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How to Buy MANTA with a Credit or Debit Card Instantly in CEX.IO 

The Manta Network is a privacy-focused blockchain built for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. ZK technology enables transaction verification without revealing all the details, potentially providing an extra layer of privacy.

MANTA is the utility token of the Manta Network ecosystem. It is used to pay transaction fees and allows token holders to vote on the network's governance proposals, and influence the project's direction. 

Crypto enthusiasts can obtain MANTA on CEX.IO, a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy crypto in the U.S., as well as over 150 other countries worldwide. Read on as we explore how to buy MANTA with a credit or debit card on CEX.IO instantly. 

Manta Network modular design

Manta Network consists of two separate blockchains, each serving a different purpose:

  • Manta Atlantic
  • Manta Pacific

Manta Atlantic is a layer 1 blockchain built on Polkadot, whose DOT utility token is also available on CEX.IO. This platform prioritizes privacy and is designed for decentralized applications (dApps) to require greater confidentiality for participants. 

Manta Pacific is a layer 2 scaling solution powered by the Ethereum network. It uses the second most prominent blockchain infrastructure while potentially offering increased scalability and lower transaction fees for ZK-based applications. 

Both Manta Atlantic and Pacific consist of independent components that can be swapped or upgraded without impacting the entire system. Such a modular approach can potentially improve the network's flexibility, reach, and efficiency. 

Where to buy MANTA? 

Curious participants can acquire MANTA on various crypto exchanges, including CEX.IO, which offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services for both new and seasoned enthusiasts. 

CEX.IO provides numerous pathways to obtain the Manta Network's native token. Interested parties can buy MANTA through Instant Buy or our dedicated mobile app for crypto exchange (iOS and Android). Alternatively, customers can explore Spot Trading and trade MANTA against USD and USDT. 

Buy Manta Network

How to buy MANTA on CEX.IO? 

The most intuitive way to acquire MANTA is through Instant Buy. This feature is tailored with beginners in mind and allows users to seamlessly obtain cryptocurrencies by linking their credit and debit cards with a free crypto wallet, courtesy of CEX.IO. 

Here's how to buy MANTA with a credit or debit card via Instant Buy: 

  1. Register and verify your account.
  2. Navigate to Instant Buy from the dashboard.
  3. Select the preferred fiat currency you'll use for the purchase.
  4. Choose MANTA from the list of available assets.
  5. Pick the amount you wish to spend to obtain MANTA and ensure it aligns with your financial appetites. 
  6. Select a credit/debit card as the preferred method of payment and initiate the transaction.
  7. Ensure all details and in order and confirm the purchase.

Disclaimer: Please note that MANTA is currently not available for U.S.-based customers. 

Accepted payment methods to purchase MANTA

In addition to credit and debit cards, CEX.IO supports a variety of payment methods to provide our customers with maximum convenience when acquiring the desired digital assets. Eligible users can buy crypto with a bank transfer, e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller), and mobile-supported payment processors (Google Pay and Apple Pay). 

Disclaimer: Please note that your payment methods may vary depending on where you live and whether your account is verified. For instance, only U.S.-based customers can buy crypto with PayPal. Please visit this page for more on payment methods. 


How can I track MANTA prices on CEX.IO? 

Those interested in staying abreast of the latest MANTA price, and gain insights about the asset’s performance can explore our cryptocurrency live prices

Can I stake MANTA on CEX.IO? 

Unfortunately, staking MANTA is currently not available on CEX.IO. However, those looking to stake crypto and potentially earn up to 30% rewards can explore our list of supported cryptocurrencies for staking, including Solana (SOL), Tezos (XTZ), Cardano (ADA), and Polkadot (DOT). 

What is the CEX.IO crypto debit card? 

The CEX.IO crypto debit card allows eligible customers in the EEA to seamlessly access their crypto wallet balance for in-person or online transactions, empowering crypto lovers to pay for services and goods at their convenience.