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What is Arbitrum (ARB)?

Arbitrum is an innovative layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum. It has been gaining significant traction in the blockchain community due to its goal of addressing Ethereum’s scalability issues. Arbitrum provides low-cost and fast transactions to users while maintaining decentralization and security. When looking to buy and sell crypto, Arbitrum is often listed on popular platforms, and consistently remains among the top trading assets by market capitalization.

Who are the founders of Arbitrum? 

Offchain Labs announced the release of Arbitrum in August of 2022, and debuted the project in Spring of 2023. Arbitrum was developed by a team of former Princeton University researchers and engineers with backgrounds in blockchain, cryptography, and computer science. 

Offchain Labs’ founders are Harry Kalodner, Steven Goldfeder, and Ed Felten.  Kalodner is a computer scientist and Ph.D. candidate at Princeton, and also serves as the co-founder and CTO of Offchain Labs. 

Goldfeder is a computer scientist and entrepreneur, who also received his doctorate from Princeton University. Felten is a professor at Princeton, and served as former U.S. President Barack Obama’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He is also the Chief Scientist of Offchain Labs.

ARB price chart

Having access to the latest and most up-to-date market information is vital for making the most informed decisions regarding crypto holdings. Customers looking at the ARB price chart, or any other crypto token or coin, should keep in mind that crypto prices change constantly. Therefore, having access to real-time data can prove invaluable for making prudent movements along one’s crypto journey.

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The platform features deep liquidity, advanced ordering, the ability to create up to five sub-accounts, and numerous other trading tools to make crypto adventuring more intuitive and effortless for curious participants. 

Apart from buying, selling, converting, and trading ARB, CEX.IO is a comprehensive ecosystem of crypto products and services. Whether you’re looking for crypto staking,* setting up a crypto savings account*, or performing a variety of other transactions, our broader product ecosystem is the perfect place. 

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Arbitrum (ARB) market info

The current ARB market cap and 24-hour trading volume can be found below the ARB price chart on this page. The data is updated in real-time to keep customers abreast of market movements.  

ARB’s all-time high (ATH) of $2.39 was recorded on January 12, 2024. On the other hand, this token’s all-time low (ATL) of $0.7449 took place on September 11, 2023. The circulating supply of ARB is 1,275,000,000 ARB tokens, and a total supply of 10,000,000,000 ARB tokens.

Additional information on this token’s market statistics are available at CEX.IO. Whether you’re looking to buy crypto with Apple Pay, set up a secure crypto wallet, or manage your holdings with a fast and secure mobile crypto payment app, look no further than our platform. 

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ARB price history

One of the most effective methods to understand cryptocurrency prices, their movements over time, and by extension, make the most informed decisions, is to observe a price chart. When looking at the ARB historical price, our Spot Trading platform is an excellent choice for tracking this information. 

However, besides staying informed, you can also buy, sell, and trade ARB against BTC, USDT, and USD on the platform, along with the previously mentioned benefits in the form of deep liquidity, advanced order types, and more. 

What to know about ARB

To stand out from other scaling solutions for Ethereum, Arbitrum uses a feature called optimistic rollups. It claims to offer numerous advantages compared to other optimistic rollup solutions, including decentralization, flexibility, scalability, and compatibility.

When it comes to decentralization, Arbitrum doesn’t rely on any centralized sequencer or operator to order transactions. Instead, it utilizes a decentralized validator network, each of whom stake ARB tokens and earn fees for securing the network.

Flexibility-wise, the project enables developers to deploy programs written in popular languages, such as C++, Rust, and more.

In terms of scalability, Arbitrum maintains the security guarantees of Ethereum, while increasing its capacity to handle thousands of transactions per second (TPS) with fast finality and low fees.

Lastly, compatibility is another strong suit of this project, as it supports unmodified Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) transactions and contracts. This feature allows any existing Ethereum decentralized application (dApp) to run on Arbitrum without any code changes.

Platform governance

ARB serves as the governance token for the Arbitrum blockchain, and is an integral part of its ecosystem. ARB is an ERC-20 token, designed to enable holders to have a say in the development and direction of the ecosystem by participating in the network’s decision-making processes. 

More precisely, the ARB token has three (3) key features:

  • Transfer of value
  • Governance voting
  • Security Council election decisions

One of ARB’s primary functions within the Arbitrum ecosystem is to facilitate the transfer of value. The token acts as a convenient means of exchange within the network, as holders can send and receive ARB tokens efficiently and securely.

Voting on important governance decisions that shape the Arbitrum ecosystem’s future is also within the power of ARB token holders. Such decisions may include technical changes to network infrastructure, investments in the ecosystem, and the allocation of funds. 

Governance participation usually entails token holders submitting votes on various issues via an open forum. There, they connect their wallets and respond to open proposals, which helps ensure the process remains democratic and transparent. 

Besides decisions related to network governance, ARB token holders may also vote to elect members for the Security Council. The Council consists of 12 members responsible for managing the Arbitrum ecosystem’s treasury wallet. Token holders help shape the council’s composition and ensure the network’s integrity and security by participating in these elections.

Community and social media links

Learning more about this project and staying up-to-date on relevant Arbitrum information in real time is also possible by observing its social media presence and online community at the following links:

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