BTC-RUB Exchange with Proven Reputation

Many online cryptocurrency exchanges existing in the market now provide their users with exchange service for various cryptocurrencies. However, in the online environment, it is of high importance to be able to identify a reliable service you can trust. Among the services providing an opportunity to convert BTC to RUB and vice versa, CEX.IO has gained a reputation of a reliable partner. Present on the market since 2013, the online exchange has already won recognition of over 2,000,000 users around the globe.

At CEX.IO, we also pay great attention to the security of your funds. Whether you come to us to buy BTC for RUB or any other fiat money, you can be sure nobody else can get access to your account. With this in mind, we always encourage our users to enable two factor authentication to access their accounts. It significantly decreases the risk of an account being taken over by anybody. In its turn, it ensures that the users always have access to their funds and DO NOT lose anything. So, a substantial part of positive feedback on the exchange activities comes as a result of attention given to security issues.

Bitcoin to RUB Safely

At CEX.IO, converting Bitcoin to RUB is always conducted under highly safe conditions. With CEX.IO, one can be sure that the transaction is executed under conditions of advanced data encryption. It helps us to ensure that users’ information is stored in accordance with the international rules and any leak of information is prevented. An important proof of users’ data security is the PCI DSS level 2 certificate. The mere fact that the exchange has been functioning since 2013 and there have been NO cases of customers losing their money proves that the platform may be trusted.

The platform also works in compliance with the AML/KYC rules, so you can be sure that third parties will NEVER receive information about you. Aside of the compliance with the external regulations, the service has developed its own security system that is constantly being improved. This serves as an additional proof that the platform is a reliable partner in the activities that relate to exchanging BTC to RUR or any other trading pairs.

Instant Money Transfers for BTC-RUR Operations

While working with any online exchange, security is a critical issue, but convenience and variety of options also play an important role. So, we do everything possible to ensure that you have convenient options for deposits and withdrawals of your funds. The easiest and most effective tool to send your money to our platform is using credit cards. We support both debit and credit cards issued by Mastercard and Visa. And you can ensure that using your card for crypto purchases on CEX.IO is just as easy as any online purchase.

Instant card withdrawals are also available, and using your card for withdrawals ensures you get your money fast.

With the whole range of activities aimed at ensuring security and safety of your funds and data, and convenient payment options, you can use CEX.IO for your benefit and make no doubt about your data safety.