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Golem (GLM) Price Chart

A price chart is an essential instrument for trading crypto and stock markets. Every crypto-beginner should do two things before buying and trading digital assets — study the industry and price charts. The first thing is necessary to understand the nature of blockchain and the second one needed to realize how volatile the crypto market is. Having a look at the GMT/USD (Golem to USD) chart you can make sure of it — green and red candles are changing each other all the time, creating many peaks and troughs. The graph clearly represents all changes in the Golem price over time so traders can analyze them easily and spot a good time for placing their orders. 

What are candles?

To reflect the price shifts, most of the crypto platforms use so-called japanese candles. They are convenient to represent the market situation visually. A real body, the colored part of a candlestick, shows the open and close price within a specific timeframe. These are the prices of completed users’ trade orders on the platform. The upper shadow shows the highest and the down shadow shows the lowest rate of all delayed (limit) orders. However, probably the main detail you should pay attention to is the color of a candlestick. Green indicates the rising price trend and red ones signal that the price has declined.

Basic chart navigation

CEX.IO Spot Trading online price charts contain only essential information about the market shifts, without extraneous details. Together with the user-friendly interface, we provide a simple and convenient trading terminal for both novices and experienced traders. You can start from the search bar in the upper left corner to open the price chart of the currency pair you’re interested in. Say, if you’re going to buy Tron, you can explore the value of this token in relation to the U.S. dollar, euros, or cryptocurrencies like USDT and BTC. You can switch between the time frames (from 1 minute to 1 day) in the upper part of the graph. There you can also check the last price indicator, daily change, today’s open rate, and daily trading volume. 

About Golem (GLM) token

Golem project was one of the first that built on Ethereum. Golem developers offer their own vision of distributing excessive computing power. Say, if you use artificial intelligence in your business or involved in cryptocurrency mining, you can buy the extra power or sell yours while you don't need it. 

The team decided to work on Ethereum so that payments between users would be made on this blockchain. By the way, if you’re interested in Ethereum projects, you can find a lot of them on the CEX.IO exchange, including numerous Defi projects. We made it easier for everyone to diversify their crypto portfolio with different digital assets and you can buy ETH or many other tokens by simply paying with your debit or credit card.

GNT is the digital currency and a payment unit on the Golem network. Requestors can set a bid for any GLM amount they are ready to pay for completing their tasks. Providers, those who perform assignments, earn tokens for their job. 

Current golem (GLM) price index

When performing GLM price analysis, traders usually compare the previous price shifts with the current value. Checking only the current GLM stock price without tracking the past shifts will not give you enough understanding of whether it’s a good time to buy or sell the asset. 

On the contrary, if you see that GLM used to be worth $0.11 and is trading near $1, it’s clear that the price has jumped for some reason. Perhaps, the project’s popularity was at its peak, and people would continue to buy GLM triggering its value to new highs. Like it happened in February 2021 when in just a few weeks, the price of Golem's network token boosted by 230% after announcing a new test net release. The upgrade enabled users to set up long-running tasks instead of making regular micropayments for the network services. 

Buy digital assets easily

And if you’re interested in buying digital assets without figuring out tons of details about trading techniques, you can take advantage of our Instant Buy service. This feature best suits newcomers as it allows purchasing crypto in a few simple steps. First, you need to choose the coin or token you wish to buy. Then, enter the amount or choose one of the ready-to-get packs. Finally, pay for the asset with funds from your account or debit/credit card. 

Not only newbies but also crypto veterans prefer using Instant purchases to avoid rapid market movements. For this purpose, we hold the price for two minutes and you get the exact amount of digital coins or tokens you’ve ordered in a matter of seconds. Visit our Buy/Sell page to buy Polkadot with a debit card, and obtain BTC, ETH, XRP, and over 100 other cryptocurrencies easily and quickly. 

A simple trading interface and a wide range of user-friendly tools and services for earning with crypto make the CEX.IO platform one of the best crypto exchanges.

Golem (GLM) price history

Primary funding for the development of the project was done through an initial coin offering. The response to the campaign was even greater than expected. According to various sources, the Golem ICO price was about $ 0.01. The team has raised approximately $8.6 million in ETH, reaching the maximum capitalization in just 20 minutes (one of the fastest results in the industry).

Golem token burst into the market with confident leaps. In half a year, its value has increased by 60 times. Gaining momentum, in January 2018 GLM reached its ATH. Price charts trackers recorded the highest Golem historical price at the rate of nearly $1.2. Then two years of consolidation came. During 2019 and 2020 the price of GLM token fluctuated between $0.02 and $0.1. The next year Golem entered with the protocol updates and numerous partnerships (including the one with Matic). Analytics believe that this event affected the popularity of the project and triggered the rise of token value. Let’s follow the crypto prices to be in the know about Golem’s latest shifts. 

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