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Instant Guide to Buying Mantle with a Credit or Debit Card

The Mantle Network is a layer-2 blockchain built on top of Ethereum. It aims to provide participants with a cheaper, accessible gateway to store and retrieve data while potentially offering lower gas fees, improved throughput, reduced latency, and a more user-friendly experience. 

MNT is the native cryptocurrency of the Mantle Network, where it serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem. MNT has been a strong performer in the cryptocurrency market, reaching an all-time high (ATH) in March 2024. 

In this article, we explore Mantle and how to buy MTL with a credit or debit card instantly on CEX.IO

About Mantle

The Mantle Network aims to address common issues associated with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, such as scalability, throughput, and high gas fees. Unlike traditional blockchains that attempt to handle everything in one place, Mantle aims to combat these challenges by separating functions like execution, consensus, and storage into different modules.. 

While the Mantle Network is a pioneer in the modular blockchain space, it’s also worth noting that it’s not the only one. Aztec Connect, Base, and Manta (MANTA), which is also available on CEX.IO, explore similar modular designs to achieve faster and more secure transactions. 

Moreover, Mantle is EVM compatible, meaning developers can effortlessly deploy existing Ethereum smart contracts on the network, making it a familiar environment. 

As a utility token, MNT fuels the Mantle Network by paying for the gas required to process transactions on the network. Similar to the CEX.IO staking functionality, which allows participants to potentially earn crypto rewards from allocating a portion of their crypto holdings, node operators can stake MNT tokens and receive network rewards. 

Disclaimer: MNT is currently not available for staking at CEX.IO. Before joining our program, we advise interested parties to conduct due diligence and explore other staking opportunities. 

Finally, Mantle’s native token facilitates voting on proposals that shape the future of the ecosystem. MNT holders have a say in important decisions, such as protocol upgrades and fee structures.

How to buy MNT with a credit or debit card on CEX.IO? 

CEX.IO allows eligible participants to seamlessly buy, sell, store, trade, and exchange crypto across various gateways. 

Instant Buy, accessible via both web browsers and the mobile crypto app, offers the most intuitive way to acquire MNT. Here’s how to buy MNT with a credit or debit card instantly on CEX.IO: 

  1. Head to the Instant Buy section. 
  2. Select MNT among the listed cryptocurrencies. 
  3. Choose your preferred fiat currency for the purchase (USD, EUR, GBP).
  4. Decide on a pre-bundled purchase amount or enter your desired amount.
  5. Select credit/debit card as a preferred payment method.
  6. Double-check all the transaction details before confirming your MTL purchase.

Please note: Once your MNT purchase is complete, it may take a short while for the tokens to be reflected in your CEX.IO crypto wallet. You can access your wallet and check the balance for the arrival of your MNT tokens.


How to track the value of MNT on CEX.IO? 

For comprehensive market analysis, interested enthusiasts can explore our cryptocurrency prices page. This resource provides real-time data on MNT, including its current market performance, 24-hour trading volume, and market capitalization.

What alternative payment methods can I use for obtaining MNT on CEX.IO? 

In addition to credit and debit cards, eligible customers can buy crypto with Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and bank transfers (SEPA, SWIFT.) Please note that the availability of digital assets and funding methods differ between jurisdictions. 

What is the CEX.IO card?

Residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) can enjoy effortless use of their crypto holdings via the CEX.IO crypto debit card. This virtual card seamlessly connects to the CEX.IO crypto wallet, allowing for both in-store and online purchases, empowering users to pay with crypto at their fingertips.

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