How to buy TRON using a secure payment method

With the help of the TRON network, customers can cooperate directly with developers and content creators via the blockchain. Users can pay with TRON for favorite songs, movies, or computer games. Our customers have had the opportunity to buy TRON and hold it in their CEX.IO wallets since 2019.

With a CEX.IO account, you receive access to multiple opportunities for trading TRX against fiat and other cryptocurrencies and can even buy TRON with credit card. CEX.IO close attention to security measures and use cold storage for cryptocurrencies. However, it’s also a user’s responsibility to protect their funds. This means enabling two-factor authentication, keeping your login and password safe, and so on. When you’re sure about the security, you can focus on the results and realize your trading potential.

Buy TRON instantly with funds in your current balance

To be ready to trade TRX at any time, you can put funds on your account in advance by making a deposit with your card(debit or credit), via bank transfer, or using cryptocurrency. You can switch between these options right on the Deposit page. When funds are in your balance, you can buy TRON immediately. Let’s find out how to buy TRON on CEX.IO and what tools you can use to trade it.

When you decide to trade TRX, you should get familiar with the latest market trends. Check the recent prices along with historical data in the CEX.IO charts.

The Buy/Sell page on CEX.IO is a cool service with help of which you can buy TRON instantly. You can select any of the TRX packages for 100, 200, or 500 USD/EUR, or simply enter any value you wish to get. Confirm your operation and you’ll be a TRX owner in a matter of seconds.

Similarly, with a market order, you can buy TRON or trade it against other currencies immediately. However, due to dynamic market changes, the amount of TRX you get can only be calculated approximately before you make a market trade. Alternatively, you can switch the order type to limit. In this case, you decide at which price the order should be completed. Just keep in mind that the execution time for a limit order depends on market shifts.

Buy TRON with debit card or sell it for fiat

With CEX.IO it is possible to make quick deposits and trade cryptocurrencies by using your card(it can be debit or credit card issued in your name). But did you know that you can also buy TRON with a debit card instantly?

We’ve already told you how to get TRON with your available CEX.IO balance. And what about purchasing TRX directly with your card using the instant buy service? Just enter your card information while requesting a purchase. In minutes after your card is checked, the purchase will be completed. Now you know how to purchase TRON and pay for it with your debit or credit card.

Whether you want to purchase TRON, sell it, or trade it, CEX.IO has everything you need for the best crypto experience.