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Today’s cryptocurrency menu features VELO. Join us below as we take a deep dive into the history of this cryptocurrency, and how it works, plus a closer look at where to source this and other cryptocurrency prices. Here we go. 

What is VELO?

VELO claims to be a “revolutionary cryptocurrency that aims to transform the way crypto enthusiasts store and transfer value worldwide.” It’s based on innovative Bluming technology, which makes use of human-like intelligence to power a secure, fast, and efficient digital currency.

Thanks to a novelty approach, Velo’s goal is to create a user-friendly platform for seamless financial transactions, by combining the advantages of traditional financial systems and cryptocurrencies. The project claims that its main mission is to “create an inclusive digital economy, empowering people to exchange value across borders without limitations and in a secure manner.”

Enabling efficient and cost-effective real-time transactions is one of the ways in which VELO aims to achieve its goal. The project enables users to circumvent traditional financial institutions, and send and receive payments directly — worldwide.

As the utility token used within the Velo ecosystem, VELO serves a dual role. On the one hand, it represents an entrance requirement to the Velo Ecosystem. On the other hand, it serves as collateral. Additionally, VELO facilitates stable settlements and transfers value within the Velo network.

Velo network history

This project was initiated in 2018 by a team of experienced technology enthusiasts and finance professionals. The founding team aimed to create an inclusive digital economy and overcome financial barriers. In doing so, they recognized the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as effective tools in accomplishing this goal. 

Since 2018, the project has gained a wide range of supporters and partners, and made significant development progress. Today, it boasts a continuously growing community of investors and enthusiasts who believe in the Velo team’s vision. 

How Velo works

The groundbreaking Bluming technology is at the core of Velo. This artificial intelligence system is based on a unique algorithm that mimics human intelligence, which enables Velo to process transactions in real time. 

The Velo project purports to provide a transparent and secure platform for value exchange by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. Every transaction is recorded, and then verified in a decentralized ledger based on the blockchain, which ensures the system’s security and integrity.

Additionally, the project focuses on enabling fast transactions, with low costs. Velo allows for an instant transfer of value, unlike traditional financial systems, where transactions can take hours, and even days. Such speed is particularly attractive when it comes to trading digital assets, but also for international remittances. 

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Current VELO price index

When looking into VELO price prediction, most crypto enthusiasts begin by observing the asset’s current price trend. When doing so, it is essential to have access to the most up-to-date market information and price charts. 

CEX.IO’s Spot Trading platform serves as a one-stop-shop to acquire this information. However, more than a mere crypto trading platform and exchange, CEX.IO is a comprehensive ecosystem of crypto products and services. It is brimming with industry knowledge, know-how, and tricks of the trade that may be potentially beneficial to crypto enthusiasts. 

Additionally, users have access to live crypto prices, tutorials to better understand our product ecosystem, and educational materials to expand their crypto knowledge. Regardless of whether you’re looking to stay informed about VELO, or transact this cryptocurrency, CEX.IO is the place to make it happen.

VELO price history

When looking into the VELO historical price, several events concerning this protocol are noteworthy.

VELO reached an all-time-high (ATH) of $2.07 on March 8, 2021. Conversely, its all-time-low (ATL) of $0.001030 occurred on December 20, 2022. Velo’s market capitalization, as of April 4, 2024, is $68,336,940, with a circulating supply of 7,390,475,595 VELO tokens. 

Where to buy VELO

This cryptocurrency is widely available on numerous secure and longstanding crypto platforms and exchanges, including CEX.IO. In our ecosystem, you can buy, sell, convert, and trade VELO with USD and USDT almost instantly.

Our ecosystem has served more than six million users since its founding in 2013, and proudly continues to do so today. If you’re looking for a straightforward way to trade, sell, or buy this token effortlessly through an intuitive interface, CEX.IO could be the perfect solution. 

Among the numerous crypto transactions available within our ecosystem, you can buy USDT, set up an online crypto wallet, explore crypto savings* solutions, and even participate in staking crypto.* As of recently, it’s also possible to trade crypto in the U.S., thanks to our Spot Trading platform launching in this part of the world. 

*CEX.IO Staking and Savings are currently not available in the U.S. Check the list of supported jurisdictions here.

How to buy VELO at CEX.IO

You can buy VELO at CEX.IO by following a few straightforward steps. In doing so, a variety of payment methods could be at your disposal, such as:

  • Debit cards;
  • Credit cards;
  • E-wallets;
  • Bank transfers.

However, please note that these payment methods’ availability is subject to jurisdictional limitations. Regardless, CEX.IO provides two premier avenues for purchasing VELO: CEX.IO Wallet, and our Instant Buy service. 

Alternatively, you may also want to explore our recently redesigned premier crypto trading mobile app

How to buy VELO with CEX.IO Wallet

Follow these steps to buy VELO:

  • Log into your CEX.IO account (or create one and get verified);
  • Hover your cursor over the Products tab on the homepage;
  • Click on Wallet;
  • From the Wallet dashboard, scroll down and select VELO from the list of available cryptocurrencies;
  • Choose between Add Funds (if you haven’t made a deposit yet) or Convert (if you already have some funds on account) next to VELO;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the desired transaction.

How to buy VELO with CEX.IO’s Instant Buy service

Using Instant Buy is another way to acquire VELO on our platform:

  • Log into your CEX.IO account (or create one and get verified);
  • Hover your cursor over the Products tab on the homepage, and select Instant Buy;
  • Under You receive, click the drop-down arrow and select VELO from the list of available currencies, and the amount you wish to purchase;
  • Or, under the You pay field, enter the amount of VELO you wish to acquire in a preferred fiat currency;
  • Once you’re satisfied with the values, click Buy;
  • From the Add Funds page, click Select Payment Method to choose between card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay to proceed;
  • After conducting a personal risk assessment, and verifying all transaction information, confirm your purchase. 

Community and social media links

Learning more about this project and staying up-to-date on relevant Velo information in real time is also possible by observing the project’s social media presence and online community at the following links:

Where can you buy Velo?


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