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Instant IQ Purchase: Guide on How to Use Your Credit or Debit Card

IQ cryptocurrency, also represented by the ticker IQ, is associated with the IQ project, encompassing a range of applications, including IQ.wiki, IQ GPT, and IQ.social. The IQ project aims to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to make understanding and interacting with cryptocurrency and blockchain information more seamless. 

In this article, we explore IQ and how to obtain it with a credit and debit card instantly. Read below for more. 

About IQ 

IQ token serves both utility and governance purposes, and supports various applications and services within the IQ ecosystem. Like MakerDAO and its Maker (MKR) token, participants can stake IQ tokens and have a say in how the platform evolves through the governing body, BrainDAO. 

The IQ project itself focuses on knowledge and information. It aims to break down complex crypto and blockchain concepts for straightforward grasp through various applications, such as: 

  • IQ.wiki – Blockchain and cryptocurrency encyclopedia, aiming for high accuracy and transparency. 
  • IQ GPT – An AI-powered assistant that uses IQ.wiki knowledge base to potentially provide users with real-time insights and reliable information on industry terms and trends. 
  • IQ.social – A social forum powered by AI explicitly designed for crypto news and insights. It allows users to discuss and learn about the latest industry developments. 

IQ aims to reshape how crypto enthusiasts access and understand information, similar to how Chainlink (LINK) bridges the gap between blockchains and real-world data, to potentially foster a more informed and interconnected crypto ecosystem. 

Where to buy IQ? 

IQ is available on various centralized exchanges (CEXs), including CEX.IO, which provides enthusiasts with numerous gateways to buy, sell, store, and trade this cryptocurrency, as well as 200+ other digital assets. 

As a regulated crypto venue, CEX.IO allows curious participants to buy cryptocurrency in the U.S. and over 222 countries worldwide through web browser platform or a dedicated mobile app for crypto payments (iOS and Android). 

In addition to buying, selling, storing, and converting various cryptocurrencies, verified CEX.IO users can potentially earn crypto through a range of services and features, like crypto savings and staking. 

Disclaimer: The CEX.IO Savings and Staking features may be restricted in certain areas. We advise our customers to conduct their due diligence prior to registering with our platform.   

How to buy IQ with a credit or debit card on CEX.IO?

Once registered, users receive a free cryptocurrency wallet conferred by CEX.IO. This allows them to acquire, store, sell, trade, or convert IQ into other digital assets listed on our platform.

Tailored to beginners, Instant Buy is the most intuitive pathway to obtain IQ on CEX.IO. It's like buying anything else online - just register, pick your amount, and checkout. Here are the required steps to obtain IQ with a credit and debit card on CEX.IO via Instant Buy: 

  1. Sign up with the CEX.IO.
  2. Verify your account.
  3. Navigate to Instant Buy.
  4. Select the preferred currency you wish to use for the purchase.
  5. Pick IQ from the list of available assets.
  6. Determine the amount you want to spend for acquiring IQ or select from the available denominations.
  7. Choose credit/debit card as the preferred payment method.
  8. Enter card details.
  9. Review transaction details before initiating the transaction.
  10. Confirm the purchase.

In addition to Instant Buy, CEX.IO offers numerous avenues for obtaining various digital assets, such as Spot Trading. Using this feature, interested parties can trade IQ against fiat currencies (USD) and stablecoins (USDT), thus providing greater flexibility for users to manage their IQ holdings. 

Spot Trading allows users to set specific buy and sell orders, giving them more control over the price they pay for IQ compared to Instant Buy, which executes trades at current market valuations. This can be beneficial for users who want to enter or exit their IQ positions strategically.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading may carry risks. Prices can fluctuate rapidly, leading to inexperienced traders losing their cash balance. Before trading IQ or any other asset on CEX.IO, we advise customers to thoroughly research the project and conduct their own due diligence to mitigate potential losses. 


How to track the price of IQ on CEX.IO? 

IQ enthusiasts can track the real-time value, as well as the current market cap and trading volume of this cryptocurrency, through our cryptocurrency prices list

What alternative methods can I use to buy IQ on CEX.IO?

Beside credit and debit cards, eligible users can buy crypto with a bank transfer (SEPA, SWIFT), e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller), Google Pay and Apple Pay. Note that the availability of specific payment methods may differ between jurisdictions. 

What other cryptocurrencies can I buy on CEX.IO beyond IQ?

In addition to IQ, crypto enthusiasts can choose among 200+ different digital assets listed on CEX.IO. Those interested in building a base with established cryptos can purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) or explore stablecoins like USDT and USDC for price stability. Alternatively, eligible users can buy altcoins to potentially tap into higher growth opportunities (but be aware that these can be more volatile).

What is the CEX.IO crypto card? 

CEX.IO crypto debit card is currently available to European Economic Area (EEA) users. This card functions just like a regular debit card, allowing customers to spend their crypto at millions of merchants worldwide. Participants can seamlessly top up their card with funds from their CEX.IO account using various methods, including bank transfers, fiat deposits, and even other cryptocurrencies.

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