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Cosmos (ATOM) Price Chart 

Our built-in chart is designed specifically for cryptocurrency traders and just everyone who’s simply looking to trade this coin. The convenient, minimalistic, and user-friendly interface helps you spot the tendencies in a blink of an eye and give an idea of the Cosmos (ATOM) price in cash for the time period you select. It can come in handy for those looking for specific entry points for trading. Also, Cosmos cash price analysis becomes so much easier when you can see everything that’s happening on the market displayed as easy and straightforward as with our chart.

Take a look at the Market menu in the upper left and you’ll see all the pairs available for view and trading, including ATOM to USD. If you click on it, it will take you to the corresponding chart. It’s a useful tool for monitoring the market because every time the button blinks green or red you’re sure that either the downward or an upward price trend is starting within the selected timeframe. Thus, you’ll never miss a chance to use this opportunity in your trading.

By visiting the Spot Trading platform you can also study the most important indicators updating in real-time - that’s the last price, daily change, today’s open price, and 24h trading volume. Timeframes available are 1 minute to 1 day. Below the chart, you’ll see a window for placing orders. 

About ATOM 

Cosmos positions itself as the internet of blockchains which is quite unique amongst the rest of the companies in the crypto world. They’ve simply noticed that the most popular cryptocurrencies are confined to their own networks and, thus it’s difficult to scale the market and to interact with each other. 

Cosmos suggested the idea of an interconnected token economy by implementing some technological advancements. 

To allow the Internet of blockchains, they have:

  • An IBC protocol (Interblockchain Communication)
  • A consensus engine Tendermint Core
  • Cosmos SDK 

When built on the basis of their SDK (which runs on the Go programming language), every blockchain will keep its sovereignty while being able to exchange assets and transfer data to and from other blockchains. And just like the Cosmos network with its own ATOM token, every partnering application will obtain the BFT consensus protocol, as well as proof of stake, and on-chain governance. So, for example, by using the Cosmos network, users are potentially able to not only buy Cosmos (ATOM) tokens but also any other tokens that are built on their SDK.

Current Cosmos (ATOM) price index

To understand the dynamics of the current price of the ATOM, all you need to do is look at its visual representation on the chart on this page. It also might be useful to mind the 24-hour trading volume and today’s open price which you will see on Spot Trading. 

Many traders would agree that displaying the Cosmos token price in the form of Japanese candles is the easiest-to-comprehend method of assessing its price. But if you want to go down into details since the price fluctuations of this coin might be very subtle at times, you might want to go to smaller timeframes. We offer you the most precise timeframe range of as small as 1 minute.

Cosmos (ATOM) price history

If looking at the ATOM price over time, it appears that its price has been quite stable, without experiencing major ups and downs. The Cosmos ICO was conducted in early April 2017 and raised $ 17,300,000 with the initial price of one ATOM token of $ 0.075. This way, ATOM token historical price was much lower when the token was just minted. After that moment, the price has been growing and stabilized about two years after the ICO.

Buy Cosmos

How to buy Cosmos (ATOM) at CEX.IO

Buying Cosmos (ATOM) at CEX.IO can be done in a few ways, depending on your current goals. You can do it either in your browser window when you’re using a desktop computer or laptop or in a mobile app.

Web platform

Instant Buy

This feature has already become one of the tried-and-true methods to buy bitcoin among our users. It’s also suitable for buying other cryptocurrencies if you want them here and now. To do that, you can use your credit/debit card or CEX.IO balance.

Spot trading

Spot trading refers to trading the asset with the further delivery of it. Put simply, if you place a Buy order for ATOM, you become an owner of a certain amount of ATOMs once your order is completed. On the Spot Trading platform, you can execute limit and market buy and sell orders for various pairs. It’s quite easy if you look at our chart and then scroll a bit down - you’ll find there a quick form for placing an order.

CEX.IO Mobile App

When you install a CEX.IO Mobile App and log into your account, you can benefit from many useful functions at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Watch the market, place your orders, adjust your trading strategies on the go, buy and sell crypto, and so much more. Also, you can set up notifications on the price movements of the pairs that you’re interested in.

Trading might become so annoying if you’re dealing with a cumbersome interface packed with all kinds of indicators all over the place. We strive to make your experience as good as possible, that’s why we kept this interface useful and minimalistic in design. Everything is where it's supposed to be and does what it’s supposed to do. So enjoy your trading and don’t forget to perform thorough research before making any decisions. 

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