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Holo (HOT) Price Chart

By following a price chart you can monitor the current value and historical changes of digital currencies that interest you. Traders usually compare current prices against past indexes and contrast the performance of different markets (crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto) to determine the right time for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. A thorough HOT price analysis, as well as studying any other market, could help you to predict the next potential market shift. 

If we look at the Holo price graph on our Spot Trading platform, we can see the main up and down points of the HOT token value. The dynamic of changes will significantly differ when you switch between the timeframes. For instance, when you look at the 15-minutes changes, green and red candles are changing each other rapidly because of the high market volatility. But if you switch the period to 1 day, you can clearly see a growing and declining price trend. That’s because a single candle reflects only the open (the first) and close (the last) price within a selected period. So a daily candle contains almost a hundred 15-minutes candles, but its real body reflects the difference between the earliest and latest rate.

Traders can check the highest and the lowest value within a timeframe by putting a cursor on the candle. There will be open, close, high, and low indicators according to price rates. 

About Holo (HOT) token

Holo (HOT) is a native token of a Holochain project and a hosting platform. The project is developed on the basis of the patented Holochain technology, an innovative solution in the crypto industry. The main idea of it is to create an open network with complete data integrity around the globe without the need for any consensus. 

How Holochain differs from Blockchain

Most of the blockchains usually use proof of stake (PoS) and proof of work (PoW) consensus, while Holo runs with the Distributed Hash Table algorithm. The main idea of it is that transaction processing doesn't require receiving confirmation from the network participants and synchronizing data in a general log. Instead, users can create their own chain and perform transactions within it. Every chain participant confirms transactions of other nodes of their little private network.

This approach helps to afford the scalability issue and makes Holo much faster than other blockchains. 

Holo and Dapps

Holo is also a cloud hosting platform. And it's very useful for dApps that require a large number of individual inputs, like social media platforms. Holo users can earn Holo fuel (another platform’s token)​ by sharing extra space and computing power. This helps to avoid wasting computation on mining and turns the computers of everyday customers into a source of revenue, where they get paid for hosting distributed applications.

How to buy HOT

On the CEX.IO platform, you can buy Bitcoins, Ethereum, HOT, and many other different cryptocurrencies by simply using your credit or debit card. To do this, go to the Buy/Sell page, choose the amount of crypto to buy, and provide your card details. Your purchase request will be completed via Fill-or-kill order. That means that we’ll fully satisfy it under the exact price you’ve agreed and within the shortest time. You’ll wonder how quickly and easily you’ll get the desired crypto to your CEX.IO account.

Another option is to use our Spot Trading platfrom. Here you can buy Holo for fiat funds by trading on the HOT/USD (HOT to USD) market. If you want to exchange other currencies to get HOT tokens, try the Convert feature in our mobile app

Holo (HOT) price history

Holo enrolled in the crypto market in early 2018 through an ICO. The HOT token is comparingly cheap digital assets that you can easily add to your portfolio. Its price has never been higher than $1. Still, the project has a lot of use cases and had a relative success after the launch. The further price shifts confirmed that.

In just a week after the ICO, the price of HOT token rose by twenty times. However, in 2019 the rate went down sharply and fluctuated at below 0,0006 U.S. dollars.

The same year the asset reached the peak at around $0.0021 and then fell below $0.001 where it was trading for more than a year. In March 2021 we saw the highest Holo historical price nearly 0.02 USD. Analysts explain the spike with receiving an approved U.S. patent for Holo peer-to-peer network design.

Current Holo (HOT) price index

In 2021, the Holochain Foundation protected its peer-to-peer design with a US patent. The Holochain team claims that their project is currently the only peer-to-peer implementation of the rrDHT network. With the growing popularity of the network, the market price of the HOT token has also increased. We can see a strong uptrend in the chart that started in March 2021 after the patent was announced. 

Tracking Holo price on the CEX.IO exchange

CEX.IO is a simple and convenient BTC exchange and crypto trading platform. We provide our customers with a wide range of user-friendly features to follow the cryptocurrency price changes in real time, trade the most popular digital assets, and easily earn with crypto.  

By visiting our Spot Trading you can track the changes in the Holo token price over time and place market and limit orders to trade HOT to fiat funds (USD) or stablecoin (HOT to USDT pair). 

And if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the crypto market, install the CEX.IO mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Three you’ll find many additional useful options for trading cryptocurrency on the go. For example, you can set a price alert to be notified about changes in the Holo market price. By the way, those who are interested in arbitraging can track the BTC/USD and BTC/EUR markets from the most popular crypto platforms.

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