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Uh-oh, it seems like this asset took a little vacation from our platform.

But don’t you worry, we’ve got a bunch of other cryptocurrencies just waiting to shine. Check ’em out below.

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WABI Price Chart Powered By CEX.IO

Tael network attracted the attention of the CEX.IO team as a project with an innovative sight on consumer safeguard. So back in 2020, we added WABI to our exchange platform to promote its wider adoption. Together, we gave millions of users fluent access to the products and services of the WABI network.

This crypto is currently not available in our ecosystem, but you can easily follow the WABI price in real time, buy and sell this token on other platforms. Meanwhile, CEX.IO provides you with a wide range of opportunities to interact with 100+ other digital assets.

About WABI token and the Tael network

WABI was created by the Chinese corporation Taeltech. They created a comprehensive database of consumer products with crypto and blockchain technologies. In particular, WABI works hard to resolve the worldwide problem of counterfeit products.

Every user of the WABI network can participate in proving the product's authenticity. Commodities registered in the WABI network have a special barcode or tag. People can collect data about the product reliability and status by scanning this code. The information includes the safety report of ingredients, nutritional value, background storage, customers’ reviews, and so on.

Current WABI price index

If you’re interested in crypto trading or just want to enrich your crypto portfolio, you can easily buy and trade 100+ different cryptos on the CEX.IO crypto trading platform

We made the interface of the CEX.IO treating terminal intuitively navigated so even newcomers can perform the proper price analysis. First, you need to choose the currency pair. Currently, CEX.IO Spot Trading supports trading over 400 currency combinations. You can easily look for the necessary market via the searching box. Click on the pair and you’ll see a graphical representation of the selected coin historical price in relation to the selected currency. 

But first, let’s get familiar with WABI market price charts. Understanding the general price trends will help you to make informed trading decisions.

How to get crypto on CEX.IO

There are three ways on how you can become an owner of crypto token on CEX.IO:

  • Buy it instantly;
  • Trade it via the market/limit orders;
  • Exchange any currency you have on the CEX.IO account for any other.

To be able to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies you should fund your CEX.IO account in advance by making a deposit. More convenient and fast option is purchasing crypto via our Instant buy service. 

Instant Buy service

CEX.IO newcomers and experienced users appreciate the Buy/Sell option for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. There are ready-to-buy packs you can choose from and two ways for how you can pay: directly with your card or Google Pay/Apple Pay. Besides, we froze the price, so you have at least two minutes to check everything and confirm your operation. 

On the CEX.IO Buy/Sell page you can also buy Ethereum with debit card and over 100 other cryptocurrencies. 

Trading with market/limit orders

This option requires some basic understanding of how the market and limit orders work. So before you start trading, get familiar with the necessary information in our Help Centre. To make it short, the market order saves your time and the limit order saves you from unpredictable price fluctuations. You can use both options on the Spot Trading at the CEX.IO website or mobile app. 

Exchanging your crypto to WABI

What if you have Bitcoins on your CEX.IO account and want to exchange them? You can convert your BTC in USD via usual spot trading tools and then buy other crypto with these funds. Or you can use the Conver feature in the CEX.IO mobile app and Wallet page. This option allows converting two currencies in a few clicks. You just need to choose them from the drop-down lists and confirm the exchange. The desired crypto token ot coin will be on your CEX.IO wallet in a blink of an eye. 

WABI price history

Initially, Teletech services were focused on the businesses rather than individual customers. 

That’s because by checking the authenticity of a product, WABI helps to maintain the brand reputation and prevent counterfeiting. Besides, labeling and scanning are high-priced processes. Thus, the project adoption evolved not so quickly as expected. So, in 2020, the team went to great lengths to broaden the WABI use cases. As an extra measure, they launched a special platform for the project promotion.

Still, these efforts did not really affect the price of the WABI token. The highest rate was fixed in January 2018 at around $4. And during the next three years, it was fluctuating between $0.05 and $0.4. There was a notable jump in the WABI price over time during the crypto rally in 2021. 

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