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BitTorrent (BTT) Price Chart

Whenever you’re about to start your own BTT price analysis, just like with any other crypto coin, it’s always good to begin somewhere in a straightforward place. Because as the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said, efficient learning starts not from the beginning of the matter, but from the easiest thing to grasp. So, in order to start your trading with the BitTorrent token, you can try to watch and analyze the price of the BTT token by looking at our price chart. Trading with this crypto asset would most likely hit a little bit of that nostalgia nerve. Because, especially if you’re a millennial and older, you probably had at least one chance to use the BitTorrent tracker. In a way, it even saved lives at times when someone needed to watch a film or download a piece of software that they couldn’t find elsewhere. Also, people often refer to this company as a good example to explain what peer-to-peer network really means. Maybe BitTorrent was even the first kind of blockchain but not in a currency way (but if we think of rare films and software as an asset, this token is surely carrying some value). 

But let’s not touch on the legal media aspects and memories of our noughties for now. Right here and now it’s all about viewing the BTT token as a trading and investment opportunity, for which our price chart is quite a useful instrument to consider.

About BitTorrent (BTT) 

BitTorrent needs no introduction for those who have been using torrents for downloading large files via this peer-to-peer file sharing platform. No wonder that the token named after this network gained the massive support of the audience right after its launch. Millions of people have been using this network so the founders of this token implied that a similar trend would apply to the token. And though the price of this cryptocurrency is not as sky-high as Bitcoin, its market cap is already higher than $1 billion and counting.

The Tron network breathed new life into the BitTorrent platform after acquiring it in 2018. Soon after this acquisition, they added a number of new useful tools as well as the native token called BTT to circulate within the network. 

Current BTT price index

BitTorrent token cash price might depend on quite a few factors. Generally, financial experts point out that the Bitcoin prices affect the prices of all the rest altcoins on the crypto market. You have a chance to check out whether this statement applies to real market conditions or not by watching the price of the BTT to USD pair and then comparing it with the Bitcoin to dollar pair. To view the direct correlation between this crypto token and the most famous one, you should go to the BTT to BTC chart. The price changes often show different ups and downs during more or less frequent periods of time. That’s why if you want to further your skills as a trader, you might want to check different timeframes. Watch oscillations within various timeframes and see how they are contrasting in relation to one another. By doing so you can pinpoint which of them looks more suitable and more convenient for you to trade. BitTorrent token’s historical price might also give you the idea of how tradable this token becomes in comparison over time and whether it became more popular since its inception.

BitTorrent (BTT) price history

Many traders prefer to analyze BTT price over time to have a clearer idea of which price trend this crypto asset shows right now. Note that also pairs like BTT to EUR might show you interesting trends that occur due to the intensity of trading activity in Europe. In general, we can see that the historical price of BTT has been showing a unique activity. Consider checking out the dynamics of this token over time to make more accurate predictions for the future.

How to buy BitTorrent (BTT) at CEX.IO

Buying BTT is simple if using the services of a Bitcoin exchange like CEX.IO. We have implemented a variety of tools to make this process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Instant Buy

For users who don’t have any crypto yet, a convenient option is to buy it using their credit or debit card. It’s possible! If you’ve already been wondering about how to buy Litecoin with a credit card, or another cryptocurrency, you already know what this option has to offer. You simply need to register an account on CEX.IO, pass verification, and link your Visa or Mastercard to it. After that, buying BTT with your card will take only a few seconds of time.


Our website and mobile app also make it possible to exchange crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat, and vice versa. You can deposit many different crypto coins or fiat currencies into your portfolio and then exchange them to BTT if that goes in line with your trading strategy.


Another option is to place trading orders. At CEX.IO you can trade the cryptocurrencies that you have on your account. 

We have combined a lot of services on our both platforms that will fit the preferences of any trading style. Whether you’re an active trader or prefer to buy and hold, you will surely find something to your liking as soon as you join CEX.IO.

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