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Ripple (XRP) Price Chart 

If you’ve been looking for an accurate XRP price representation in real-time, look no further! Because on this page you will find a highly precise and user-friendly depiction of a ripple price over time. This chart has proven itself to be useful for both intraday traders and long-time holders. It reflects a variety of trends and timeframe parameters that will help to determine the profitable conditions for taking advantage of the market swings on the XRP coin. You can easily look through different fiat currency pairs compared to ripple in order to analyze and make informed trading decisions within various markets. For example, xrp to usd is one of the most popular pairs. Alternatively, the majority of traders consider exploring positions in crypto to crypto pairs like xrp to btc. The price chart is super-easy to understand and navigate as it’s tailored to the needs of both laptop and mobile users. 

About Ripple (XRP) 

For those who have been following the cryptocurrency markets recently or over a few years, Ripple is probably one of the most “famous” celebrities across the now versatile crypto world. What is interesting about this token is that it’s quite different from bitcoin and the like, although it was issued a long time ago - in 2012. That was only three years after the first bitcoin. However, the XRP coin which is often referred to as Ripple, proceeds transactions much faster than Bitcoin, doesn’t require loads of computational power, and is being distributed in a whole different way. As a Ripple executive once said, you can’t put the whole world on the blockchain. But what is crypto if it’s not built upon a blockchain, you might ask? That’s a very important question. So, if you’re already excited to find out about how XRP works, what is Ripple after all, and what made it so popular, continue reading! 

What is Ripple (XRP) Ripple 

Inc is a payment solutions company based in the USA. This company participated in issuing, marketing, and selling the cryptocurrency token called XRP. When they first minted XRP, it wasn’t a digital token positioning itself as currency, unlike most of the cryptocurrencies. There was no ICO and no first-brick coin. So, what was it then? There’s a very thought-provoking twist in this story. Turns out that Ripple Inc issued all the possible amounts of XRP all at once! It’s noteworthy that the transactions with XRP are being approved by a distributed system of validators, yet honestly, it’s almost the only similarity with other crypto coins. What’s more, the network called RippleNet (of which Ripple themselves hold about 16%) continues issuing new XRP regularly and buying them back in case if the market demand doesn’t need another 1 billion tokens for the annual circulation. 

What’s unique about XRP 

With Ripple, initially, it wasn’t all about cryptocurrencies and revolutionizing the world. Although, in a way, it was but not as loud and show-offish as with bitcoin. Here’s a thing. In our daily lives, we do not bother what happens after we send and receive the transactions. It just happens. But if you climb a level further, you’ll see that the banks exchanging money with other banks had to come up with a way of doing it fast enough to serve the needs of the customers of our day and age. Back in the day, the banks were sending the blocks (the old blockchain!) of transactions to higher authorities like central banks and they were approving it at the end of each banking day. Then there was a SWIFT system. The fact that it comprises the word Telecommunication tells you that this must be such an outdated system for today’s transactional load (165,000 transactions a second by Visa alone - as stated by Ripple). 

The innovative transactional solution

 And Ripple offered a new technological solution for exchanging transactions between the banks. It was faster, cheaper, and more secure than SWIFT. Of course, many banks across the world jumped on this train. The difference is that, instead of exchanging currencies to the dollars and back as it’s traditionally done in international payment systems, banks would exchange those to XRP and instantly swap values with no added fees, time, intermediaries. They could even deal with assets like oil and gold this way. All within seconds of time. So, at that time, you couldn’t just go to the cryptocurrency exchange and buy ripple for dollars. It was a purely institutional and hard to comprehend thing-in-itself. Then, in February 2013 XRP tokens entered the market and experienced a huge price boom, after which they stabilized at a lower price compared to the ripple xrp historical price. 

Some more functional differences 

In fact, not all services from Ripple require XRP to function. Some institutions still use their remittance systems and real-time gross settlement system. And XRP tokens are part of Ripple’s on-demand liquidity service. But XRP heated the interest of the public due to a few reasonable differences from bitcoin. BIt’s not an independent system, but these tokens are overseen by a private company. The new ledger pieces are writing into the network every 3-5 seconds, which is even faster than Ethereum. The network runs upon a consensus algorithm among the permissioned validator nodes. Only UNL-approved validators can participate. Total supply of 100 billion XRP is already in circulation. Smart contracts (escrow) instead of a proof-of-work. No mining, no computational power needed. No rewards and competition since XRP are fully regulated by RippleNet. Low ripple xrp to cash price, controlled supply.

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Current Ripple XRP price index number 

Ripple price has been relatively stable over the years, showing usually but $1 values. It’s all-time high was recorded in January 2018 at quite 3 euros (for more details, check our xrp to eur chart). As for the trade volume, there have been two major strikes in December 2017 and November 2019. To conduct a more accurate ripple to cash price analysis, you can compare the current price of ripple with its historical prices. 

Ripple XRP price history 

Whether you like trading crypto to crypto or crypto/fiat pairs like xrp to gbp, monitoring the historical price movements may be a classical method of researching a specific price trend and analyzing during which direction it would go next. By looking at our Ripple price chart, you can choose various timeframes and see how the price history has been moving in those periods. 

What influences XRP price

 When you sit all the way down to formulate a specific opinion about Ripple’s price fluctuations, you wish to think about multiple variables that affect its market value. Most of those variables apply to all or any the remainder of the crypto coins in addition. First of all, it’s about the dimensions of the demand and supply. Moreover, you wish to observe not only current demand but also past and future characteristics. Regulations that impact cryptocurrencies are a large indicator of their price swings. a number of the foremost important indicators also include capitalization, trading volume, highest vs lowest prices, etc.

How to buy Ripple (XRP) on CEX.IO 

Not all exchanges that come across as the best bitcoin trading platform offer the feature of direct buy of XRP, luring you into exchanging fiat to crypto multiple times before you can even start trading or holding the coins you prefer. However, here at CEX.IO the entire process boils right down to some simple steps which will take you now not than some minutes of your time. H3 Instant buy The fastest and easiest way to obtain XRP is just the same as a way how to buy bitcoin with a credit card. Meaning, you'll be able to buy Ripple through our Instant Buy feature. All you would like to try and do is create an account and add the payment method. Then, you'll buy XRP by paying with your Visa or Mastercard. You’ve got an option to buy XRP both straight from the card, and additionally as by using the funds from your CEX.IO account. 

 Trade with market and limit orders 

Once you have got your account here at CEX.IO you have options to place limit and market orders with XRP. Market orders will execute straight away for the present price. As for limit orders, you'll be able to set the price of your choice. The order will execute in the occasion the market hits your suggested values.

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