How To Buy Bitcoin (BTC) With SEPA Bank Transfer?

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a system for cross-border EUR payments within the Eurozone. The network provides a reliable framework for quick and cheap funds transferring. To be able to provide SEPA wire transfers, a company should follow strict regulations and meet the highest security standards.

At CEX.IO you can deposit and withdraw EUR using the SEPA bank transfer as well as buy crypto with SEPA payments. All you need to start is to open an account and get verified.

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with SEPA bank transfer at ease?

Once you register on the CEX.IO crypto exchange, you can explore the platform possibilities and instruments. In order to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies, you need to pass the account verification. Due to the strict KYC requirements of our payment providers, we need to verify the identity and place of residence of every CEX.IO customer.

Now, let’s find out how to deposit EUR to your balance with SEPA and start buying crypto.

Step 1: Funding your balance with SEPA

SEPA is a domestic wire transfer option, meaning it works in a limited list of countries. You can transfer funds in EUR only. If you want to send USD or GBP, the bank will charge additional fees for currency exchange, because they will convert your funds in euros anyway.

How to make a SEPA deposit?

  • Go to the Deposit page;

  • Choose EUR and enter the amount;
  • Select domestic bank transfer (SEPA);
  • Opt for your country and click Proceed.

You’ll see the necessary payment details for the SEPA transfer. After you withdraw funds from your bank account to these requisites, funds will appear on your CEX.IO account within a business day. Then, you can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto with your EUR balance.

Step 2: Buy crypto instantly

There are multiple ways on how you can buy crypto for EUR on CEX.IO and the Instant buy service is the quickest and most convenient one.

Newcomers appreciate the simplicity and intuitive navigation of the Buy/Sell page. And those who have been already around crypto enjoying the protection of price slippage. When you buy Bitcoin (BTC) and any other crypto via the Instant buy, we freeze the price for 120 seconds. As a result, you get the precise amount of crypto you’ve ordered.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you open the Instant buy page, you can see a 120-second countdown. Once the time is over, the price will be changed according to the market rate;
  • To buy crypto, you need to choose the digital asset (it’s BTC by default) and fiat currency to pay with. For instance, you can choose to buy Ripple (XRP);

  • Then, select one of the packs or enter your amount and click the Buy button to proceed;
  • You’ll see the receipt of your purchase with all the payment details. In the upper part, you can see a little blue circle — it also calculates the 120 seconds while the price of a purchase is frozen. Once the time is out, the value of your buying will be recalculated. Also, on this page, you can still change the amount of crypto you want to buy;
  • Finally, choose your balance as a payment method and confirm by clicking Buy now.

You’ll get BTC immediately credited to your account.

In the same way, you can buy cryptocurrency with a credit & debit card instantly. For this, click Add Card when choosing a payment method.

HODL or trade: what to do with Bitcoins you’ve bought?

Crypto owners can grow their capital in different ways. Traders try to speculate on the cryptocurrency prices and sell assets for the higher price than they bought. But this requires your full attention on the market moves and trends. So many investors prefer to hodl crypto for better times when the price changes significantly.

At CEX.IO you can try both methods and get the most out of the opportunities the digital economy offers today.

Trading Bitcoin with market and limit orders

The crypto market is highly volatile, price can spike or drop at any minute. That’s why before you start trading cryptocurrencies, it’s important to get familiar with fundamental and technical analysis. This will help you to spot the good time for buying and selling crypto and make a profit.

At CEX.IO you can trade over 200 different crypto markets, including the most popular, like BTC to USD, BTC to EUR, ETH to EUR, emerging DeFi pairs, stablecoins, and more.

Make your crypto holdings work for you

If you prefer the HODL strategy and are not going to sell Bitcoin in a few days after the purchase, then you’ll like our Savings product. It allows you to earn annual yield by simply keeping your crypto on the CEX.IO balance. You can use the funds from your savings account anytime you need them.

Buying crypto with bank transfer: FAQ


What bank transfer options can I use for deposits?


CEX.IO supports numerous payment options, including the next wire transfer methods:

  • SWIFT, for international transfers in USD, EUR, GBP;
  • SEPA, for internal payments in EUR within selected European countries;
  • ACH, for local USD transfers in the USA;
  • Faster payments, for GBP transactions in the UK.

Can I buy Bitcoin (BTC) online from other users with SEPA bank transfers?


If you’re looking for a direct connection with someone who can sell you BTC, then you need a P2P platform. There you can search among crypto sellers who accept SEPA transfers.

But if you prefer simple and secure crypto trading, then we welcome you to the CEX.IO exchange. We serve over 4 million users worldwide and our order books are always full of records. Trading on the high-liquid platform you can be sure of quick and proper execution of your trade orders. You can buy Bitcoin with SEPA, your Visa or MC card, and numerous other payment options.


Can I withdraw funds from CEX.IO to my bank account?


Almost all the wire transfer options supported on CEX.IO works well for both deposits and withdrawals. You can find the details, your account deposit and withdrawals limits, as well as the transaction fees on the Limits and Commissions page.