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Cardano (ADA) Price Chart

We’re doing our utmost to stay the best bitcoin trading platform for our users, that’s why you’ve got everything you need to track the Cardano cash price on a daily basis. Our price chart includes not only the highly accurate visual graph which streams data in real-time but also a bunch of useful features for your choice. You can easily check the prices for each pair of currencies whether crypto to fiat (ADA to USD), vice versa, or even crypto to crypto (ADA to USDT). 

About Cardano (ADA) coin

ADA is the native crypto asset in relation to the Cardano blockchain. It runs verifiably secure smart contracts based on the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. This allows the network to be highly scalable and demonstrate fast performance while maintaining an environmentally sustainable approach. 

Cardano takes pride in the peer-to-peer reviewed academic research which became fundamental for their source code. The latter is written in one of the less popular programming languages called Haskell. This language executes specific mathematically sophisticated operations by which it guarantees the correctness and security of the code.

This network already runs a range of enterprise projects that develop the belief of more and more communities in the bright future of ADA coin. For example, they run a digital property ledger in Ethiopia for registering land equities and anchoring the information to their GPS coordinates. Thanks to this technology, the real owner of the estate can be easily identified, which is why sellers and buyers save additional costs in acquisition deals.

In the same way, they also developed a blockchain of academic certificates. The legitimate degree information can be accessed with the help of the digital code that cannot be destroyed, unlike a piece of paper. 

Current Cardano (ADA) price index

When it comes to trading or exchanging cryptocurrencies, the price trend that spikes next might become an important turning point and decide whether the particular order becomes profitable or not. If you are considering investing just for buy-and-hold or trading with Cardano, you definitely need to perform an ADA price analysis before deciding on any action.

Our price chart for Cardano native ADA token allows you to precisely determine the ongoing price trend and watch the prices changing at the pace that you are free to choose for yourself. With that said, you might need to look at the variety of different timeframes. Because when you check the longer iterations, the market may seem to have a different picture than when you’re going down to 15-minutes or even 1-minute timeframes.

Cardano (ADA) price history

Cardano historical price is not expected to be as unpredictable as bitcoin for the reason that its issuance is controlled by one entity. Although the market and its key characteristics like supply and demand, do have their impact on the ADA coin price over time. As we can see from the historical data analysis, Cardano’s price has started very low. However, during the crazy market swings of 2018, the price of this coin has experienced a significant surge. After that, it kept relatively stable. 

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How to buy Cardano (ADA) with CEX.IO

Dealing with cryptocurrencies might seem difficult right from the start, especially for complete beginners. If you’re going to hold the digital assets in their traditional way, then you’ll have to understand public and private keys and how to use them. Let’s look at the ways in which you can get Cardano on CEX.IO.

Instant Buy

A lot of users are wondering buy bitcoin with a credit card instantly. Same goes for the rest of the altcoins. They don’t like to wait while their transactions are processing. There might be a number of reasons for that. But also, it always feels much more convenient when you can instantly see the coins on your balance, not having to go through the transaction processing headaches. Additionally, when buying coins with CEX.IO, you obtain the enhanced security infrastructure so that you can be sure that your funds are safe. 

When you open the Instant Buy page on our website or in a mobile app, you will see a number of options for payment in terms of fiat currencies. Simply link your credit or debit card to the CEX.IO account and use its funds to instantly buy crypto. All the process will take you just a few minutes.  

Every time you buy cryptocurrency using this feature, the order executes instantly by the current market price. To achieve such high accuracy, we’ve implemented an algorithm that automatically determines the current price of ADA. The countdown will notify you when the price changes so it’s convenient when trying to make sure how much you are ready to spend for the next crypto order.


Some of the crypto assets like Cardano (ADA) participate in crypto staking. The Proof of Stake consensus algorithm requires the participants of the network to hold some amount of staked coins. As an incentive for them to do so, developers allow earning rewards simply by staking the native coins of their blockchains. By using our service of staking, you can stake a few of the most popular coins at once all in one place. Meanwhile, you can access these coins at any time. You can use them in trading or withdraw them as you wish, while some other exchanges may lock the stake-able coins for the stalking period. 


Another way to benefit from Cardano is to use the trading feature. You have the ability to execute your orders instantly by placing market orders. However, by contrast to market orders, you can place limit orders by the prices which you determine. This kind of order will only take place in case if the prices you state occur in the real market conditions. That’s quite convenient for catching the unexpected trends and not having to watch the markets all day. For example, you’re trading the bullish market but just for the probability of the trend going reverse, you set a limit order for a lower price. And if the price of the coin goes down and hits your limit, the order executes automatically.

Mobile App

Trading in the world of cryptocurrencies goes at an extremely high pace, not to mention that markets work around the clock and around the world. It’s basically a non-stop trading system. To grasp all the opportunities that markets can give you, it’s necessary to always be in touch with the information and available functionality. Since it’s impossible to carry around a laptop and watch the charts on its screen all day, try to use a CEX.IO mobile app to be able to make informed decisions on the go.


Instant buy/sell feature allows you to obtain or sell cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds. Whether you need to convert crypto to cash immediately or need to suddenly add some crypto to a trading order, this feature comes about useful.


Compare the prices of BTC at CEX.IO as well as other exchanges. Easily track the price fluctuations in case you think of arbitraging opportunities. Access all the useful information in one place!

Trade Pro

One of the favorite tabs used by the majority of traders is Trade Pro. Intuitive and user-friendly interface helps you make the trading decisions on the go.


Here’s where you can convert currencies to one another and see them in your wallet right after you hit the button. The wide choice of currencies will let you exchange crypto and fiat in any available correlation.

All in all, both web version and mobile app give you a range of opportunities to deal with highly liquid crypto markets. It’s a convenient and easy decision for both tech-savvy and beginner users. Discover new currencies, diversify your portfolio, and magnify your gains using just one comprehensive and simple interface of CEX.IO.

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