How to buy Cosmos on CEX.IO with no effort

ATOM is the coin of the Cosmos network (blockchain). It’s mostly used to maintain the network, but it’s also used for staking. You can already buy Cosmos on the CEX.IO platform, as we recently added an ATOM market.

Online crypto exchange platforms have made it simple to trade cryptocurrencies. To access a range of services and dive into trading, you just need to open an account. However, only a few sites provide the possibility to buy crypto with a debit or credit card. CEX.IO is one of them! We are licensed to process card payments, which makes it possible for you to securely buy Cosmos with credit card (debit are also supported).

Buy Cosmos instantly or sell it for fiat currencies

Here are some tips on how to buy Cosmos (ATOM) with ease on CEX.IO.

It’s important that all your trading decisions are well-informed. You need to know the latest price and market trends. That’s why an online price chart (on the Trade page) is the first thing you should check.

The fastest way to buy cryptocurrencies on CEX.IO is the Instant Buy service. Just click on an ATOM pack or determine the amount you would like to buy, then pay with your card (both debit and credit are supported).

In order to buy Cosmos instantly, verify your card beforehand or fund your CEX.IO balance.

At CEX.IO, you can exchange your Cosmos coins for fiat currencies including USD and EUR. The process is intuitive. You can place a buy or sell order on the Trade page. For market order, fill in the amount (the value of your trade) and it will be completed under the best possible market price. For a limit order, you decide the price of the order execution. Note that it may take some time before the market moves to the determined price and your order is filled.

That’s how to buy Cosmos with debit card or sell it for fiat and withdraw funds at any time. Trading cryptocurrencies has never been easier!

Buy Cosmos with debit card — the most convenient payment option

The Cosmos network is based on Proof of Stake consensus. This means you can’t mine ATOM but rather must earn it by validating transactions. However, CEX.IO customers know how to get Cosmos much more easily: just buy it using your card (both debit and credit are supported).

The card deposit is one of the most convenient methods and card is usually processed immediately even outside of banking hours. You can use a card deposit to fund your CEX.IO balance with fiat funds and be able to trade cryptocurrencies. That’s how to purchase Cosmos and trade it easily with CEX.IO.

When you purchase Cosmos on CEX.IO, you can also benefit from staking. Just keep ATOM in your CEX.IO wallet and earn a reward. Moreover, you can still use your ATOM coins for placing trade orders while staking them. Once your trade is filled, your staking rewards will be adjusted to reflect the amount of ATOM remaining on your CEX.IO account.