How to Buy Bitcoin in Person?

CEX.IO is a global crypto platform that you can access from any corner of the world. It offers many services like spot and margin trading, crypto-backed loans, instant crypto purchases, earning services like Staking and Savings, etc. The platform also has a handy mobile application with all the platform functionality inside and some exclusive features allowing to sell Bitcoin instantly, and exchange crypto and fiat currencies in a few clicks.

How to buy Bitcoin locally?

If you want to buy Bitcoin locally, you can do that via the crypto ATM in your city or at a crypto platform available in your country, like the CEX.IO exchange.

How to buy Bitcoin via ATM?

Crypto ATMs mostly allow you to buy Bitcoins with cash. Some of them also accept payment cards. ATM fees range from 5-10%, but this is what people are willing to pay when buying Bitcoins privately. Many ATMs do not require verification. You just need to write the number of your e-wallet, type the amount of BTC you want to purchase, put cash in the ATM, and wait until it appears on your balance.

Buying crypto in person: P2P platforms

Exchanges where people can buy/sell without third parties and which are maintained exclusively by the software are called peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges. Actually, peer-to-peer exchanges offer you buying Bitcoins in person, because participants are able to make trades directly against each other without using intermediaries.

P2P exchanges are private and resistant to transaction censorship — at least when they are properly implemented. However, they have such disadvantages as long trade time and low liquidity because of the small audience compared to more popular centralized exchanges.

How to buy Bitcoin in person at CEX.IO?

At CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange you can buy Bitcoin via Instant buy service, or with spot trading instruments. What’s more, you can use the handy mobile application.

When you decide to buy or trade crypto, take a look at the Order book under the chart of the chosen pair on a Trade page . It consists of clients’ buy and sell orders in a certain market and shows the number of pending limit orders. Thus you buy other users' Bitcoins, not platforms’.

How to place trade orders to buy BTC?

If you want to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies via the Trade page, you need to place an order. Choose a pair matching fiat currency you’ve deposited beforehand. Let’s say you have USD on balance and want to buy Bitcoin. Then, choose a BTC to USD pair. Next, opt for the order type.

  • Market order allows you to buy crypto for the current market price, and it will be accomplished immediately after you place it. So if you want to purchase crypto at the current rate, select the Market tab and enter the amount of fiat currency you want to spend. Press Buy now, and you will get BTC and pay with USD;
  • Limit order allows you to buy crypto for the price you wish. Such orders are filled as soon as the price achieves a specified level or better. If it’s something you were looking for, open the Limit tab and enter the amount you want your order to be filled. Click Place order and wait until the price reaches the specified level. After this, you will get crypto on your balance.

To make the informed decisions, follow the crypto prices and study the performance of various assets on a single page. Additionally, you can set up the price notifications in the CEX.IO mobile app.

Where can I buy Bitcoins (BTC) in person in the USA and how?

It’s also possible to buy BTC in person when you’re in the USA. In this country, the platform operating with cryptocurrencies or providing financial services should have a special license. So when choosing the place to buy Bitcoin, the first thing you need to do is to pay attention to the certificates. For example, you can opt for the CEX.IO platform, which has registration with FinCEN and 31 Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs). To get started, create an account and link your Visa or MC card. Finally, you can buy Bitcoin with a debit card at CEX.IO.

Buy BTC instantly at CEX.IO

At CEX.IO, you can buy Bitcoin with debit and credit card instantly. The process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Open the Buy/Sell page and opt for the currency you want to buy Bitcoin for. Choose the amount you need and press Buy. You will see the details of the transaction. If everything is correct, choose the card you would like to pay with and agree with the Terms of Use. Finally, press Buy now, and BTC will be on your account.

CEX.IO services FAQ


Can I participate in crypto staking with CEX.IO?


To start staking, simply buy staking crypto on CEX.IO or deposit it into your account. Rewards will be automatically applied depending on the amount of your staking holdings and the time they remain on your account. You do not need to do anything else.


What staking token offers the highest annual yield?


As of the time of writing, the rewards for staking ZIL are high compared to other crypto platforms offering similar services - 16%. Other platforms offer a 14,2% maximum.

In addition to crypto staking, you can buy Ziquilla (ZIL) and transfer them to a flexible savings account.


Can I trade on margin at CEX.IO?


Yes, you can trade on margin on CEX.IO Broker . It’s an easy-to-use platform with multiple analysis tools for trading crypto and traditional currencies, stocks, metals with up to x100 leverage.

You can use one of the multiple order types - Market, Limit, Stop, and One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO).

It is worth mentioning that on CEX.IO Broker, you can practice cross margin and isolated margin trading. Only a few crypto platforms have similar functionality.

The first one allows you to use the profit and balance of one position to meet margin requirements for other positions within a single account. Isolated margin is applied to separate accounts and helps differentiate financial results.