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Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Chart

Performing XLM to cash price analysis is easy when you’ve got all the necessary instruments at hand. Feel free to use our Stellar (XLM) to cash price chart which streams the most relevant market data non-stop. You can also visit our cryptocurrency exchange whenever you want to make good use of your analysis and turn it into some trading action. You can also buy BTC directly from your account just in a few seconds of time.

To the left from the chart itself, you’ve got the search bar as well as the choice of markets to look through. For example, those could be all the pairs that are possible to display on the chart, major pairs (the most popular ones among the traders - like XLM to USD or XRP to USD), fiat, DeFi, and sector pairs. Some of them are also proof of stake (POS) coins, stables, and emerging cryptocurrencies. The dropdown list will show you the available pairs of the selected type of currencies and their most needed characteristics for the last 24 hours - current price, price change, and trade volume.

Visit our Spot Trading platform to study the price flow for the buy and sell trades as well as the current volume and the total volume. A log of recent buy and sell orders is added in real-time without refreshing the web page. The same goes for the Trade History which is displayed below. 

About XLM 

XLM coins were created as part of the Stellar payment network designed by the U.S. nonprofit organization called Stellar Development Foundation. Stellar is a digital protocol that allows banks to transfer assets in the fastest way possible while excluding multiple conversions of fiat currencies and commissions in between. The story of these coins started in 2014 and if you’d be absolutely right if you think that Stellar reminds you of Ripple. That’s also because it was founded by a co-founder of Ripple Jed McCaleb. 

What’s special about Stellar and XLM is that a variety of multinational companies trust specifically this network for developing their businesses further into the revolutionary economic realms of digital open finance systems that are not so widely explored yet. For example, Deloitte announced their intention of building a Deloitte Digital Bank on top of the Stellar network. Similarly, IBM partnered up with them to process remittance operations in the South Pacific region. Another prominent collaboration is with Samsung - Stellar (XLM) is be available on some Galaxy smartphones in the native blockchain keystore of the company. Most probably, these events caused the surge in the price of Stellar in early 2021.

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Current Stellar (XLM) price index

It is worth noting that the second-largest stablecoin USDC is running on a Stellar network, too. Due to this fact, XLM experienced a rise in prices. If you go to our chart and compare, let’s say, XLM to BTC market with the bitcoin to dollar market, you’ll notice the liquidity and the trends difference. That can help make informed decisions as you trade.

Stellar (XLM) price history

Conducting the analysis of the XLM price over time can become one of the most powerful instruments of cryptocurrency traders for assessing the current conditions as well as price trends for the future. For example, XLM historical price shows that the very first emission of XLM has come in the amount of 100 billion stellar lumens at a price of $0.002. Then, the price was swinging moderately at rather lower indicators. And just like the majority of other cryptocurrencies, XLM experienced its all-time high in 2018 with a maximum price of $0.73. The founders later had to burn around half of the coins to regulate their price. 

Buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) with CEX.IO

Here at CEX.IO, you can buy XLM either by using our Instant Buy service or by trading. In case of trading, you can execute orders at current market prices or set your prices in a limit order and wait while the market reaches those indicators. If you’re on the road and it’s not convenient to open up a laptop - it’s not a problem at all! Just download our mobile app and take advantage of its numerous opportunities. 

If you go to the Trade section on your CEX.IO App, you’ll see there are a few tabs to place trade orders. Here you’ll see all the available pairs and will be able to sort them out to your liking. If you tap on the pair it will show you a current price chart. From there you’ll be able to hit the Buy one Sell button and place your order. Thanks to the integration with CEX.IO Prime product, we are able to provide deep liquidity on all supported markets and your order can be executed very fast. However, if you’re waiting for the right moment of a certain price trend to begin and you don’t have time to watch the chart, you can place the limit order.

Summing up, the mobile version of CEX.IO exchange makes for hassle-free and efficient trading on the go. It doesn’t matter where you are - you don’t have to run to the computer screen every time you want to check prices or place an order. What’s more, not only you can have your trading at your fingertips but also closely monitor your current activities all on one mobile device.

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