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How to Buy ONDO with Credit/Debit Card

Ondo Finance is a project that builds financial products on top of existing blockchains. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial assets and decentralized finance (DeFi). The main focus of Ondo is to create tokenized versions of real-world assets (RWA), potentially making them more accessible and efficient to end users. 

ONDO is the native token of the Ondo ecosystem. While it doesn't directly represent any real-world assets, this cryptocurrency can be used for various purposes within the Ondo platform, like governance and potentially earning rewards. 

In this article, we explain the Ondo Project and explore how to buy ONDO with a credit and debit card instantly on CEX.IO. 

About ONDO

Ondo Finance aims to address common limitations in the DeFi space, such as its separation from the real economy and significant dependence on certain stablecoins by converting real-world assets into blockchain-powered tokens. 

To achieve this goal, Ondo utilizes several blockchains, most of which are listed on our crypto exchange platform, including Ethereum (ETH)Solana (SOL)Aptos (APT), Injective (INJ), Mantle (MNT), Polygon (MATIC), and Sui (SUI). 

Ondo offers four main products: 

  • OUSG – A blockchain-based fund that invests in short-term U.S. government bonds. 
  • OMMF – A tokenized BlackRock money market fund that allows participants to invest cash-equivalent assets. 
  • USDY – An alternative to traditional stablecoins that offers the stability of a conventional dollar-pegged coin but aims to deliver higher returns.
  • Flux Finance protocol – Ondo uses Flux Finance protocol to make blockchain-based securities more functional and straightforward in various financial transactions. 

The ONDO token serves as the governance mechanism for both Ondo Finance and the Flux Finance protocol. It facilitates a decentralized approach to decision-making, empowering token holders to participate in the platform's direction actively. 

This participation includes proposing and voting on critical updates that influence the future trajectory of Ondo Finance and Flux Finance protocols. By holding ONDO, users gain a voice in shaping the platform's evolution and potentially contribute to its long-term success.

How to buy ONDO with a credit or debit card instantly on CEX.IO 

Verified users on CEX.IO can conveniently purchase ONDO using credit or debit cards. This functionality is available on both our desktop platform and mobile crypto app (iOS and Android). CEX.IO facilitates ONDO acquisition for eligible customers through multiple channels, such as Instant Buy, Spot Trading, and the Convert functionality.

Instant Buy offers an optimal solution for those seeking a convenient and straightforward method to acquire ONDO. This feature caters particularly to those who may not be familiar with technical or fundamental analysis techniques, and are looking to obtain crypto at current market prices. 

Furthermore, Instant Buy facilitates the purchase of not only ONDO, but over 200 other cryptocurrencies currently listed on our platform.

Here's how to buy ONDO with a credit or debit card instantly on CEX.IO through Instant Buy: 

  1. Register and verify your account to receive a complimentary crypto wallet from CEX.IO.
  2. Navigate to Instant Buy.
  3. Select fiat currency for the purchase and pick ONDO from the list of available assets.
  4. Determine the amount you wish to spend acquiring ONDO.
  5. Choose credit/debit cards as the preferred payment method.
  6. Type in the required card information.
  7. Double-check transaction details and initiate the purchase.
  8. Confirm the transaction.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that your transaction confirmation may vary depending on your card issuer. Some issuers will send confirmation via SMS (text message) to the phone number connected with your account, while others might send them via email to your registered address. In some cases, confirmation might even be displayed directly within your banking app. 

If you have any questions regarding the specific method used by your issuer, please refer to your bank statement or contact your card issuer directly.

Alternative payment methods to obtain ONDO

In addition to credit and debit cards, eligible participants can buy crypto with a bank transfer (SEPA, SWIFT), e-wallets (Skrill, PayPal, Neteller), or widely accepted mobile payment systems (Google Pay and Apple Pay.)

Note that the availability of certain funding methods may differ between countries. We encourage users to thoroughly research the available methods of payment in their respective jurisdictions before initiating a purchase on CEX.IO. 


How to track the value of ONDO on CEX.IO?

CEX.IO offers multiple avenues for those keen to stay abreast of ONDO's current cryptocurrency market performance. Curious participants can track the real-time value of ONDO, as well as its market cap and 24-hour trading volume, by visiting our prices page. Alternatively, users can explore Spot Trading, which allows them to potentially capitalize on price fluctuations through buying and selling ONDO directly on the CEX.IO platform.

What is the CEX.IO card? 

The CEX.IO crypto card is a virtual debit card that allows eligible participants to spend their cryptocurrency holdings, including ONDO, at millions of merchants around the world. It mimics the functionality of a traditional debit card, offering the convenience of tipping it up with funds from bank transfers, fiat deposits, or other cryptocurrencies held within their CEX.IO wallet. The CEX.IO debit card is currently available to residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) only.  

I don't want to trade. Can I still earn on CEX.IO? 

CEX.IO is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of services for all experience levels. Those looking to potentially earn crypto rewards on their cryptocurrency holdings without engaging in trading activities can explore our staking and savings programs as possible alternatives. 

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