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0x (ZRX) Price Chart

CEX.IO provides you with intuitively navigated crypto price charts so you can make your own 0x price analysis with no effort. Follow the ZRX to USD market in real time to know the most recent value of the 0x token in relation to the U.S. dollar. Use different timeframes and explore the historical data to understand the market sentiments. For detailed research, check the market depth, order book, trading history records, and more on our award-winning CEX.IO Spot Trading platform.

When you’re ready with your price research, go to practice and start trading 0x token by using multiple CEX.IO instruments. You can choose either Instant Buy service, market and limit orders for spot trading, or the convert feature (available on our Wallet page). 

Important facts about 0x (ZRX) token and protocol

0x team were one of the first who offer a decentralized exchange protocol on Ethereum smart contracts. It simplifies the conversion of different crypto tokens within the Ethereum blockchain and forces the creation of new DeFi markets. Thus, the project makes a significant input into the development of the open financial system. 

The model of crypto trading offered by 0x is built on an off-chain relay. Thanks to the integration of smart contracts, 0x removes the middlemen of crypto exchange operations. It allows a quick and cheaper peer-to-peer tokens conversion compared to centralized crypto exchanges. 

Relayers and off-chain order book

A relayer is an intermediary that transfers information from one party to another. In 0x protocol, the relayers are like waiters who collect off-chain orders and send them to the blockchain to fulfill the trades at the most favorable conditions.

With help of relayers, 0x allows trading cryptocurrencies without an intermediary who often charges high fees. In fact, relayers create their own decentralized exchange using the 0x protocol. They use an off-chain order and can choose to charge a modest fee for the transaction.


ZRX is a government token for the 0x ecosystem and also used by relayers to create liquidity pools.

Nowadays, 0x serves various industries from financial markets to the entertainment sector. Without a doubt, the prior sphere for implementing 0x protocol remains DeFi projects. There are a lot of popular crypto projects using 0x on their decentralized platforms — Uniswap, Balancer, Curve are a few of them. 

Where to find the current 0x (ZRX) price index

To know the current price of 0x (ZRX), follow the price charts on the CEX.IO Spot Trading. The last price indicator above the chart shows the current market value of the token. You can also visit the Cryptocurrency Prices page and follow the current ZRX price, 24-h change in percents, and its market capitalization. 

If you want to find out the value of the particular amount of ZRX, use our simple Bitcoin (BTC) calculator. Here you can enter the custom amount of cryptocurrency to see how many fiat funds (USD) it worth according to the market price. Or, you can enter the number of dollars you’re going to spend and see how much crypto (ZRX) you can get right now. If you’re satisfied with these conditions, click Buy now to make an instant purchase. 

How does instant purchase work?

On the Instant Buy page you can immediately get crypto by simply paying with your debit or credit card. There are many benefits of this service for both newcomers and experienced traders, you can check them below. 

It’s simple

To buy cryptocurrency, you just need to choose the one you’re interested in from the drop-down list, choose one of the pre-calculated packs, or enter your own amount. Then, provide your card details to use it as a payment method or pay with funds you have on your CEX.IO account.

It’s fast 

The whole process will take a few minutes depending on the payment method you choose. Moreover, we freeze the price for 120 seconds to let you check everything carefully before you confirm the purchase. This helps to avoid the price fluctuations of highly volatile crypto markets. 

It’s secure

We use numerous enhanced security measures for the best protection of your funds and account data. They include SSL encryption, cold storage for our customers’ crypto holdings, DDoS attacks protection, and more. 

CEX.IO was one of the first crypto exchanges that got legal permission to process card payments. And we’re PCI DSS compliant, which guarantees the highest security of your card information and payments. 

Wide choice of crypto 

Many CEX.IO users use the Instant Buy option is a simple and quick Bitcoin to USD, EUR, and GBP converter. However, currently, there are over 100 other cryptocurrencies available on our marketplace, including tokens like ZRXUNIADA, to name a few. 

ZRX price history 

Let’s have a brief look at jumps and drops of ZRX coin price over time.

0x distributed the first ZRX tokens via an ICO in August 2017. So the first market price of ZRX was $0.07 per token. 

During its history, the price trend of ZRX token changed its direction numerous times. However, the token managed to keep strong positions on the crypto market even when most other altcoins faced a price reduction. For example, during 2018, a rough year for the crypto industry, 0x token reached several price peaks. 

Then, during the next two years, ZRX has been traded below the rate of $0.5. The currency was back on track in early 2021 with a rapid jump to near $1.8. However, the highest rate of ZRX historical price remained in 2018 when it was traded at around $2.4.

Not so far, 0x updated their swap API and announced the launch of the v4 of the 0x protocol. Many experts believe this update can facilitate traders and trigger the token price to the new highs. 

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