Make wire deposits in EUR, GBP, or USD through January 31, 2019 and get a bonus: 1% of the deposited amount or a 0% trading fee.

wire payment
On CEX.IO, wire deposits in EUR, GBP, and USD are free of charge. Though our payment processors take commission, we cover it for you to receive the amount you sent.

Deposit a minimum of 3,000 USD or the equivalent in EUR or GBP through January 31, 2019 to get a bonus.* You’ll get an extra 1% on deposits up to 9,999 USD or a 0% trading fee on deposits over 10,000 USD.

Deposit and Get Bonus

You Deposit
Over $0
Bonuses Start
from $3000 Deposits
Bonus You Get
Bonus You Get
0% Trading Fee
1% of the amount in the deposited currency
a reduced 0% trading fee for 30 days
*This bonus will apply only to the first qualifying deposit you make through January 31, 2019.

What about EUR and GBP?

You’ll also receive a bonus on a wire deposit in EUR or GBP as long as the deposit equals or exceeds 3,000 USD equivalent (for 1% extra) or 10,000 USD equivalent (for a 0% trading fee).

When depositing fiat to CEX.IO, double-check payment details and currency you’re sending to ensure fast and flawless processing.
payment statuses

How it works

Here’s how you can deposit funds into your account

1. Register on CEX.IO
Register on CEX.IO to take advantage of reliable wire deposits and enjoy trading on an exchange with a proven reputation.
2. Verify your identity
Verification is important to us as we follow the principles of KYC/AML. It also allows us to provide users with a more secure service.
3. Click Deposit
You can deposit fiat funds to CEX.IO using several options. When you click the Deposit button, you’ll see them on the screen.
4. Choose the Bank Transfer option
Choose Bank Transfer option to initiate wire deposit. This type of payments is completely free on CEX.IO.
5. Check payment details
When sending a deposit, make sure to properly check payment details you are using and send us the exact amount you’ve requested.
6. Send us proof of the transfer
You can send us a proof of transfer to wire@cex.io, and we will speed up processing your payment.
7. Check your balance
As soon as the funds arrive at our bank account, they will be credited to your CEX.IO account.
Register on CEX.IO Verify your identity Click Deposit Choose the Bank Transfer option Check payment details Send us proof of the transfer Check your balance