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Dash Coin Price Chart

Whenever you’re looking to investigate the ongoing market conditions in cryptocurrencies, you surely need the most accurate and up-to-date data that you can possibly get. Mostly, even the slightest deviations might cost you money, especially if you’re trading on a daily basis. 

Of course, at first, you might have been looking for something like a Bitcoin trading platform with a range set of services making it possible to sell, buy, trade or simply hold bitcoins, expecting the much-anticipated market swings to turn in your favor. But eventually, the more you study the market, the more you realize that the so-called altcoins sometimes present you much more opportunities for earning. With that said, to start diving into the Dash cash price market, all you need to do is you’ve got to check out our price chart for this coin. All the data in this chart is streaming live with absolutely no delay. You can analyze the price trend in one-minute as well as a 1-day timeframe. Increase or decrease timeframes with your touchpad if you’re using the laptop by pulling two fingers closer together or dragging them apart. It’s a similar way as if you were to zoom in or zoom out the screen. 

About the Dash coin

The Inception and a Very Dark Secret

It is suggested by various sources that Dash has been around since January 2014, yet under different names. First, Evan Duffield named it Xcoin, then it was renamed to Darkcoin as it was positioned as a crypto coin that cares the most for privacy. Indeed, Dash runs a specific protocol called a coinjoin technique which mixes up the various transactions which are made by unrelated users, puts them in one bid, and then validates. 

By doing that, the transactions become completely private, although still made with the help of the blockchain ledger. But since the coin was suspected in the active usage among the dark web sites, the founders had to change their strategy quite drastically. 

The Dash for Cash

As a result, the coin was renamed Dash (referred to as Digital Cash) and its unique selling point changed from the high-privacy factor to making Dash a digital currency that you can spend everywhere. For example, you can buy DASH and start paying with those coins for groceries, in restaurants, book your airplane tickets, refill the phone bill and so much more. Similarly, you could buy ETH with credit card and then exchange it to DASH online and swap them with your friends. Dash coin becomes more and more popular every day and indeed, lots of people across the world consider it as a new-age payment method.

How traders choose to buy Dash

Nevertheless, Dash coin can become even more beneficial for you if you’re into cryptocurrency trading. Consider watching the latest market swings by following our dash price chart, and exchanging crypto pairs at the CEX.IO spot trading section. You can also buy BTC with debit card or convert DASH to USD by placing market or limit orders, available both on the website and in our mobile app. 

Buy Dash

Current Dash coin price index

Our simple and user-friendly price chart is designed to help you watch the price fluctuations in various crypto and fiat currency pairs. Perform your own Dash to cash price analysis before starting to make the best out of your trading experience. 

We’ve compiled all of the most demanded market characteristics all in one place for your convenience. You can watch the price of Dash as well as its price dynamics in pairs like DASH to BTC, Dash to USDT, Dash to the U.S. dollar, etc. You can also monitor today’s open price, last price, daily change, and the trading volume for the specific pair for the last 24 hours.

Dash crypto price history

If you want to know the Dash coin historical price, you’ve come to the right place! It’s no question that for all the crypto traders out there, the prior analysis is very important. When you know what has been the dash price over time like, then you have more chances to make informed decisions in the future. 

Interestingly enough, the Dash history price has a story to be told. This story, after all, is similar to other cryptos. At first, the founders issued a number of coins for about 20 cents which quickly rose to about a dollar for a Dash. Then, during the wild 2017-2018, there was an unbelievable surge in its price to more than $1000 and $1200 respectively. After that, the price stabilized and now keeps oscillating at the range of about $99 to $130.

How to trade Dash in mobile 

Mobile version of our CEX.IO has numerous benefits for regular users. As you might’ve noticed, the market never waits for anyone when it comes to crypto trading. With CEX.IO mobile app, you’re sure not to miss the best opportunities. 

Here’s the list of services that will make your crypto life so much better:

Instant Buy

Spend only a few seconds to instantly buy cryptocurrencies straight from your credit card, debit card, or CEX.IO balance. Just go through the list of the currencies and pick yours. Then decide on the amount to purchase and hit the Buy button. Shortly, the purchased cryptocurrency lands your CEX.IO balance. 

Instant Sell

If you need the real-life fiat cash right now and don’t want to wait - here’s an option for you. Instantly sell crypto and withdraw funds to your card in a breeze.

Instant Exchange

Convert one currency to another in a matter of seconds without the need to place orders. The service allows swapping currencies even if there is no direct pair available to the platform. 


Trade any currency from the mobile device. The interface is simple and straightforward - you don’t need to be an MIT graduate to effectively trade in market conditions right from the app.

Other useful perks include:

  • Order notifications will inform you when your limit order completes
  • Price alerts will let you know when the market reached the level you waited for, and you can trade

Dash coin has a wide community interest as the coin shows dynamic price fluctuations. At CEX.IO, you can trade Dash coins both on the web platform and in the mobile app and keep track of your trades anywhere you go.

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