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Chainlink Price Chart By CEX.IO Crypto Exchange 

We at CEX.IO do our best to allow everyone to participate in the crypto economy. That’s why we made our platform easy-to-use and full of many necessary tools for buying, selling, trading, and storing cryptocurrencies. To make the price chart easily navigated, we removed the jumble of unnecessary data and applied the most important indicators. 

When analyzing the price of LINK token on the CEX.IO website, you can see the last price (the current value) and daily price change. You can also visit the crypto prices page to follow the market shifts of all cryptocurrencies supported by our platform on the same page. It contains the current price of the asset, its 24-h change in percents, and market capitalization. 

About Chainlink token (LINK) and network benefits

The Chainlink network plays the role of a binder between the blockchain on the one side and real-world data on the other. By using secure oracles, Chainlink can extend the capabilities of blockchain technologies. In practice, it connects smart contracts with off-chain data like traditional banking systems.

By joining smart contracts with a system of oracles, the network makes it possible to transfer data quickly and securely without intermediaries. Thus, these technologies can be successfully integrated into various businesses. For instance, decentralized exchanges employ oracles to settle the price of crypto coins and tokens without using an order book.

LINK tokens are a payment unit in the Chainlink system. Its active participants (node operators, developers, and data providers) get rewards in LINKs for their work.

What Are Oracles?

In fact, blockchains cannot obtain off-chain data without oracles, an outside data provider.  Mostly, the information stored inside the blockchain includes basic transaction records. For instance, the block number, wallet addresses, transaction id, and so on. Info that is not related to the transaction processing is only available through oracles, a special DeFi instrument.

In Chainlink's example, the oracles connect on-chain and off-chain data via Ethereum smart contracts. If someone wants to receive info outside the blockchain, they can submit a so-called “requesting” or asking contract. Then, this contract matches the aggregating one which gathers data to find the most precise result.

The current Chainlink price index

According to the team behind Chainlink, the network provides a tamper-resistant, high-quality pricing channel, fueling the growth of DeFi sector. Many crypto projects, like Aave, Synthetics, Ampleforth are using Chainlink oracles on their decentralized platforms. 

Thus, the rising popularity of DeFi products creates a higher demand for Chainlink services. If we look at the LINK to USD price chart, we can see that the value of the LINK token is constantly increasing since the middle of 2020. In November 2021, the Chainlink price reached an all-time high at the rate of $36. Follow the LINK market charts to spot the latest moves.

Following the market shifts

Usually, analysis of market data includes checking a set of information such as current and historical price, trading volume, market depth and spread, order book, market depth, and more. However, you don’t need to know all these parameters to understand the general trends and make informed trading decisions. Many traders just following the price shifts to spot the best time for buy and sell actions. 

Say, if you want to exchange bitcoin for another currency need to convert it or sell it using the withdrawal feature. For your convenience, we offer a handy Bitcoin calculator where you can check the current value of the particular amount of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP etc)  in relation to fiat funds. This instrument works for all tokens listed on CEX.IO, so you can even use it for quick LINK price analysis. 

Learning the price chart

Visit our Spot Trading page to compare the rate of Chainlink token price over time and study the crypto market in detail. To learn the market situation in past, hold the cursor on the chart and move it to the right. On the right side you can see the price indicator, and on the bottom is the time metrics. When you look at the chart you can see green and red candles which reflect the value of the cryptocurrency at different timeframes. 

Some traders use the trading volume indicator to estimate the market participants’ sentiments and predict the price shifts. For example, if there is normally a weak trading volume in a pair, a rapid massive daily trading could indicate the further support of the current price trend.

Chainlink price history

The Chainlink program was born in 2014 under the name SmartContract.com. Later, they changed the name to Chainlink so as to better describe the core idea. In September 2017, Chainlink held an ICO and raised a total of $32 million for the project development.

Right after its ICO in 2017, the LINK token gained momentum and reached $0.47 in just a month. Then, for more than a year, the Chainlink value was fluctuating below $1.

Investors showed rising interest in the project in May 2019, when the launch of Chainlink on the Ethereum mainnet was announced. The same year Chainlink entered into a partnership with Google. The agreement ensured the safety of the Chainlink protocol as part of Google's smart contract strategy. And by the middle of 2019, we saw the highest Chainlink historical price at the rate of more than $4.

Nowadays, Chainlink oracles are widely used in DeFi protocols and blockchains. The rising popularity of the project in light of successful DeFi development triggered the LINK price to the new highs. The token entered 2021 with a confident uptrend that brought it to the new ATH at around $36. 

Buy Chainlink

Buy, sell, trade, exchange LINK on CEX.IO

CEX.IO offers you many different ways on how you can buy LINK and over 100 other cryptocurrencies. Starting from the simplest one, the Instant Buy option, to the advanced API solutions for automated trading. You just need to decide which one suits your needs best. 

Moment purchase with a debit or credit card

We know how every second matters in our modern life and understand how crypto can be complicated sometimes. So we offer our customers an Instant Buy option, an instrument that allows almost everyone to become a crypto owner in a few clicks. 

How it works

First, choose the currency you want to get. By the way, we have 40 native tokens of DeFi projects in our arsenal so you can get them with almost no effort. And buy Ethereum with credit card as well. Once you select the coin, decide what amount you want to put in your CEX.IO wallet. The price will be calculated according to the current market rate. Finally, confirm the purchase: provide your card info and enter the 2FA code. That’s it!

Secure card payments

Without a doubt, bank cards are the most popular payment instrument around the globe. CEX.IO was one of the first crypto exchanges that enabled card payments for customers. Meanwhile, we care most about the safety of your payments by implementing advanced security mechanisms. We’ve successfully path over 5 regular PCI DSS external independent audits. And the certificate we received is a guarantee that your card information and payments are fully protected here. 

Spot Trading — market and limit orders

CEX.IO supports spot trading for the top Chainlink markets: LINK/USD, LINK/EUR, LINK/GBP, LINK/USDT. You can place limit and market orders in any of the mentioned pairs to buy and sell LINK tokens or simply exchange them for fiat and another crypto (USDT). 

Why use market order?

The main benefit of using a market type of order is their execution time. They are completed right after you place a trade. So if you’re willing to buy or sell LINK at the going market price, consider using this option. 

Why use limit order?

Another name for a limit type of order is delay trading. You can use it to set the price which is lower (if buying) or higher (if selling) than the current market one. The order is fulfilled when the market moves to your price. This option best fits into the tight schedule of our modern life since you don’t need to follow the charts every single minute. Unlike with market orders, you can cancel your limit orders at any time before they’re completed. 

Automated trading with APIs

Automated trading suggests using software (trading bots) with automated algorithms to buy and sell digital currencies at a specific time. The main purpose of this kind of trading is to minimize risks and fix successful trades. Bots allow you to trade Bitcoin to us dollar, and many other crypto pairs with ease. And most of them work via API tools. 

CEX.IO provides different APIs for automated trading: REST, WebSocket, and FIX.

Have you already decided which method is most convenient for you? Try them all on CEX.IO to make sure!

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