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How to Buy Injective (INJ)

What is the Injective Protocol and INJ coin?

The Injective Protocol (INJ) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, whose goal is to ensure seamless trading of derivatives and other financial products across different blockchains. 

It provides users with a decentralized exchange (DEX) experience, with minimal fees and high liquidity. Its native token INJ allows holders to play a critical role in governance, which in turn empowers them to shape the platform’s future developments. Users can check INJ’s price, including other live crypto prices, on CEX.IO.

Where can I buy INJ?

The INJ token is readily available on numerous reputable crypto exchanges and platforms. One such ecosystem is CEX.IO, where eligible participants can buy crypto with Skrill, and other payment methods. Customers can also sell, convert, and trade INJ on CEX.IO against USDT, USD, and EUR within minutes. 

Founded in 2013, CEX.IO is a comprehensive ecosystem of crypto products and services that has served more than six million users worldwide. The platform is home to a plethora of ways to interact with the emerging digital economy, including cryptocurrency staking*, and crypto savings accounts*. It caters to both those who may have crypto knowledge under their belt, and those who are yet to discover the possibilities within the vast crypto landscape.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, our ecosystem features straightforward ways to acquire, sell, or trade INJ through a preferred web browser or via CEX.IO App. 

Besides INJ, our crypto trading platform, CEX.IO Spot Trading, is home to more than 300 markets, and features advanced order types, multiple sub-accounts, deep liquidity, and more.

*CEX.IO Staking and CEX.IO Savings are currently not available in the U.S. Check the list of supported jurisdictions here.

Buy Injective

Available payment methods to purchase INJ on CEX.IO

A variety of payment methods integrate seamlessly with a verified CEX.IO account, and may be used to purchase INJ. The required steps are straightforward, and outlined below. In the meantime, here are examples of the available payment methods for crypto transactions within our ecosystem:

  • E-wallets;
  • Bank transfers;
  • Credit/Debit cards;
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Please keep in mind that regional restrictions may limit the availability of these payment methods. Regardless, when it comes to acquiring INJ at CEX.IO, our Instant Buy and Convert features available in our crypto wallet are two of the most popular avenues. Below is a detailed description of how to purchase INJ using Instant Buy.

Step-by-step guide on how to buy INJ on CEX.IO

Using our intuitive Instant Buy service is among the most straightforward ways to buy INJ with a credit or debit card across our ecosystem. Here are the necessary steps to do so effortlessly:

  • Navigate to Instant Buy;
  • Select INJ from the list of available currencies;
  • Enter the amount you wish to purchase and click Buy;
  • From the Add Funds page, click Select Payment Method to choose between a linked card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay to proceed;
  • After conducting a personal risk assessment, and verifying all transaction information, confirm your purchase. 

How to buy INJ and other cryptocurrencies in the U.S.

Unfortunately, INJ is not available at this time for U.S.-based users. However,  customers can still buy crypto in the U.S., with over 30+ other vetted assets currently listed.  

Creating an account and getting verified is the first step toward utilizing our ecosystem of crypto products and services. Our members from this region should have their Social Security Number and a government-issued ID ready beforehand to help expedite the process.

After completing the verification process, users unlock the ability to pair a debit or credit card with their CEX.IO account to purchase available digital assets.

Once a card is paired with a CEX.IO account, users can choose it among other available payment methods to complete crypto transactions. Similarly, both payment methods are available in our Instant Buy service and CEX.IO Wallet via the mobile app, or through a preferred web browser. 


How to find the cheapest way to buy INJ?

The price of INJ is in constant flux due to a variety of market forces, and must be reevaluated in real-time to determine the advantage of a given transaction. Adding to this, the current trading volume, choice of deposit methods, exchange fees, and network gas fees can all contribute to the price of INJ.

Comparing the historical and current prices from a trusted crypto guide, like CEX.IO, can help establish if the time is right to enter or exit the market. 

How to ensure the safety of transactions when buying INJ?

Buying INJ from a reputable cryptocurrency exchange such as CEX.IO is generally considered safe. However, it is critical to perform a personal risk assessment, and compare competing platforms before trading any crypto. 

What are the fees to buy INJ?

The fees associated with buying NJ vary depending on the cryptocurrency exchange of your choice. These fees may include network transaction fees, deposit/withdrawal fees, trading fees, etc. 

How to buy INJ with a bank account?

Users from eligible jurisdictions can buy crypto with a bank account, such as INJ, using fiat deposits.  To learn more about the payment methods available in your region, visit our Limits and Commissions page.