After transferring money to your CEX.IO account, you can easily buy CRO with the available balance.

 How to sell CRO for fiat funds?

It is very easy to sell CRO for fiat funds. All you need to do is go to CEX.IO Wallet and click the option "Sell" next to the coin of your choice. After that, you need to choose the exchangeable currency and convert your CRO to fiat currency.

Does CEX.IO offer affiliate rewards?

CEX.IO has an Affiliate Program rewarding customers for bringing new users to the platform. You may earn potential rewards through the CEX.IO crypto referral program, while the people you refer complete tradings on the exchange. We don't place any restrictions on how long it takes you to earn rewards or how many clients you can attract. 

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