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How to Buy Ripple with PayPal on CEX.IO

As a regulated and established crypto ecosystem, CEX.IO features numerous payment methods to purchase Ripple. One of the supported funding methods is PayPal, and, in this guide, we’ll explore how to buy Ripple via a PayPal account.

Before diving in, remember that:

  • Users must complete identity verification to access PayPal for crypto purchases.
  • PayPal is currently available only for U.S. customers.
  • PayPal accounts must be linked to CEX.IO to use this payment method on the platform. Only one (1) PayPal account may be linked at a time.

Linking a PayPal account to CEX.IO

Eligible customers can link their PayPal accounts using our website or mobile app. Let's explore the process on the web:

  1. Go to the Wallet dashboard, and switch to Account Manager.
  2. Choose PayPal from the list of available payment methods.
  3. Log in to your PayPal account to add it to CEX.IO.

Find more details, including how to link a PayPal account via CEX.IO App, explore this guide.

Buying Ripple via PayPal

After connecting a dedicated PayPal account to CEX.IO, users can utilize the Instant Buy service to purchase Ripple. With this service, customers can buy XRP with a credit card, Google/Apple Pay, PayPal, and other payment methods in a few clicks. 

To use Instant Buy on the CEX.IO website, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Instant Buy page.
  • Select Ripple from the dropdown list of supported digital assets. 
  • Enter the amount to buy/spend, or choose one of the predefined packs. Then, click Buy to proceed.
  • Select PayPal from the payment methods menu.
  • Click Log in with PayPal and use the linked account details to enter. You’ll be returned to the payment methods menu after completing this step.
  • From there, choose PayPal as a payment method once again, and click Buy with PayPal.
  • Specify the preferred funding method from your PayPal account, and confirm the purchase.

Once the transaction concludes, the purchased amount of XRP will appear in your online crypto wallet on CEX.IO. By utilizing the robust features of CEX.IO Wallet, individuals can monitor their cryptocurrency holdings, facilitate transfers to external wallets, and convert digital assets to alternative cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

After the purchase, users can also explore XRP markets such as XRP to USD on CEX.IO Spot Trading. This trading platform empowers users to take advantage of deep liquidity and access a XRP price chart with numerous technical analysis tools. More information about crypto trading through our Spot Trading platform can be found here.

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