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Litecoin (LTC) Price Chart

The Litecoin (LTC) price chart provided by CEX.IO shows the value of this token in relation to USD, EUR, GBP, or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and stablecoins (USDT, USDC). This rate shows how much you should pay to get 1 coin or how much you’ll get for selling it. You can also discover the market data of many other cryptocurrencies listed on CEX.IO, study charts for ETH to EURXLM/USDBCH/GBP, and more.

To exchange Litecoin (LTC) for other currencies, visit our Spot Trading page. Use a search bar to the left of the price chart to find the necessary market — just type the currency abbreviation. For instance, to convert Litecoin into Bitcoin, search for the LTC to BTC (LTC/BTC) market. To place your trades, use the Market or Limit options under the chart. 

Apply different timeframes above the chart to compare the market situation in different periods. To review the info about the earlier period, hold the cursor and move it to the right. This will help to estimate long- and short-term price trends. Put the cursor on the candlestick to see the detailed trading report on the OHLC indicator (open, high, low, close price). 

If you're looking for a currency pair that is not offered on the website, try the Convert option in our mobile app. It allows converting every supported currency between each other. For instance, you can exchange Ethers into Litecoins. The price of Litecoin will be then calculated in the ETH equivalent. In seconds, you’ll have the LTC in your account wallet.

If you want to obtain LTC quickly at the current market price, go to the Buy/Sell page. In order to instantly buy Litecoin for dollars, enter the amount of crypto and you’ll see how much it’s worth. Then choose how to pay — with your card or funds on your CEX.IO balance. After you complete these actions and confirm your purchase, you'll become an LTC owner.

Things to know about Litecoin (LTC)


Litecoin was one of the crypto industry pioneers and still is among the top popular altcoins. Its developers used the Bitcoin core source code and made some changes to create a new cryptocurrency with improved characteristics. These two currencies, BTC and LTC have a lot in common. Some people even consider that LTC was a result of the fork in the Bitcoin blockchain. Apparently, these two networks have no common ancestor. Litecoin isn’t a soft/hard fork of BTC and is even not a chain split network. It’s an independent, separate blockchain with its own native crypto token, LTC.

The name is determined by the coin’s nature

Litecoin’s name simply explains itself. It was conceived to be a light version of Bitcoin. With the same decentralized principle, PoW consensus, and transaction security mechanisms, but with higher processing speed, different hashing algorithms, and a bigger coin’s supply limit. All this makes Litecoin attractive to users.

Fast transaction processing 

It’s believed that Litecoin transactions are four times faster than Bitcoin. Thanks to the simplified mining process, Litecoin generates new blocks much faster. On average, it takes less than three minutes, while Bitcoin’s blocks need approximately ten minutes to be closed. 

It’s important to note that the blockchain processing speed depends on miners, who confirm the transactions. They are people who use their computing power to support the blockchain processes and receive their “payment” — a transaction fee or miner’s reward. Naturally, miners choose crypto transfers with higher commissions first and they are validated faster. Keeping in mind that in crypto trading every minute counts, CEX.IO offers a competitive transactions fee for your crypto withdrawals. 

Simplified mining 

To get higher rewards, BTC miners have tried to use every sophisticated method possible for years. Consequently, BTC mining has become almost impossible without joining a mining pool. On the contrary, the LTC network offers an alternative way to participate in the blockchain processes and get your mining reward. 

A distinguishing feature of the LTC network is its cryptographic algorithm, named Scrypt. It doesn't require the installation of complicated hardware to take part in validating the transactions. Thus, Litecoin mining is more accessible to everyday users.

If you want to become an LTC owner without figuring out the subtleties of blockchain processes, you can simply buy Litecoin for fiat funds at CEX.IO. 

Total coins supply

Developers limited the maximum amount of LTC coins that can be ever extracted to 84 million. This is four times bigger than the BTC supply. Since the offer is increased, 1 LTC token becomes cheaper due to the rule of market supply and demand.

Litecoin has halving events programmed to happen approximately every four years. After the halving, the mining reward is cut by two times. This helps to maintain the purchasing power of LTC and support healthy trading. 

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Current Litecoin (LTC) price index

The crypto market is highly volatile, which creates potential opportunities. But at the same time, there is always a risk of losing your funds. That’s why you should carefully study the market shifts before starting trading cryptocurrencies. 

The Litecoin historical price changes show that it mostly follows the general price trend led by Bitcoin. The current market situation demonstrates it well. BTC has started a new rally and the Litecoin (LTC) cash price is showing incredible performance. It has already crossed the highly anticipated rate of $200 and keeps growing. 

Here are some tips on how to follow the LTC performance and other crypto markets trends on CEX.IO:

  • Mark the most interesting markets with a star to add them to your favorites. This will help to quickly find the necessary pairs at CEX.IO.

By the way, you can add the CEX.IO Spot Trading to your browser bookmarks for quick access. 

  • Download the CEX.IO mobile app and set up the price alerts. It can be either the precise rate or the growth/decrease in percentages. When the price moves accordingly, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone.

Use our free API tools for your automated trading to receive streaming market data. CEX.IO offers REST, WebSocket, and FIX APIs, just choose the one that suits your needs best. 

How to trade Litecoin (LTC) on CEX.IO

Instant trading with market orders

By placing market buy and market sell orders you can trade cryptocurrency immediately at the current exchange rate. 

To use this type of order, visit the Spot Trading page, choose the currency combination, and enter the amount: funds to spend or crypto to sell. After you click Buy now or Sell now, the order will be immediately executed.

The crypto market is highly volatile. At CEX.IO we offer an Instant buy service to purchase crypto assets. The main advantage of this option is that we fix the price for two minutes to let you get the exact amount of crypto you’ve requested without price slippages.

It’s not necessarily that you buy or sell crypto for fiat currencies only. CEX.IO offers you many different markets to trade, including crypto to crypto pairs. So users can buy crypto for stablecoins (in BTC/USDCLTC/USDT markets, for instance) and other cryptocurrencies (eg.  LTC/BTC).

Delayed trading with limit orders

By using a limit order you decide at which price to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Traders often use this type of order for their long-term strategies, as limit orders are delayed and can be only executed after the market price reaches the specific rate. So, when expecting a price twist, you can use a limit order and just wait for its execution. And no need to monitor the charts every single minute.

You can open limit orders for trading in over 150 markets on the CEX.IO website (Spot Trading) or the CEX.IO mobile app (Pro ->Trading).

Trade like a Pro with the CEX.IO Mobile App 

CEX.IO Mobile App combines the features of the CEX.IO platform with a handy interface and some extra useful features. With our mobile app, you can manage your funds, follow the market changes, place trades, and more wherever you go.

In the Trade Pro menu of the CEX.IO mobile app, you’ll find all the necessary instruments for your crypto trading on the go:

CEX.IO markets

On this tab, you can see all the crypto markets presented on CEX.IO. You can sort them by default, alphabetical order, daily gainers or losers. To open the price chart and start trading, simply tap on the currency pair.

Trading interface

Visit Pro tab to buy and sell crypto with market and limit orders. In the upper part, there is a currency pair that is currently shown. Click on it to choose between different other markets presented on CEX.IO. You can also view the price chart (the candles symbol in the left corner), and set the price alerts (the bell icon in the right corner). Scroll down a little to review the order book and the spread.

Top exchanges market data

We’ve gathered the BTC prices from different crypto exchanges on the Markets tab. You can follow them in real-time to discover and compare the situation of different platforms and spot the arbitrage opportunities. 

Litecoin (LTC) price history

How Litecoin in 2011

When the Litecoin mainnet went live in 2011 it was just a hardly known crypto project. First users detected some weaknesses in the initial network version that significantly influenced the community support. At that time, many altcoins disappeared because of the same problems — people didn’t trust their money to the newly created, vulnerable crypto projects.

However, Litecoin developers managed to solve the known issues. The network upgrade in November 2013 was a starting point for the world’s recognition. This was reflected in the LTC market price. In October 2013 it was around $5 and it rapidly jumped to near $50 in just a month. The market capitalization of Litecoin reached $1 billion and was in the top-3 among cryptocurrencies.

Consolidation period

2014 kicked off with a bearish story for Bitcoin and the crypto industry. In the background of news about the Chinese ban on cryptocurrencies, BTC markets followed the downtrends. The reputation of the cryptocurrencies was weakened after one of the biggest crypto exchanges, Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy and reported the theft of 744,000 BTC. The media highlighted cryptocurrencies as a financial bubble, many people lost their beliefs in the future of digital finance. Litecoin's (LTC) price analysis shows that in light of these events its value decreased by approximately fifty times in less than a year. 

The next two years are called a consolidation period as there were no significant moves in Litecoin price over that time. Its average rate was around $3 until the bull market came into the authority in 2017. 

Breaking the records

Litecoin took the most out of the bull run in late 2017. The project’s soaring popularity and rising interest in the crypto industry triggered the LTC price to the newer seen rate of over $330. If you bought 10 LTC in 2016 when it cost around $3 and then exchanged Litecoin to USD in 2017, you could potentially make $3,000.

Together with most other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin endured hard times in late 2018 and early 2020. Nowadays, LTC is participating in the market rally and trying to reach the new ATH. Follow the price charts to stay in the know of LTC’s movements.

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