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How to buy Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) with a credit or debit card instantly

 After Bitcoin opened the crypto floodgates, the decentralized exchange of value became the next financial frontier. This was encouraged further by the development of smart contract capabilities on the Ethereum network, which established additional pathways for new projects and services to emerge. 

However, limited connections between the two flagship networks created bottled necks and spiked fees for users who opted to transfer value between them. The limited bridges working to unite the disparate blockchains simply couldn’t keep pace with participant demand. When it was launched in 2019, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) aimed to solve this problem by combining Ethereun’s smart contract functionality with Bitcoin’s stature as a store of value.

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an ERC-20 token that’s backed one-to-one by Bitcoin, and its price is pegged to BTC’s value. To a certain degree, and to assuage understanding, it could be compared to stablecoins in their relationship as a digital standing for fiat currency. With WBTC, users can interact with a variety of Ethereum’s decentralized applications (dApps), while taking advantage of Bitcoin’s liquidity and security.

Where can I buy Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)?

There are plenty of ways to purchase WBTC, but the most common and popular one is using a crypto exchange such as CEX.IO. CEX.IO is an established crypto ecosystem with an over 10-year history of providing its services across 150+ countries, and offering access to 100+ digital assets.

With CEX.IO, users can buy crypto using a wide range of funding methods, as well as explore multiple crypto staking and trading opportunities. Below, find a concise guide to facilitate one’s WBTC purchase.

Buy Wrapped Bitcoin

How to buy Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on CEX.IO

When it comes to acquiring WBTC, CEX.IO provides multiple avenues, but the most convenient is through the Instant Buy service. This feature allows users to buy crypto with Google Pay, Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards, and various other payment methods, for rapid transaction processing.

To utilize this service effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Create and verify a CEX.IO account (if you’re a new user).
  2. After that, visit the Instant Buy page.
  3. Choose WBTC from the list of supported digital assets.
  4. Select a preferred fiat currency in the dropdown menu.
  5. Opt for a predefined pack or input the amount of WBTC/fiat currency you wish to purchase/spend.
  6. Specify a preferred funding method from the available methods.
  7. Ensure all transaction details are accurate, then proceed to confirm the transaction.

Typically, it takes around 10 minutes to go from registering a CEX.IO account to making a WBTC purchase. For existing CEX.IO users, the process of buying WBTC via Instant Buy could take less than a minute.

What payment methods are supported to purchase Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)?

CEX.IO offers a diverse range of funding methods for buying WBTC. These include:

  • Visa/Mastercard debit/credit card
  • Google/Apple Pay
  • Bank transfers (i.e. SWIFT and SEPA)
  • E-wallets (i.e. Skrill and Epay)
  • Cryptocurrencies

Please be aware that the availability of specific digital assets and payment methods may vary depending on the user’s jurisdiction, and/or verification level. For further details regarding payment methods, refer to this page.


Can I buy Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) in the U.S.?

Yes. With CEX.IO, customers can buy and sell crypto in the U.S., including Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). For that, just use the following services:

Please note: the latter two methods require purchasing digital assets with, or transfering digital assets to, your crypto wallet on CEX.IO.

How to monitor Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) prices on CEX.IO?

Keeping track of cryptocurrency prices on CEX.IO is quite straightforward, and can be done through various methods:

  • Visit our Prices page for up-to-date information on WBTC prices, along with details on recent price performance and the asset's market capitalization.
  • Access WBTC price information conveniently through CEX.IO Wallet or CEX.IO App dashboards.
  • Find a Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) price chart, and monitor activity across digital asset markets on our Spot Trading platform.

How to buy Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) with a bank account?

To buy crypto with a bank account on CEX.IO, follow these steps:

  • Complete address verification to access bank transfers as a funding method. Find how to do it here.
  • Initiate a fiat deposit by executing a bank transfer to your CEX.IO account. Use this guide for more details.
  • Utilize the Convert service in the CEX.IO Wallet, or CEX.IO Spot Trading platform, to exchange the deposited funds for your desired amount of WBTC.