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Here you can see the USDC price chart. In a graphic representation, the chart pattern is a characteristic configuration that creates a trading signal and an indication of possible price changes. Asset prices may be seen over a certain period of time.

USD Coin (USDC) Price Chart

Charts are frequently used in trading. They give traders the ability to monitor the value of their present assets as well as price volatility in the past and future. If you want to be a trader, you must be able to comprehend price trends and charts.

The first thing to understand is how pricing is impacted by the connection between prices and time. The candlestick chart, one of the most used chart types, enables the easiest price analysis.

A price chart's x-axis (left to right) is used to read the time component. We could go further into the past if we shift our heads to the left. The time is shown by the most current candle or bar. At the top of the charts, you may pick what one unit of time corresponds to. Each candle denotes one unit of time and indicates one day's worth of price movement, if the period is set to daily. If the timer is set to five minutes, the price change over the last five minutes is displayed on each candlestick.

The vertical axis shows the instrument's price. A candle's height corresponds to the current market price. On the other hand, a candle towards the bottom of the chart indicates thea lowest price in the chosen time period.

Each unit on a candle chart represents the following four things:

OPEN PRICE: The price paid at the start of the time frame. The open price is displayed as a horizontal line to the left in a bar chart. 

HIGH PRICE: The cost at which most transactions occurred during the allotted period.

LOW: The exchange rate for the chosen time period.

CLOSED: For the specified time period, the price was a closed price. Colour can be used to distinguish between open and closed states.

The candle is open, if the lowest part of the body is not red or any other colour that denotes a lower close than open. If the candle is red or any other colour that signifies a higher closure than open, the height of the body symbolizes the opening.

What is a USD coin (USDC)?

A team behind the digital currency called USD Coin (USDC) claims that their coin is entirely backed by assets denominated in dollars. They ensure the value of one USDC is almost equal to the value of one U.S. dollar, making USDC a tokenized version of the dollar. Being a stablecoin, USDC is designed to have a constant value.

In order to maintain price stability, stablecoins like USDC are frequently backed by reserve assets like dollars or euros. The USDC price stability stands in stark contrast to the well-known price fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In September 2018, the stablecoin had a restricted initial launch. Simply said, USD Coin's tagline is "digital money for the digital age," and stablecoin is created for a society where cashless transactions are more commonplace.

For the USD Coin, a number of use cases have been identified. Those behind the stablecoin claim that it can also enable businesses to accept payments in digital assets and upend a variety of industries, including decentralized finance and gaming, in addition to offering a safe haven for cryptocurrency traders during periods of market volatility.

It's vital to remember that USDC is neither issued nor supported by the U.S. government, despite its name. Since USD Coin is an open-source project, anybody is welcome to see and contribute its source code.

USDC’s coin historical data

The CENTRE consortium — a collaboration between Circle and Coinbase — launched USDC Coin (USDC) in October 2018 as a fiat-collateralized stablecoin. The consortium was established to develop price-stable crypto assets and network protocols.

Like its forerunners, USDC aims to address the two main problems with current cryptocurrencies: excessive volatility and convertibility between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The idea for the project came from the realization that, in contrast to Tether, the market needs a fiat-collateralized stablecoin with robust governance and transparency. By posting a monthly public attestation of 100% reserves of fiat tokens on CENTRE.io and outlining for CENTRE members the rules and criteria for USDC creation and redemption, USDC makes an effort to address these problems. Members of the CENTRE consortium must also abide by important membership and operational rules, including licensing, compliance, technology and operations, accounting, and custody of fiat reserves, in order to become issuers within the organization.

As an alternative to fiat currencies, USDC has mostly been used by exchanges, which offloads the requirement to maintain banking relationships. In the developing DeFi ecosystem, USDC is also one of the few fiat-collateralized stablecoins that are accessible.

Who are the founders of USDC Coin?

There are two founding members of the Centre Consortium. Circle, a provider of peer-to-peer payment services, is one of them, and Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, is the other. This collaboration is open to other cryptocurrency projects joining.

Together, Circle and Coinbase announced a significant update to the USDC protocol and smart contract in 2013. These improvements were intended to make it simpler to use USDC Coin for peer-to-peer transactions, daily transactions, and commerce.

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How does the USDC coin work?

USD Coins aren't merely created by a magic printer. Every USDC coin should, according to Circle, be backed by a single U.S. dollar. Tokenization is the process of converting U.S. dollars into USDC tokens.

Three steps are involved in tokenizing USD into USDC:

  1. A user transfers USD to the bank account of the token issuer.
  2. The issuer generates an equivalent quantity of USDC using a smart contract for USDC.
  3. The freshly minted USDC is given to the user, and the U.S. dollars that were used in their place are kept in reserve.

Although the method is reversed, redeeming USDC for USD is just as simple:

  1. A user asks the USDC issuer to exchange USD tokens for an equivalent quantity of USD.
  2. The issuer requests that the USDC smart contract convert the tokens into dollars and remove an equivalent number of tokens from circulation.
  3. From its reserves, the issuer returns the desired amount of USD to the user's bank account. The user receives the net amount, which is equal to the amount in USDC tokens less any fees paid.

Unlike the most well-known stablecoin, Tether (USDT), the makers of the USDC Coin are required to maintain full reserves of the comparable fiat currency while also cooperating with a number of financial institutions.

All USDC issuers are required to declare their USD holdings on a regular basis, and Grant Thornton LLP then publishes those reports. 

Current USDC price index and market cap

The price of the USDC Coin always strives to be equal to $1.00 USD. Our USDC to USD pricing is always kept up with to current in real-time. With a market cap of $55,817,491,843 USD, the cryptocurrency held a fourth place on CoinMarketCap's list in 2022. It had a quantity of 55,802,605,113 USDC coins in circulation, however, the maximum supply is not available. You can check this data on live cryptocurrency prices.

How to easily buy USD coins?

Finding out how to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies might be challenging at first, if you're new to the world of cryptocurrencies. Thankfully, learning the ropes is not too difficult. You can start buying cryptocurrencies if you follow these easy steps.

You must first choose a cryptocurrency exchange before you can purchase cryptocurrency. Exchanges let you buy cryptocurrencies, but they differ significantly in several ways. 

You must locate a cryptocurrency exchange that is secure, regulated, licensed, accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, and provides a way to earn cryptocurrencies. For instance, the CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange is reliable and offers all of these advantages.

You can buy after taking the following actions:

  1. Create an account

You'll need a strong password and a functional email address in order to create an account.

  1. Verify your identity

Make sure you have a valid ID and proof of residence on hand because they are required for transactions. 

  1. Choose the buying option

It can be an Instant Buy product allowing you to buy USDC in a few clicks or the Spot Trading page where you can place market and limit orders. 

  1. Select a USD coin from the list of assets

Choose USDC from the drop-down menu, then decide what currency you want to buy for it.

  1. Put in the amount you want to buy

Enter the USD amount you wish to spend using the number pad or the USDC amount you wish to buy.

  1. Complete your purchase.

When ready, click "Buy." The details of your purchase will be shown. Verify the information again before finalizing your transaction. 

Where to buy USD coins with a credit/debit card?

USD coins can be purchased in a number of ways. You might utilize a Bitcoin ATM or a Bitcoin exchange platform like CEX.IO. At CEX.IO, you can buy USDC with credit card and generally buy crypto with debit card. Bank transfers and online wallets are just two of many payment methods available on the crypto platform.

Additionally, you may buy BNB (prioir Binance Coin), quickly buy Dogecoin, convert BTC to USD, and sell Bitcoin.

USDC coin price history over time

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are often volatile, USDC was launched in late 2018 with the intention of maintaining a stable value. But even stablecoins like USDC might see small price fluctuations.

The USD coin price over time reached an all-time high of $1.19 in May 2019, while in May 2021, it reached an all-time low of near $0.9. The major reason stablecoins deviate from their $1 peg changes is in supply and demand. The demand for steady value assets like USDC declines during positive market cycles. As a result, the value of USDC and other stablecoins backed by the U.S. dollar drops below $1. However, the value of the USD coin has generally remained constant for long periods of time. USD coin price prediction for the future is to be more stable and stay around $1.


Can I buy crypto with CEX.IO in the U.S.?

To operate in the US states, the crypto exchange should receive necessary licenses in the country and each state. For instance, CEX.IO is allowed to provide services in the U.S. states, obtaining Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs) in 33 states and Money Service Business registration with FinCEN.

Is it secure to trade crypto on CEX.IO?

To guarantee that client funds and personal data are protected, CEX.IO offers highly secure services, starting from two-factor authentication to enhanced anti-DDoS security. Furthermore, the company is a PCI DSS complaiant and the site has a valid SSL certification, meaning all the info you provide here is encrypted. 

Can I withdraw funds using bank transfers?

You must complete CEX.IO's address verification process in order to withdraw funds through a bank transfer. Your proof of residency may be provided in only a few minutes to enable this payment method. Follow this guide to request a bank transfer withdrawal.

What are the CEX.IO trading fees?

A maker/taker fee structure is in place on CEX.IO.

Depending on your trading volume, the charge for maker orders might range from 0.16 % to 0 %, while the charge for taker orders might range from 0.25 % to 0.1 %.

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