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On this page you can find an example of a current cryptocurrency price chart (ICP)Market traders use a price chart as part of their technical analysis of a share. The charts display where the asset has been, in terms of price, over a time frame (which you can set). Each bar on the chart represents a day.

Internet Computer (ICP) Price Chart

The candlestick chart is one of the most widely used chart types. On a candlestick, a vertical line shows the range from high to low. The larger block also referred to as the "body," represents the price difference between the starting and closing prices.

Candlesticks display "bodies" in various hues, making it easier to determine if a market is bullish or bearish. Green denotes a price increase, while red denotes a decrease.

A market chart shows Internet Computers' price over time. You can identify and study market fluctuations and price trends and conduct price analysis as you implement your trading plan.

What is Internet Computer (ICP)

The Internet Computer Protocol (or ICP), like many other initiatives in the cryptocurrency field, is much more than just a digital currency. 

The core idea behind ICP is to develop a new type of decentralized internet and global computing system. That system will allow independent data centers from around the globe to could collaborate to develop an alternative to cloud services.

The protocol will be used by millions of computers worldwide, according to ICP.

According to ICP's developers, the resulting network has a number of significant advantages over centralized alternatives. It eliminates potential conflicts of interest when a considerable cloud computing provider hosts products that compete with its services and operate according to open standards.

ICP's worldwide and dispersed network of data centers, formerly known as DFINITY, is capable of running any applications available via conventional Internet standards, including DNS (the domain name system you use via web browsers and smartphones).

The ICP token serves several essential purposes, like serving as a governance token that enables owners to "lock" some of their ICP into the network in exchange for a say in how the ICP protocol is developed in the future, rewarding participating data centers for good behavior, and paying transaction fees on the network.

Internet Computer history

The Internet Computer (IC) is a blockchain network built by the DFINITY Foundation that aims to run decentralized applications at web speed. It's an attempt to reinvent how users interact with internet applications as its nodes run on specialized hardware housed by various independent data centers. The IC lets developers deploy and run applications through the use of canisters, which are akin to smart contracts. 

Each canister has a storage capacity of 4GB. DFINITY’s vision is for its new internet infrastructure to support a wide variety of end-user and enterprise applications, such as social media, messaging, and data storage.

The project was founded as DFINITY in October 2016 by Dominic Williams. DFINITY raised a total of $121 million from contributors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, SV Angel, Aspect Ventures, Electric Capital, ZeroEx, Scalar Capital, and Multicoin Capital. In 2018, the DFINITY Foundation distributed ICP tokens to 50,000+ registered participants through an airdrop.

On December 18, 2020, DFINITY launched the alpha mainnet of the Internet Computer. The team then launched the Internet Computer into the public domain on May 10, 2021. Its public launch also marked the release of the Internet Computer’s source code and the ICP utility token's transaction and governance functionalities.

Who are the founders of Internet Computer?

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, the DFINITY Foundation is a charitable organization. The Foundation comprises some of the world's well-known cryptographers.

Timo Hanke, the head of engineering, is a group member. Hanke, a well-known mathematician, and professor of cryptography developed AsicBoost to improve the effectiveness of Bitcoin mining. At Yale, Mahnush Movahedi worked on scalable and fault-tolerant distributed algorithms for consensus and secure multi-party computation before joining as a senior researcher.

Ben Lynn, who formerly worked at BLS cryptography, developed the random number generator used in Threshold Relay to enable security, speed, and scale on public networks. The virtual machine for WebAssembly utilized at DFINITY was co-designed by Andreas Rossberg.

DFINITY members have produced 200 patents and more than 100,000 scholarly citations.

DFINITY quickly gained attention as one of the most significant projects being developed during a downturn in cryptocurrencies after receiving a $61 million round from Andreesen Horowitz and Polychain Capital in February 2018.

The DFINITY Foundation increased its fundraising to $166.9 million in August 2018 by receiving an additional $102 million from SV Angel, Andreesen Horowitz, Village Global, Aspect Ventures, Amino Capital, and other investors.

In direct competition with Amazon's Amazon Web Services at the time, DFINITY aimed to develop an "internet computer" that would lower operating costs for cloud-based business applications. ICP made its public debut on May 10, 2021.

How does Internet Computer work?

Today's Internet is very centralized. Popular web programs are frequently closed-source, proprietary, and housed in a small number of data centers run by major tech companies. Large web portions might also go offline if one crucial data center fails. The possibility of centralized, corporate web-services providers censoring or deplatforming programs is a big worry (especially for privacy advocates).

The Internet Computer makes an effort to present a fundamentally different option so that programmers can create, host, and serve applications in a more decentralized manner, enabling the direct deployment of websites onto the open internet. Additionally, the Internet Computer would encourage the creation of open-source and transparent software.

"Instead of running on a dedicated server in Google Cloud, for example, the software would have no set physical address, roaming between servers controlled by different data centers around the world," the MIT Technology Review's study of the Internet Computer explains.

The network will set a fee based on the amount of processing power required by a developer's project. One way to think of ICP is as a means to convert cryptocurrency into processing power. The website will function on the open internet as long as the charge is paid.

Theoretically, any application can be developed and run on an Internet computer, including social networks like LinkedIn and TikTok, software identical to all the well-known programs you are already familiar with, and brand-new types of apps that have not yet been imagined. CanCan, which ICP creators call a "decentralized TikTok," has open-source code available as a demonstration.

What risks might the Internet Computer face?

The Internet Computer's decentralized ethos may be threatened by the possibility of a hardware requirement that makes participation more complicated than it is for conventional blockchain projects. Only huge, well-funded players would be able to establish data centers and participate if the hardware requirements are too high.

Furthermore, who can be responsible for hosting objectionable content in a fully decentralized network? The companies who control the Internet today use some moderation, but on the other hand, they have the right to deplatform anyone at any time. It would be ideal if the Internet Computer (and other cryptographic protocols) could develop answers allowing the decentralized government to control these complex issues.

Several protocols are attempting to reimagine the internet besides Internet Computer. Other potential rivals are MIT's Solid and Filecoin (created by web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee).

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Current price index of ICP 

There is no cap on the total production of ICP tokens, unlike specific other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The founders and team received 62% of the original supply, with 38% going to investors.

After five years of development, ICP was released in May 2021, and its price reached an all-time high of $460.84. However, the cost quickly fell by 95% to $34 in June and even further to $28.01 in July 2021.

The nonprofit Dfinity Foundation, which created the Internet Computer blockchain, said that the dip was probably caused by the token's launch at the height of a bull run throughout the whole cryptocurrency market.

ICP's price remained stable throughout the remainder of 2021. In August, it reached a high of $84.75; however, it fluctuated between $20 and $60. 

How To Buy ICP in a few short steps

A trustworthy crypto trading platform like CEX.IO is the first thing you will need if you want to delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies. CEX.IO possesses all the characteristics of a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange. The platform was given an ICO and an SSL certificate to ensure the protection of users' personal data. It also complies with PCI DSS.

Follow the steps below to buy ICP:

  • Create an account

Regardless of the platform you choose, the registration process must be completed before you can buy cryptocurrency.

To sign up for CEX.IO, enter your email address, password, and country. After checking the box to indicate that you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, click the "Create Account" button. You will receive a letter with a confirmation link for completing the registration. 

  • Verify your account

Because it is regulated, the site will ask you to complete KYC, which will better secure your account. Activate 2FA authentication to protect your purchases.

  • Select the Spot Trading tab from the menu:

Select “Instant Buy” from the list of dropdown options in the upper left. Click on the BTC ticker to open the assets menu. Select ICP from the dropdown list, and select the currency you wish to buy it for.

  • Enter the amount you want to buy

Use the number pad on your keyboard to input the amount you want to spend in USD. The app will automatically convert USD into an ICP amount you can receive. You can also select the pre-made values instead of your custom value. 

  • Finalize your purchase

Tap “Buy” when ready. You’ll see the details of your purchase. Make sure to double-check the details and then confirm your purchase. That’s it, you’ve bought ICP.

Where to buy Internet Computer (ICP) with a credit card

If you are looking for a site where you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card instantly, you can go to a trading platform called CEX.IO. There you will have plenty of crypto-related options. With CEX.IO, you can: buy Binance coinbuy Dogecoin, buy Ethereum, as well as trade bitcoin to USD and sell bitcoin. Of course, you always have access to live crypto prices anytime you want.

Internet Computer is one of the many cryptos CEX.IO has added to its inventory of trading assets on the CEX.IO website. Its users now have yet another cryptocurrency to choose from to better engage with the crypto world.

Internet Computer(ICP) price history

Numerous things influence the value of Internet computers. Like all cryptocurrencies, it had a fixed supply when it was first launched. This means that by turning on the printing presses, the government cannot produce inflation, which is the currency devaluation. The cost may increase due to scarcity.

Sometimes, changes in the larger economy cause or result in changes in the ICP exchange rate. For instance, despite the COVID-19 pandemic hurting economies worldwide, numerous cryptocurrencies achieved tremendous increases in 2020. This might result from people using cryptocurrencies in response to poor national economies.

Government laws significantly impact the cost of foreign currencies and the Internet. The crypto market can move upward or lower depending on tax laws, investment rules, mining limits, government intentions for legalized digital currencies, and other factors.

ICP's value could be impacted by a wide range of factors in the future, including regulatory adjustments, the rate at which institutional and individual investors adopt ICP, and technology advancements. Because future events can affect the price at any time, it is impossible to make a 100% accurate price prediction.


Where to check the current ICP price?

You can always check real-time crypto prices and use advanced tools to be informed about crypto via the CEX.IO Prices page. With CEX.IO, you can keep an eye on the most recent price fluctuations and real-time cryptocurrency market conditions by using cutting-edge technologies.

How to place trade orders to buy ICP using CEX.IO mobile app?

Go to the Trade page in the Pro menu, the Market and Limit tabs are located there.

You can change the currency for your order in the screen's upper right corner. Choose the currencies you want to spend and receive by clicking the currency pair button, followed by the slider in the top left corner and the drop-down menu.

To purchase cryptocurrency with a market order:

  • Enter your desired purchase quantity in USD (or another currency, depending on the currency combination you've chosen).
  • When you click Buy, you'll see an estimate of how much of the chosen currency you'll receive at the going rate.
  • Click Buy once again to confirm that you accept the terms.
  • The order will be finished right away, and the acquired cryptocurrency will be added right away to your CEX.IO balance.

To place a limit order:

  • Enter the quantity you wish to purchase or sell.
  • Put in the price you want.
  • Check the specifics of your order by clicking Buy or Sell.

How can I withdraw funds from CEX.IO?

With CEX.IO, you may quickly and easily exchange your cryptocurrency for fiat money and withdraw the funds to a verified card or bank account. You must link your Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card to your CEX.IO account if you haven't used it on the website yet. To use wire transfers, you need to pass the Address verification first. 

How to trade crypto with CEX.IO API tools?

A crypto trading API works by linking your account to CEX.IO’s automated trading system. CEX.IO has created its API channels with pre-built functions, which import historical trading data, order book data, asset price data, etc. Register for a CEX.IO account and generate an API key in your Profile menu to start using a crypto trading API.

Where can you buy Internet Computer?


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