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This is the AXS price chart. A price chart shows the price of a specific market over a certain period. You can select different time frames on any charting platform. Chart time frames can range from 1-minute to monthly and yearly charts.

Online Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Chart

A market chart shows Axie Infinity’s price over time and helps with the price analysis and Axie Infinity price prediction. When you execute your trading strategy, you can observe price movements, trends, and tendencies using a crypto market live chart.

The high-to-low range can be seen in a vertical line on a candlestick. The larger block, or "body”, represents the difference between the starting and closing prices.

By exhibiting "bodies" in various hues, candlesticks make it easier to see the bullish or bearish sentiment. Green denotes a price increase, while red denotes a decrease.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

The Ethereum network has a turn-based card game called Axie Infinity that lets participants raise, breed, battle, and trade Axie creatures. If you are further interested in Ethereum's network, you can buy Ethereum with the provided link.

The game Axie Infinity promotes itself as being influenced by Pokemon and Tamagotchi and using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent unique species, skills, plots of land, and other in-game assets.

Players can acquire two tokens by playing Axie Infinity in the Adventure or Arena modes: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potions (SLP). As a governance token, AXS enables token holders to decide how the gaming experience will evolve in the future. The virtual currency used to breed Axies is called SLP.

Axie Infinity history

Axie was developed as a fun and educational way to introduce blockchain technology to the general population. Many of the starting members met while playing Crypto Kitties, and it was their first exposure to blockchain technology outside of trade.

Axie Infinity differs from any typical game because it leverages blockchain incentives to economically reward players for their ecosystem contributions. 

This mechanism, dubbed "Play-to-Earn," has grown increasingly popular in developing nations like the Philippines, Argentina, and Venezuela. In some places, the economic opportunities in-game exceed those available in the real world.

Who are the founders of Axie Infinity?

Sky Mavis, Axie's parent company, introduced the app in May 2018.However, it didn't gain traction until the second part of that year.

In an interview with TechCrunch, its co-founder Jeff "Jiho" Zirlin said that while "2021 was a year of growth and scaling," "2022 is a year of building, deploying things, and delivering better and more accessible gameplay experiences."

According to Zirlin, he used to attend conferences and speak about Axie until he could no longer speak. He claimed that it no longer requires an introduction as one of the biggest and most well-known play-to-earn games in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to putting us on the map and providing us with the means to make this a decades-long endeavor, Zirlin said, "We had this incredible growth cycle." "I believe we are now developing the goods that will propel us into the next growth cycle."

How does Axie Infinity work?

If you don't fully comprehend how Axie Infinity's gameplay operates, you can have doubts about it. You must first understand the Axies, who are fictional creatures similar to Pokemon.

Axies can be categorized as NFTs because they are generated by users and have distinctive proof of purchase and ownership. Unique digital assets that can be tracked in real-time on a blockchain network are known as non-fungible tokens.

By utilizing Axies as NFTs, the game ensures the verifiable ownership of all in-game items. At the same time, Axies' uniqueness encourages scarcity, which raises their value.

You need to have a solid understanding of Smooth Love Potion, also known as SLP, if you want to learn how to play Axie Infinity. SLP is a crucial component of the game's ecosystem and works more like experience points than anything else. The fact that SLPs are ERC-20 tokens should not be forgotten either.

SLP, granted to players after each battle, is essential for breeding Axies. Surprisingly, the game has a limitless supply of Smooth Love Potion. Axies can be produced by breeding, and the extra ones can be sold or exchanged for use in later conflicts.


One of the game's most distinctive elements is Axies, the adorable virtual animals at its center. As mentioned in the portions above, the game has special categories of Axies. On the other hand, every Axie has some special genetic abilities. When Axies are crossed on the platform, their virtual offspring get certain traits from both parents.

As a result, players can combine various Axies to make new ones that might offer desired benefits. The limitation on the number of Axies that can be bred is another crucial aspect of the Axie Infinity gameplay. Players are only permitted to breed an Axie seven times to prevent a realistic rise in their population.

Axies are powerful illustrations of the NFT Axie Infinity link and provide a roadmap for the potential use of NFTs in blockchain games. The restrictions on reproducing Axies, the distinctive genes of each Axie, and their scarcity in this game demonstrate how NFTs can fuel play-to-earn gaming models. Players would always require a minimum of three Axies before engaging in an online duel with another player.

In the game Axie Infinity, you can engage in combat with non-player characters. New players must purchase Axies from the market for the cryptocurrency equivalent of roughly $1,500. The creators of the game, Sky Mavis, have unveiled their unique digital wallet, which you may link to the application. The Ronin wallet could also be used to buy Axies.

Reward tokens — SLP

When you play Axie Infinity in battle or adventure mode, there are specific ways to earn an  SLP, sometimes known as a little love potion. SLP is an ERC-20 utility token with the same value as other cryptocurrencies that can be purchased and sold on a decentralized exchange.

The value of an SLP against the US dollar has underperformed and declined significantly over the past year compared to AXS. In contrast to AXS, which has a 270 million token supply cap, SLP has no cap on the number of tokens that can be produced in the future.

The value of SLP has been significantly impacted by the ambiguity surrounding its future supply, and concerns over its stability have left many people wondering what will happen next. Recently, Sky Mavis has changed the emission rate in several ways, and future adjustments will likely modify the SLP value significantly, depending on governance votes.

Virtual Land

The Axie motherland, Lunacia, is built up of tokenized digital land parcels called Terra. The player Axies will use it as their operational hub.

These virtual territories are designed so players can buy, rent, and develop them even as the gameplay is still being developed. Virtual landowners will have access to AXS tokens and various resources that sprout in nodes throughout Lunacia.

Resources can be used to upgrade Axies and land. The idea significantly impacts the game's future and prepares the road for ongoing popularity, even if it is still in its early stages.

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Current AXS price index over time

The AXS price soared in the summer of 2021 and then again in early October 2021, when Axie Infinity's designers revealed that 800,000 AXS tokens had been issued to customers who had played the game before October 26, 2020. At the time, those tokens were valued at more than $60 million.

Early in October 2021, Sky Mavis also disclosed that it had raised $152 million in a Series B fundraising round, sponsored by the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, for a $3 billion valuation.

Additionally, the business unveiled a staking feature for AXS that allowed users to earn rewards and acquire governance voting rights by locking up their tokens.

The highest AXS price as of January 2022 was $164.90, registered in early November 2021. Starting in 2023, it will cost less than $1.

The total number of AXS is 270 million. Player rewards will make up 20% of the supply, staking rewards will make up 29%, and the game's developers at Sky Mavis will gradually allocate about 20% over several years. The remaining funds have either been allocated to private, and public sales or are held in reserve to expand the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

How to buy Axie Infinity in a few simple steps

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To transact, you'll need a valid ID and proof of address, so make sure you have these on hand. Depending on where you reside, verifying your ID may take longer than a few minutes.

  • Go to Instant Buy page

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  • Select Axie Infinity from the list of assets

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  • Enter the amount you want to buy

Use the number pad to input the amount you want to spend in USD. The app will automatically convert that into an AXS amount you can receive. You can also select the premade values instead of your custom value. 

  • Finalize your purchase

Tap “Buy” when ready. You’ll be shown the details of your purchase. Make sure to double check the details and then confirm your purchase. That’s it, you’ve bought AXS.

Where to buy Axie Infinity with credit card

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Axie Infinity(AXS) price history

AXS's price has experienced quite a trip since entering the cryptocurrency market, rising from lows of $0.10 to highs of approximately $164.90. However, due to AXS's volatility, which has caused surges and collapses along the way, its price moves haven't always been smooth.

The demand for staking and purchasing Axies, the number of players in the Axie Infinity game, changes in the rest of the cryptocurrency market, and general economic conditions have all impacted the AXS price trend. The market's equilibrium between supply and demand determines its current valuation, which is dynamic.


What are blockchain games?

A blockchain game is a type of game that uses components of blockchain technologies based on cryptography. It is sometimes referred to as an NFT game or a crypto game.

Most frequently, the blockchain components in these games involve the usage of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which players can purchase, sell, or trade with other players. The game publisher takes a fee from each transaction as a monetization method.

What is an NFT token?

An NFT is a type of financial security made out of digital data on a distributed ledger known as a blockchain. An NFT's ownership is documented in the blockchain and is transferrable by the owner, enabling the sale and trading of NFTs.

Can I trade AXS to USD on CEX.IO?

CEX.IO provides a convenient and safe location for cryptocurrency trading. After creating an account, you may instantly purchase cryptocurrencies using your debit or credit card, deposit funds in fiat currency, and trade cryptocurrencies using market and limit orders.

To place an order on CEX.IO:

  1. Go to the Spot Trading page.
  2. Choose a pair corresponding to the fiat money you deposited from the list on the left of the screen.
  3. Choose the type of order.

With a market order, you can purchase or sell cryptocurrency at the going rate. Such charges are immediately filled.

When you place a limit order, you designate the price you want to buy or sell your cryptocurrency. Limiting orders are filled when the price hits the desired level or higher.

  • If you want to place a market buy order, select the Market tab:

Then type in how much fiat money you want to spend. The projected quantity of cryptocurrency you will receive is calculated automatically and displayed in the next field.

  • If you wish to place a limit order, open the Limit tab:

Then specify the price at which your order will be fulfilled after entering the quantity you wish to purchase. Click Place Order to finish. Your limit order will be completed, and coins or fiat money will be added to your balance when the price hits the predetermined level.

What are the CEX.IO trade fees? 

Depending on your trade volume, the charge for maker orders might range from 0.16 percent to 0 percent.

A maker order increases market liquidity. Since there isn't a matching order available, the order cannot be immediately executed. This order promotes liquidity by increasing the volume already accessible on the market. 

A taker order depletes the market of liquidity. This order can be immediately matched with another already available on the market. As a result, the order is fulfilled, and its volume is taken out of the market, depleting its liquidity.

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