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What is OP and how to buy it?

Optimism is a layer 2 (L2) solution created to improve the scalability, speed, and cost-effectiveness of transactions on the Ethereum network. 

It aims to connect all Ethereum-powered networks using shared code, and act as a centralized hub for all linked networks to interact through one channel, called Superchain. 

OP is the native governance token for the Optimism blockchain. Token holders can use OP to pay transaction fees, and participate in decision-making processes related to the network’s development and operations. 

Here’s how to buy OP with a credit or debit card instantly on CEX.IO. 

Where to buy OP? 

OP is available to buy through our crypto exchange platform, an inclusive ecosystem welcoming both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers. 

Interested parties can obtain OP via our Spot Trading platform with several fiat currencies and stablecoins, including: 

  • EUR
  • USD
  • USDT

For those looking to enter the market, our intuitive Instant Buy feature allows eligible users to buy crypto seamlessly with PayPal (exclusively for U.S. residents), Apple Pay, Google Pay, E-wallets (Neteller and Skrill), bank transfer, or a preferred bank card (Visa or Mastercard).

Disclaimer: Some payment methods may be unavailable in your jurisdiction. Conduct thorough research before registering at CEX.IO. 

Besides OP, enthusiasts can buy bitcoin, ETH, XRP, ADA, SOL and other popular cryptocurrencies. 

Finally, verified customers looking to expand their portfolios beyond trading, can explore our other services like staking crypto or savings.  

Note: The availability of cryptocurrencies and CEX.IO services, including staking and savings, may differ between jurisdictions. Users are encouraged to conduct thorough research before proceeding with the registration procedure with CEX.IO. 

Buy Optimism

How to buy OP at CEX.IO?

The fastest way to obtain OP is via Instant Buy. This empowers users to fund their CEX.IO crypto wallet by following a few simple steps: 

  1. Register at CEX.IO.
  2. Verify your account by providing ID information and photos of requested documents.
  3. Navigate to Instant Buy, located under Products on the homepage.
  4. Choose a preferred fiat currency (EUR, GBP, USD).
  5. Select OP from the list of available cryptocurrencies.
  6. Determine the amount you wish to spend.
  7. Choose a credit or debit card as your preferred payment method.
  8. Confirm the purchase with your card issuer.

How to buy OP with a credit or debit card?

Eligible users looking to use their credit and debit cards to purchase OP must first link a card to their CEX.IO account, which may be accomplished via Instant Buy. This will prompt a pop-up page requesting the following details:

  • Card number (16-digit number from the front)
  • CVV (three-digit number from the back)
  • Label (an optional custom name of the card)
  • Expiration date 

After entering the card details, customers can make this payment method available across our product ecosystem by clicking Add Card. Depending on the card issuer, users may receive a one-time password, or OTP, to complete future transactions. The instructions above may be used to complete purchases with credit and debit cards for all eligible listings offered in your region. 

Note: The process of purchasing crypto with a credit or debit card is the same whether you Buy USDT, OP, BTC, or any other digital asset available in your respective jurisdiction. 


How to buy OP in the U.S.? 

OP is not currently available for the U.S.-based users. However, members from this jurisdiction may explore our list of supported currencies and choose alternative pathways that best align with their portfolio objectives. 

In addition to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE), U.S. residents can buy USDC and other stablecoins pegged to USD, such as Tether (USDT) and Gemini Dollar (GUSD). 

How to store OP tokens?

Users can store OP in cryptocurrency wallets (mobile, software, or hardware). It is crucial to ensure that a chosen wallet is compatible with OP and offers robust security features, such as multi-factor authentication, before adding funds, or transfering digital assets. 

How to check Optimism (OP) prices on CEX.IO?

Participants can monitor current crypto prices in multiple ways. The most intuitive way to track an asset’s performance is through CEX.IO Wallet, or via our recently revamped iOS and Android apps. 

Alternatively, users can monitor OP markets on our cryptocurrency platform, CEX.IO Spot Trading